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MAOL – Jung’s path to wholeness and parallels to the Homo luminous evolution of the Incas

I hope you enjoy some of the work I produced during my studies for my Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Spirituality and Leadership, Ethics and Leadership and Holistic Health. I took a blend of classes in leadership, theology and holistic health. It was an interesting ride that helped to shape my world views and my understanding of who I am and how I fit into this world. Please feel free to leave comments or questions below, at the end of this paper.

Jung’s path to wholeness
and parallels to the
Homo luminous evolution of the Incas
St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN
THEO 6790 Jung and Spiritual Guidance
Carolyn Dunow

We are currently in an age of transformation that was predicted by mathematical genius of ancient Mayan astrologers, who lived in the greater regions of Central and South America. Christians refer to this time as the End Times. The Mayans, however, predict December 21, 2012 as the end of the world as we know it; yet with this end comes the dawning of a new evolution of species beyond the Homo sapien: the Homo luminous – the enlightened being. Dr. Carl Jung, a pioneer in the field of psychology and the unconscious mind, does not predict a time, but describes a process of individuation. This process holds an uncanny parallel to the path of the Homo luminous held by the Inca shamans, who reside in the Andes region of Peru. Perhaps fate gifted Dr. Jung to humanity to provide another venue in fulfilling the ancient prophecies of the time to come. This paper will outline the parallels of Jung’s path to wholeness and the Inca’s path to the Homo luminous.

Several outcomes predicted as a result of the astrological alignment of 2012 are described by Pinchbeck (2006, pp. 238-248). These include the rise of a feminine energy in our current masculine dominated culture and the illumination of our shadow projections that will bring balance to create a “non-dual enlightened consciousness”. According to this prophecy, humanity will then have access to “unlimited bliss and creative freedom” and become conscious co-creators of reality.

The way of the Laika, the last of the Inca shamans, is founded on this principle: “We are here not only to grow corn but to grow gods” (Villoldo, 2006, p. xv). Their traditions have been kept safeguarded and remain untainted by modern civilization. The Laika fled their home lands when the Spaniards took over the Incan civilization. This marked a turning over of the world. to share their wisdom with the rest of humanity, in order to prepare our world for the upcoming

These shamans only recently descended from their place of hiding, high in the Andes Mountains, evolutionary shift. It is believed that a critical mass of consciousness must achieve this Homo luminous state before the astrological event, in order for the world to turn right again. In Christian terms this would be a return to the Garden of Eden. By Jung’s definition this is wholeness which is achieved by the self through the process of individuation.

The self is the totality of one’s existence: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Individuation is a process of transforming what resides in the unconscious into the conscious in order to know one’s whole self. Rites of passage are undertaken in the Inca tradition as individual voyages to the core of the self: to know one’s self, one’s path, one’s purpose. This cannot be foretold by anyone else, only experienced and revealed by one’s self.

Jung (1989, p. 209) speaks of arriving at the process of individuation only after studying alchemy. There is, however, a striking parallel to the specific ways of the Inca shaman despite any apparent connection between the two. While many indigenous cultures promote walking with Spirit, the Incas encourage being Spirit. This is similar to Jung’s process that leads the self to being whole. Also as Jung processed individuation through dreams, the shaman processes through lucid dreams and journeys. Jung and the Inca shamans promote this self work individually in order to change the world.

The Ego

“How much longer will you go on letting your energy sleep? How much longer are you going to stay oblivious to the immensity of yourself?” -Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

The ego represents the core of the self in physical reality. Many people walk this planet without an awareness outside of their five senses or linear time. The ego-based person gets up in the morning, grooms, gets in the car, goes to work, takes a break, goes back home and spends time with family, only to do it all over again the next day. Conflict arises, chaos is encountered, the stress of deadlines or finances may hit hard, yet most people find a way to get through.

By and large, our civilized society believes the myth that we have been kicked out of the Garden of Eden. We are no longer cared for, provided for or looked after. We have been abandoned by our own shame and guilt. We have forgotten and hidden the light side of the shadow: the side of our spirituality that tells our ego that we are one with God and all of creation. Somewhere along the way, we have lost our oneness thus losing trust in ourselves and on a deep level our trust in God and Spirit. We believe that we are on our own and that must find our own way to survive in our physical environment. With this premise, the ego can become out of balance during times of extreme duress; the dark side of the shadow, the unknown potential of our ego, may act out in ways that are unacceptable in society in an effort to survive or feel safe.

Villoldo (2005, p. 171) describes a stark contrast between modern cultures and the indigenous Incan shamans when he states “In Western mythology, we learn that we live in a predatory universe … which we must guard ourselves… For the Laika … All of creation is benevolent, and it only becomes predatory when we are out of ayni [(balance)].” One need only watch the daily news to see that our ego-based society is, by and large, out of balance.

Jung (1989, p. 346) claims: “That an ego was possible at all appears to spring from the fact that all opposites seek to achieve a state of balance.” Both Jung and the Incan teachings allude to the same phenomenon: the path to greater balance and spiritual wholeness begins with chaos, yet leads to a greater awareness of our true self. Perhaps the collapse of socioeconomic structures, school shootings and political conflict is leading each one of us to find balance, to awaken to a broader scope of consciousness, to the time to come.

Expanding Consciousness

“Nothing we ever imagined is beyond our powers, only beyond our present self-knowledge” -Theodore Roszak

Eventually people may experience awakening through synchronistic events; unexplainable circumstances or life changing crossroads that encourage a journey of exploration to a greater potential. They begin to see aspects of their lives that no longer serve them and follow an inner drive to seek change. A resistance to change leads to perpetual suffering. A surrender to expanding possibilities leads to transformation with greater ease.

It takes tremendous courage to embark on this personal, objective and introspective leap into the abyss of the unknown aspects of our self. In many ways it seems easier to keep our head in the sand, of physical reality. Jung (1974, pp. 173-175) declares “people will do anything no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls.” Jung (1933, p. 205) also states “much of the evil in the world is due to the fact that man in general is hopelessly unconscious, as it is also true that with increasing insight we can combat this evil at its source in ourselves.” Villoldo (2005, p. 159) explains of the cost of transformation: “…if you choose material success over emotional and spiritual communion with others, you’ll pay the price of suffering; yet if you alter your life to be more spiritual and emotionally invested, you’re going to have to clean up your act.” There must be not only a drive, and a conscious intent, but also a dedication to bring the repressed, hidden and unknown into the known consciousness.

The Self and the Process of Individuation

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you, if you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” -The Gospel of Thomas

Individuation has always been the way of the Laika, to know thy self without allowing any external projections. “The Laika don’t live by rules or ideas. If they want to change their world, they don’t pass new laws or come up with new theories. Instead, they choose to change the way they perceive a problem” (Villoldo, 2006, p. 5). Jung (1933, p. 60) impresses the importance of individuation when he claims “Happiness and contentment, equably mind and meaningfulness of life – these can be experienced only by the individual and not by state, which in the one hand, is nothing but a convention agreed to by independent individuals and on the other, continually threatens to paralyse and suppress the individual.” These concepts run contrary to our current society and its herding approach to community.

Modern culture is based on precept, following a set of ingrained rules and the consequences of breaking the rules, not individuation. Undoing the ingrained rules in such a structured culture can be disturbing to say the least, as inferred by Jung (1933, p. 98) when he stated: “There are no problems without consciousness.” Choosing the more intangible, more feminine, individual spiritual path requires a letting go of the more masculine, materialistic, hierarchal, rule based ways of being. The near mental collapse during Jung’s spiritual break from his masculine based mentor Freud is a classic example of the cost of this transition.

As our world begins to turn over, we see that the sages no longer reside in our elders. More and more young people are aware of their psychic and spiritual energies. They know the Garden of Eden, heaven, yet are trapped in the transition still dominated by ego based reality on earth. Their perceptions are not honored and they have no means to discuss it much less process it. They project their imbalance onto others and snap. I believe there is mental breakdown due to this spiritual struggle in our ego based society and this is the source of the atrocities in today’s school shootings and teen suicides.

The intent and dedication to wholeness will undoubtedly bring up unconscious healing opportunities. A significant difference between Inca shamanism and that of other indigenous cultures is that protection, from perceived evil forces in the environment, does not come from talismans or warrior paint; it comes from an internal healing of soul wounds and becoming more conscious. The Laika track the source of energetic imprints which reveal the story hidden in the unconscious. These shamans have not forgotten that we are energetic beings coalesced into matter; they see the human body as an energy form. Energetic imprints are created by unresolved emotional traumas which create imbalances in individuals, in families (as in the case of genetic curses), or in cultures.

Healing processes release emotional ties to an event or other people thereby reducing the tendency to project. “…to cast no shadow means that we don’t project our wounded self onto others… In order to tread lightly, we must … free ourselves from the whims of ego. We must… become one with spirit” (Villoldo, 2005, pp. 128-129). Becoming one with spirit perpetuates the self to be more objective in searching for wholeness. Objectivity, Jung (1989, p. 296) explains is a marker of completed individuation.

When we become more objective and keep the ego under control, we realize that the physical world is the dream, and the seemingly intangible energetic and spiritual world is the eternal reality. This realization drives us to seek internal balance rather than expending energy and projecting our imbalance onto other sources to no avail. When we realize that we are everything (we are spiritually and energetically whole) we cannot be harmed by anything; if we stand in the middle of a hurricane we will not be harmed because we know that we too are the waters. We may have to endure a few storms to completely heal our wounds and fully master this philosophy. My mentor Alberto Villoldo frequently said to me: “after the healing comes the understanding”. You will know when you have reached individuation when you master your own perceptions.

Perhaps dreams can also be an indicator that a healing has taken place and the resulting wisdom is then brought forth into consciousness. Jung used dream analysis as a means to bring the unknown into the known; while the progressions of characters in the dreams seem to be a marker of success towards the individuation process. He emphasized that we must be dedicated to the process, so that what is brought into the conscious does not become unconscious again. He stated the importance of this, when he described a particular dream process: “The transfiguration and illumination, the conscious recognition of the center has been attained, or at least anticipated in the dream. This potential achievement – if it can be maintained i.e., if the conscious mind does not lose touch with the centre again- means renewal of personality.” (Jung, 1974, p. 222)

Balancing the masculine and feminine energies is another key aspect to individuation and wholeness. Jung speaks of bringing forth the anima and animus as a way to bring our feminine and masculine opposition into balance. While many indigenous cultures honor the masculine and feminine aspects it is the Incas that strive to maintain an integrated balance at all times. The fifth and sixth Inca rites of passage begin the process of integrating our feminine and masculine aspects of the self (Villoldo, 2006, p. 206-210). The seventh rite of passage then carries this integration towards stewardship in maintaining a masculine and feminine balance for our planet earth and all of creation.

Soul retrieval is another common ritual across many indigenous traditions. The Laika take this ritual to a deep, introspective level by journeying to the underworld, the realm of the unconscious (Villoldo, 2005, p. 29). They bring back not only the soul fragment, but the story and the wisdom that comes with it, increasing consciousness which reduces the risk of losing that piece again. Jung and the indigenous agree that soul loss is due to painful experiences (Jung, 1974, p. 189), (Villoldo, 2005, p. 53). The recovery from soul loss is apparent in many of Jung’s dream interpretations.

Mandalas are also used in many indigenous cultures as a means to interact with spirit for the purpose of revealing unconscious aspects of our self. Jung (1989, p. 195-196) defines mandalas as “Formation, Transformation and Eternal Mind’s eternal recreation”. He describes his experience creating mandalas as letting him be carried by the current of the unconscious. He realized that mandalas were a process to discovering the self, another means to individuation.

The Personal Unconscious

“One cannot arrive at a destination from which one has never departed. One can simply know oneself to be here – Now.” -Rasha

To understand the personal unconscious one must stretch beyond our four-dimensional comprehension of space and time in the physical earth plane. Polich (2001, p. 78-79) describes transdimensional aspects of the higher self which function simultaneously to the aspect of our self residing on this plane. Jenkins (1998, p. 209-210) also describes a multidimensional journey where visionaries meet the “Keepers of Time”. He surmises that the shaman’s journey to the end of time and space is a means to obtain knowledge not otherwise obtainable; again supporting Jung’s premise that conscious awareness is key to wholeness. Access to the multidimensional higher selves is achieved through a mastery of non-linear time. The Inca shamans are steeped in this practice.

In the Inca tradition, the eighth rite of passage is the Starkeepers rite (Villoldo, 2006, p. 206-210). This rite provides the opportunity to connect the recipient to the multitude of galaxies and multidimensional planes of existence. This rite was first transmitted to recipients outside of the indigenous Incas in 2003. This access is becoming much more reachable to a greater population as the veil between physical and spiritual reality become thinner on the approach to 2012.

In my personal experience, and those of several clients, the multidimensional aspects of the higher self usually appear, through lucid dreaming, as a council of twelve. These twelve have always been represented in a circle or at a table, symbolizing wholeness. Each of the twelve carry specific light and dark shadows of the higher self, that when merged together bring greater awareness and completeness to the self. The process to blend these aspects allows the mind to hold multiple consciousnesses across a multidimensional reality, giving a sense of omnipresence.

Jung (1989, pp. 171-172) describes a dream which he was at an emerald table and was made aware of “twelve dead people”. He later discovers that these dead are somehow still alive. While Dr. Jung could not initially find a solution to this enigma, he sensed that the dream provided an “unusual activation of the unconscious”. I could speculate on the meaning of and the unfolding of this dream, but that would go against the teachings of Dr. Jung and of the Laika to allow the self to unfold for the self. My speculation would be a mere projection.

The merging of the self at this level brings the self one step closer to the merging with the totality of all existence – what I consider God. I suspect that Jung’s dream of the twelve dead people may be an indication of a multidimensional process leading to the wholeness of one’s multidimensional self.

The Collective Unconscious and the Path to Wholeness

“We, who are living in this incredible miracle we call the universe, have to begin to recognize that we are not just in it, we are it.” – Fred Alan Wolf

Inca shamans know how to transcend ego-based reality to co-create; “Physics tells us how water evaporates into a cloud of vapor, while the Laika show us how to make it rain” (Villoldo, 2006, p. 19). The ninth rite of passage in the Inca tradition is the Creator rite (Villoldo, 2006, p. 206-210). This rite attunes the recipient to the source of all creation; facilitating the merging of the self to the energies, wisdom and powers to co-create. This rite has rarely been transmitted, and only directly from spirit to human. In 2006, this rite was made available through human to human transmission, encouraging the Homo luminous prophecies of 2012.

Through an interpretation of a dream, Jung (1974, p. 187-189) discovers that “only gods can pass over the rainbow bridge; mortal men must stick to the earth and are subject to its laws”. Jung further contemplates that though we are earthbound, we are not limited to grow. Perhaps his work started the momentum to reach the critical mass necessary for the next evolutionary leap in humanity; where we co-create by dreaming the perception of our world into reality.

Perhaps the energy attunement of the Incas will now allow humans to pass over the rainbow bridge and become reunited with the creator of all: Jung’s concept of wholeness, the return to the Garden of Eden and Homo luminous beings walking the earth.

“It is not the children of the flesh, but the children of God who know freedom” (Jung, 1933, p. 122).

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MAOL – The Paradox of Will in Spiritual Progression: How does the wisdom of two early Christian mystics apply to modern day spirituality and ways of life?

I hope you enjoy some of the work I produced during my studies for my Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Spirituality and Leadership, Ethics and Leadership and Holistic Health. I took a blend of classes in leadership, theology and holistic health. It was an interesting ride that helped to shape my world views and my understanding of who I am and how I fit into this world. Please feel free to leave comments or questions below, at the end of this paper.

The Paradox of Will in Spiritual Progression:
How does the wisdom of the early Christian mystics apply to modern day spirituality and ways of life?
St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN
THEO 6440 – A History of Christian Spirituality I
Carolyn Dunow

Unity with God has been the focus of many of the wisdom figures that emerged throughout the history of Christian spirituality.  There is currently an increasing awareness and interest in spiritual progression.  The role of will in this process was expressed in detail by two wisdom figures, Saint Augustine and Marguerite Porete.  This paper will explore key findings regarding their perspective regarding spiritual progression, free will and God’s will.  I will then apply this wisdom to a tool used for managing dilemmas.  In this case the dilemma is relying on free will or God’s will in spiritual progression.  The aim of this paper is to provide insights that may be helpful in spiritual journeys taken in today’s era. 

Key findings will be extracted from historical wisdom expressed in Saint Augustine’s Confessions and City of God (Schaff) as well as Marguerite Porete’s Mirror of Simple Souls.  These two figures provide insights that aid in the spiritual progression for both religious and free-spirit paths. Marguerite, a highly influential lay beguine, takes a more positive and loving approach in working to allow God’s will to not only override free will but to completely annihilate free will.  Augustine, a revered academic theologian, takes the approach that one must overcome the dark forces of evil, which he believes are a result of free will, in order to become united with God.  Augustine never overcame his struggle to be one with God and was made a saint.  Ironically, Marguerite outlines a detailed path to God but gets burned at the stake for heresy.  Both have interesting similarities and contrasts regarding will and spiritual progression. 

For modern applications, I will introduce aspects of spiritual progression which are influenced by Mayan Prophecy and reflect our current era.  I will briefly explaining why spiritual progression is important today.  To round out this paper on the role of will in spiritual progression, I will apply Polarity Management (Johnson), a modern day tool used to manage dilemmas which require the integration and dance between two opposing solutions.  The compilation of these insights may complete a path that may be helpful for spiritual seekers today. 

Why is a focus on soul progression important today?

It is curious that information regarding various approaches to attain a unity with God has been available to humanity for some time, yet it has not been at the forefront of mainstream consciousness.  Perhaps it is by God’s will or free will that consciousness is changing.  We are currently in an age of transformation that was predicted by mathematical genius of the ancient Mayan astrologers.  The Mayans predict December 2012 as the end of the world as we know it; but with this end comes the dawning of a new evolution of species, enlightened beings that act as co-creators of our reality. (Pinchbeck 238-242) 

One of the outcomes that are predicted as result from the cosmic alignment of 2012 includes the illumination of our shadows and wounded aspects of our souls that when brought into balance will create a “non-dual cosmic consciousness” or unity with God. (Pinchbeck 241)  It is believed that a critical mass of consciousness must achieve this state of consciousness before the astrological event in order for the world to turn right again, when we can return back to Eden.  But to do this spiritual work do we rely on God’s will alone or our free will to support our path?  It may be that each person’s journey is as unique as the freckles on one’s face.  However, I offer the following insights to enlighten a way. 

Two Perspectives on Soul Progression Marguerite Porete and Saint Augustine produce historic life works regarding spiritual progression.  Augustine primarily sees spiritual progression as overcoming evil forces.  Throughout his Confessions, Augustine describes his early years which provided vast opportunities to experience human desires.  He admits “But I in my misery seethed and followed the driving force of my impulses, abandoning you [God].” (Augustine 25)  His later life, however, was a struggle to overcome desires for lust and gluttony.  He recognizes that carnal desires which are described in scripture lead him away from being united with God.  He states “You lift up the person whom you fill.  But for the present, because I am not full of you, I am a burden to myself.” (Augustine 202)   After exploring his self and the wide riches of his work on memory Augustine (218) concludes that “I can find no safe place for my soul except in you [God].”  Augustine later (278) pleads: “My God, give me yourself, restore yourself to me.”  In this plea he recognized that God’s embrace will set his life right and free him from his self loathing. 

Augustine acknowledges the benefits of spiritual progression and being united with God.  He claims “In your gift we find our rest.  There in you our joy.  Our rest is our peace.  Love lifts us there.” (Augustine 278)  These statements describe the essences of peace, love and joy which he believes one can experience when united with God. 

In his work, The City of God, Augustine describes a future world in which humanity is united with God, similar to the vision of the Mayan prophecy.  In this future world he states that “wherever we shall look with those spiritual eyes of our future bodies, we shall then, too, by means of bodily substances behold God.” (Schaff 1147)  In this state we shall have the ability to see God in all of God’s creation, including ourselves.  It is at this point Augustine envisions that the existence of evil will abate and the peace of God’s grace shall prevail. (Schaff 1148)  This vision is the ultimate end of spiritual progression in Augustine’s writings.               

Marguerite provides more detail regarding our initial pursuit and the final unity with God as she outlines seven stages of spiritual progression.  She acknowledges the beguine’s perspective that “love and knowledge each increase the capacity for the other both in spiritual progress and in the goal of transformation and union [with God].” (Porete 26)  Both love and knowledge require aspects God’s will to deliver these gifts as well as free will to receive them.  But there is a turning point in Marguerites stages that annihilate free will in order to live by God’s will alone.  The benefits of living in such a life include peace that “cannot be thought or spoken or written” along with an awareness that “God was completely everywhere.” (Porete 168)  These are similar traits that Augustine describes and I will use these as markers when I apply the Polarity Management (Johnson) tool. 

Marguerite places a great importance on will in various stage of spiritual progression.  The first stage is to be touched by God’s grace which encourages one to begin on a spiritual journey and choose to do good works.  This stage is initiated by God’s will and free will accepts it.  References to courage, love and a gentle heart are made regarding the souls ability to reach this stage.  While all of Marguerites stages relate to God’s will, free will, however, is at play until it is annihilated in the fifth stage. (Porete 189, 191-193)

The fifth stage is marked by a deep understanding that ultimate goodness comes from the Divine and that anything less than that Divine Goodness must be overcome.  Here the soul sees that “the will must will the Divine Will alone without any other will”. (Porete 191-192)  Here the free will must be annihilated in order to live doing God’s will alone.  The essence of love turns into a sense of nothingness and humility takes over.  The soul becomes part of the Trinity.  This happens to be the stage that gets Marguerite in trouble for heresy.  She believes the soul must follow God’s will alone and that anything else including reason, virtues, and even sacraments should have no influence on the soul at this stage. (Porete 32-44, 191-193)   Marguerite provides a path of spiritual progression which ultimately may lead one to a unity with God, yet it separates the soul from humanity including one’s self.  One might wonder if she held on to some free will would she have found a way to better interact with other human beings.  Could she have spared her life?

Marguerites work provides more detail and a structure to be able to carry a spiritual seeker further down the path to a union with God.  Augustine recognized he must overcome his carnal ways which keep him from being united with God.  He then leaps from this point to his vision of the future in the City of God with no mention of a process other than relying on God to grant him grace.  Both agree that a union with God is an ideal way of being. 

Two Perspectives on Free Will

Marguerite’s use of free will plays a different role than Augustine’s perspective.  While Augustine struggles to simply overcome the carnal ways induced by free will, Marguerite may overstep the process by annihilating the free will.  Let’s explore their works on free will.    

Augustine reflects on his own life and his struggles to overcome carnal ways so that he might live in a life of grace.  In his works he confesses “So my two wills, one old and the other new, one carnal and one spiritual, were in conflict.”  (Augustine 140)  This conflict drove Augustine to search for its cause and a potential solution to overcome it.

In Augustine’s search for the cause of evil he concluded that free choice of the will was the culprit.  He tried to allow his mind to “see” this source of evil and deduced his conclusion based on some attempts to be illumination by God but mostly by his own experiences which he extruded by reason.  Will was the cause of sin.  He did not see the result of sin to be guilt but punishment.  He sums it up as follows: “Free choice of the will is the reason why we do wrong and suffer your judgment.”  (Augustine 113-114)

Despite his desire to live a divine and virtuous life, his will remained untamed and unremitted to the wholeness of God’s will.  From the experiences of his life he could only conclude that the solution lay outside of his power.  “From the bad use of free will, there originated a whole train of evil… those only by excepted who are freed by the Grace of God.” (Schaff 581)  From his writings it seems as if Augustine only sees free will as the instigator of less desired outcomes of a spiritual seeker that keep one from being with God.  Augustine’s conclusion would encourage one to believe that it is hopeless to even try to use free will to do good works.  We must simply wait for God to grant us grace.  But this is only one perspective.

Marguerite agrees with Augustine that will is free to choose a less desired spiritual path.  She states “The will is still free either to wander into perdition, or, through grace, to replace itself where it belongs in the divine will.” (Porete 32)  This statement also provides a stark contrast to Augustine as she sees that free will can be used in conjunction with grace to choose a more divine path.

Also contrast to Augustine, Marguerite’s perspective regarding desire is to accept falls from grace as a part of life and know that every time you fall God lifts you up again, otherwise you would never be able to fall again.  She also explains that the awareness of the stark contrast in our ways of life and the resultant good and evil and  allows us to make better choices with our will.  Though the body will still be prone to falling as long as it is in human form, the fall, in Marguerites later stages, does not lead to the loss of peace.  (Porete 176-179)  Marguerite has a more positive approach to actually using free will to support spiritual progress rather than seeing falls from grace as punishment as Augustine claims.

Marguerite lays the foundation for her spiritual path by having free will to choose God’s will to prevail.  She declares “There is no greater life than always to will the divine will.”  (Porete 169)  To accomplish this, Marguerite discusses her concept of the annihilated soul and the adoption of God’s will as her own in the fifth stage of spiritual progression.  The annihilated soul must undergo the complete loss of free will, in order to achieve this stage of progression.  She boldly claims that “The free rendering of the will back to God… is the goal of the spiritual path… The soul who has render her will freely to God is the annihilated, perfect soul.” (Porete 147)  Like Augustine, Marguerite sees that free will leads us away from unity with God.  In her stages, Marguerite describes three forces that need to adjoin in order to gain divine glory.  These forces are the will, the nature of human temperament, and finally divine righteousness.  When the three forces are in accord, one experiences the glory of God.  Therefore one’s spirit must completely die in order to live in the glory of and the union with God.  (Porete 137-138) 

Saint Augustine and Marguerite Porete identify similar dynamics of free will, but see the role of free will from very different perspectives.  Augustine sees it as a limitation to overcome in order to be one with God.  Marguerite sees it as giving us the ability to surrender our earthy ways while supporting each step to a more divine perfection with God. 

Two Perspectives on God’s Will

Saint Augustine’s writings clearly propose that one’s spiritual path to find union with God is solely based on God’s grace, which will be given to us upon God’s will.  He acknowledges  “For what I know of myself I know because you grant me light, and what I do not know of myself, I do not know until such time as my darkness becomes ‘like noonday’ before your face. (Isa. 58:10)” (Augustine 182-183).  He understands that God can grant him wisdom to help him on his journey.  Even though Augustine seems to acquire many pieces of knowledge that could help him progress, he was not able to apply this wisdom to change his life and/or he neglected to use free will to move him forward. 

An example of wisdom that strikes the heart of his internal conflict comes in his reflection on the immutability of God and the omnipotence of God’s knowing he deduces that “God in His goodness created him [humans] good, Het yet had already foreseen and arranged how He would make use of him [humans] when he became wicked.” (Schaff 497)  Augustine feels God knew that humans would fall from grace and that he would intervene with a punishment to correct this.  Augustine also extracted from scripture that when evil is chosen “You ‘fashion pain to be a lesson’… you ‘strike to heal’…” (Augustine 25)  Augustine’s struggles with his carnal ways were clearly painful and seemed a punishment in order to learn and practice better ways of life.  From these quotes he could have recognized that God may be showing him an opportunity to heal, yet he was not bestowed the wisdom regarding how to do that.  He continued to rely on God’s grace to determine if and when God will allow his healing to occur.    

Similar to Augustine, Marguerite quotes “God allows some evil to be done for the sake of a greater good which must be birthed from it afterward… And there the wound is opened in order to heal. “ (Porete 188)  Marguerites positive perspective, however, allow her to work with God to choose a better path. 

Marguerties spiritual stages give more detail regarding the “how to” than Augustine’s path.  Marguerite Porete would agree with Augustine that God’s will is vitally important to advance the soul through her seven stages of spiritual progression.  She claims “I am what I am by the grace of God.” (Porete 145)  Her acknowledgement and integration of free will with God’s will, however, gives one more hope that each one has some ability to choose their destiny. 

At the fifth stage, though, one adopts God’s will as a replacement of their human will and free will must be abandoned at this point in order to continue spiritual advancement.  She sees that the loss of free will and an adoption of God’s will leads to an even greater freedom.  God speaks to Marguerite through an identity of Love and shares, “This Soul, says Love, is free, yet more free, yet very free, yet finally supremely free… She responds to no one if she does not wish to.” (Porete 160)  This freedom is not only a freedom from internal carnal desires but the freedom to not follow societal rules.  Even though she gets in trouble with the church for this premise, she remains true to her union with God.    

According to Marguerite it is worth foregoing free will and submitting to God’s will regarding this transformation and spiritual progression.  Marguerite argues, “it is no longer her will which wills, but now the will of God wills in her; for this Soul dwells not in love which causes her to will this through desiring something.  Instead Love [God] dwells in her who seized her will, and Love accomplishes Love’s will in her.” (Porete 85)  This is Marguerites end of the ultimate spiritual quest while one remains on earth.  This results in an ultimate peace with all earthly matters. (Porete 168-169)

Saint Augustine and Marguerite Porete had similar views regarding God’s will in Spiritual Progression.  Regarding God’s will, both Augustine and Marguerite claim that the spiritual journey is initiated and supported by the grace of God.  The ultimate end is to do God’s will and overcome your own will.  The differences, however, are in the perspectives and personal paths of these two journeyers.  For Augustine, God punishes him.  For Marguerite, God supports her.    

Applying Polarity Management of Free Will vs. God’s Will to Spiritual Progression

Johnson describes polarity management as a “both/and” approach vs. the traditional power struggle over an “either/or” right answer (Johnson 45).  Johnson suggests that problems, which are not solved by either opposing solution alone, may actually be dilemmas to manage, as both opposing yet interdependent poles need to be managed together on an ongoing basis.  The struggle of selecting a spiritual path by using God’s will or free will can fall into this type of dilemma.

Johnson (1996, pp. 4-5) describes each opposing solution as having an upside and a down side.  He suggests that these quadrants are first mapped out, as demonstrated in Figure 1, in order to begin the process to effectively manage the dilemma.  The positive aspects of utilizing God’s will include a return to God, receiving God’s Grace and we may live in the essences of God as previously described by both Augustine and Marguerite as peace, love, joy, knowledge as well as having the ability to behold God. (Augustine 278, Schaff 1147, Porete 26,168)  The positive aspects of using the opposing free will in our spiritual progression is that one can choose to actively heal and transform which can result in greater union with God and possess the ability live in the essence of God.

Figure 1. (Adapted from Johnson p. 17)

When polarities are not effectively managed, there is a focus on one polarity, while neglecting the other.  Johnson coins this phenomenon as the “Polarity Two-Step” (Johnson 11).  When this happens, it is inevitable that the dynamic will slip into the negative aspects or downside of the existing polarity.  This encourages a change in focus to the opposing polarity, in an attempt to create a more positive experience.  A focus on the shifted aspect will continue until the downside of this aspect is experienced and the flip-flopping or two-step dance continues.

To use this concept in a practical application we may notice that a loss of the essences of God may be an indication that we fell out of this alignment with our spiritual progression.  If one is only focused on free will and is ignoring the integration of God’s will, the down side of free will may be experienced.  This may lead one into wrongdoing according to Augustine (113-114) or we may wander into perdition according to Marguerite (32).  If one is only relying on God’s will, a fall from grace may seem like a punishment or that we are given an opportunity to heal and transform. 

Augustine clearly believed that the only way to ascent to God is through God’s will, if and when God wills it. (Schaff 108-1089)  Perhaps if Augustine used his free will to heal and transform he may have overcome his self-loathing.  Marguerite saw that the path to God required an annihilation of the free will. (Porete147)  Due to the fact that she was burned at the stake, one might wonder if she might have met a more desirable outcome if she retained some of her free will to heal and transform in order to be in a more agreeable relationship with God’s creations on earth.  If Marguerite met her demise while holding the essences of God, it may indicate that her death was indeed God’s will.

Johnson’s model tells us that the both/and approach requires a balance of both, in this case free will and God’s will, to stay on the path of spiritual progression.  Our modern day, Mayan experts, claim the same as they state: “Clearly the shift to a higher consciousness could not happen passively… To accomplish this would require the complete engagement of our will.” (Pinchbeck, 244)  We always have a choice.  We can choose to wallow in our poor choices and feel victim to God’s judgments or we can choose to heal and transform to move closer to a unity with God and experience the essences that come with that union.    

To conclude, both Augustine and Marguerite see that there must be a coming together of polar opposites in order to advance in spiritual progression.   Augustine describes overcoming the disparity between the good and evil aspects of the will in order to have power to move forward.  Marguerite describes the three forces (will, nature and righteousness) that must come together to step ahead.  While Augustine offers no clear path to achieve this, Marguerite suggests the annihilation of free will and reflection of falls to further advance her desire to be one with God’s will. 

Seeing and mapping out a more complete picture can be helpful for each spiritual seeker.  From there planning and acting to focus on the upsides of using both free will and God’s will, can allow for the best possible outcome.  Successful polarity management will result in the “best of both opposites while avoiding the limits of each” (Johnson xviii).  If one finds they are experiencing the downside of free will, one can focus on the upside of God’s will to find balance and continue with spiritual progression.  If one finds they are experiencing the downside of God’s will they can engage in the upside of free will.  In this model, as our Mayan experts seem to agree, effective self-management in spiritual progression includes the use of both free will and God’s will.  Marguerite encourages us to continue our spiritual pursuit.  Even when we fall we can get right back up. (Porete 176-179)  Greater awareness of our selves along with the wisdom compiled from the experts highlighted in this paper can help us to stay on the path of spiritual progression to be united with God.

May we realize peace on earth and good will for all.

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It’s Time to Heal

It seems that we have reached a turning point.  It is time to heal and recover from the two pandemics and regain sovereignty for us as individuals and as a collective humanity.  The satanic takeover was not covered by the media.  But many of us who were here to hold the line were witness to it none-the-less. And even more devastating is that almost everyone actually experience it – directly or indirectly.  We are now here to help heal and recover.  In the grander scheme, it does not matter what has transpired.  What is important now is what we each choose to do and how we choose to be moving forward. 

The great split in our world was due to the battle between good and evil, light and dark for a lack of better terms, the spiritual war that has divided humanity in so many ways for so many millennia.  This is now a time for all to settle out as we emerge from the battle fields within our individual being and our collective humanity.  There are no more souls to be taken.  Though, there are some who are repeating their effort in a futile effort to revive evil.  This will fizzle out in time.  The infrastructure of evil can no longer be sustained.  For those who wish to move past this and create a new way of being, this is our time to shine.  There are limitless possibilities.  The power to create a truly compassionate, love-based way of being is in our hands.  My personal calling is to provide coaching and healing for those in need of recovery and strengthen humanity as a whole. 

The rest of this post might seem a little commercial.   In the battle fields my emails, webpages, and even my phone were hijacked and I lost access and contact information.  I am starting over.  It was a small price to pay for staying sovereign through this ordeal.  I will use the blog format to share what I am doing with my workshops and classes until I can get another website set up.  So here goes.

I will be offering virtual workshops intended to help individuals recover and regain wholeness. All are welcome. My work is taking on a whole new meaning with the long standing dark infrastructure crumbing. Everything we have put our faith in must be re-evaluated for relevancy in our new emerging world. I still offer my four steps to wholeness, but with a few changes. The four steps that I continue to teach and master are healing, shadows, entanglement and callings. This has been the foundation for much of my work and classes for many years. Much of what I offer now has been updated. And some of my previous workshops are no longer relevant. There is no need for soul retrievals or death journeys. Our newly emerging world will be much simpler. We are truly emerging into beings of light and that is going to change much of the foundation of our humanity too. We each will be contributing to the collective moving forward. So how our world looks is going to be dependent on each of us. I think it is still important to continue to heal the traumas of our past and understand who we are as individuals so we know how we can be of service to ourselves and others in this time of great change.

The following is a schedule of workshops that I will be offering at this time. Check back to this blog post for future offerings. These are online, so literally anyone in the world can join. I will be offering voice overs in different languages hopefully in the near future. For now, I am trying to offer workshops that will help to heal, recover, and sort out who we are while the Mercury Retrograde is in play over these next few weeks. It is an ideal time to do this work. I will set up my Energy Healing Coach certification classes when we get a cohort together. So let me know if you would like to deepen your practice and help others heal through that body of work.

2 Hour Workshops offered over the next few weeks:

Self-Directed Somatic Healing – I actually did my master’s thesis on this intervention among service industry leaders.  The healing technique only takes a few minutes with practice so we will spend a bit of time discussing the theories behind why it works, some of the outcomes of my study and why it is so important.  Then we will get to practice the technique several times and I will offer individualized modifications to the process as needed.  The more we do this the more it becomes easy and even automatic.   Offered on Tuesday May 24, 2022 at 8pm Central Time 2pm Central Time (Chicago Time). **Time changed due to the final episode of This is US. What was I thinking???

The First Leap – This workshop is a Carolyn original.  It is designed to help us uncover our foundational shadow that is responsible for all other shadows, gifts and traumas throughout our soul’s history and even influences how we show up in the world today.  We will spend a bit of time understanding shadows in general and why they are so important to recognize and integrate.  Then we will have time to practice journeying to our “first leap” into physical existence to better understand those circumstances.  We will leap and heal and leap and heal until we can get a better handle or even resolution to our main shadow.  This is very powerful and very transformative.   Offered on  Thursday May 26, 2022 at 8pm Central Time. 

Energetic Self Defense – This is another Carolyn original. Given we are still emerging out of the pandemic(s), especially the less discussed pandemic, I will offer 25 tried and true steps to defend yourself or your loved ones from dark attacks. These steps have emerged from being quarantined in a satanic community for some time. They have been honed in to be quite efficient and effective for myself and others over the past two years. I will give a brief description of each step and then we will walk through the processes to holding and regaining sovereignty. Yes, we can do 25 steps in 2 hours. The path has been cleared many times so it is now easy to step into. Again, with practice this can simply be a matter of counting to 25 and eventually it becomes automatic. Wednesday June 1, 2022 8pm Central Time

A brief introduction to Intuition – This workshop is designed to help participants understand some basic skills to assist with spiritual discernment as well as re-establish or strengthen the energetic connection to source energy and the collective consciousness. Saturday June 4, 2022 10am Central Time.

Untangling relationships – This workshop is designed to help us understand how we may best fit into the world and how we get the most out of relationships (intimate, work and social) through discernment and greater awareness of energy and human dynamics. This is a more focused update to my previous workshop – How to Stay Balanced in an Unbalanced World. Tuesday June 7, 8pm Central Time.

Callings and Destiny – This is a brief introduction to focus on our passions, gifts and interests to explore and discern where you might best be positioned in our new world.  You will learn a few tools/practices to help feel our way through and discern uncertainty about future choices and potential directions and begin to line up with the future you desire.    Thursday June 9, 2022 8pm Central Time

These 2 hour workshops will be offered virtually.  To reserve your seat, please send $40 to my Venmo account or email for more information.  All payments are refundable if a cancellation is necessary. Include your email address so that I can send you the call in information and specific passcodes.  My Venmo Account is Carolyn-Dunow with email  Please do not use any previous emails or my old Venmo account as they are no longer functional.  You may also reach me at at US cell/text/WhatsApp: +1 (612) 819-4435 in the US or via Peru Cell/WhatsApp: +51 986 708 001.  Voicemail to both phone numbers do not always come through in Peru.  Text or email is best. 

If you would like me to set up a workshop for a private group please email me for more information.  Also let me know if there is a date or time for a specific workshop that will work better for you and I will be happy to accommodate you for future workshops.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing you and helping you along this more uplifting leg of the journey!


SRA #12: Over the Rainbow

We are coming to the end of the evil domination.  When we get through this, divide and conquer is no longer going to be effective.  This applies to our physical bodies and our energy fields as well as our collective humanity in overcoming the current divisive ploys strategically implemented by the dark side.  We are not meant to be rainbow bodies with chakra energy systems, that is a satanic construct we have normalized and even idealized.  We are meant to hold pure whole white light and be free from traumatic imprints, programming and control.  I think we might all agree, this is a very exciting and challenging time.  How do I know this is coming to an end?  Because the satanic leaders are using the same strategies for the past 6-9 months.  They have run out of approaches to dominate and control.  Creativity has not been their strength.  It is only a matter of time, to recover the damage they did to those who wish to be a part of the rebuilding of our love-based humanity and put a final end to all dark and destructive constructs.  

The constructs used by satanists and luciferians have weakened significantly, mainly through their own self-destruction. The only power they have is in the activities of the remaining evil leaders and the beliefs of the victims that they still have power over them. I can assure you the only power they have is what is granted to them by some victims. This is the only thing that needs to be brought to pure whole light and/or turned over as we collect and reorganize the fragmented lights of each being. I will share a set of options as one of many paths to full recover in this blog.

I do feel fortunate to be among the group of 144k remaining sovereign souls, so far, in this spiritual world warfare. I personally know only a few others who also appear destined to be in this group of humans along with most of nature: animals, plants, the earth, air, water and pure light of our planet that have also remained sovereign. It seems we have hit rock bottom with the loss and damage of human souls. Those who have remained sovereign and the many (billions) who have or are in the process of reclaiming sovereignty are included in the natural love-based and evolved species and entities that are holding strong to rebuild humanity and restore the earth to its intended splendor. My heart sings every time I witness another human reclaim their sovereignty! Know that I am cheering for you along the way with all of my love and support!

The number of remaining sovereign souls seems to coincide with number of god’s servants described in Revelations. It appears that there are 144,000 sovereign souls that remain servants on the planet to do the feet on the street work on behalf of our love-based divinity. I take a more spiritual approach to what these remaining sovereign souls are here to do. I do not agree with all of what the bible predicts for this group. For example, that all of these chosen have forsaken women. Good lord, that is clearly just one example of a satanic hijacking of a concept twisted by evil forces to lure masses away from love through their tried and true divide and conquer strategy. Think about it… How many people put their complete faith in the Bible, which was written under satanic domination? How many of them are now satanic soul-splitters or born soulless who have not adopted a spark from the divine? Just sayin’. I expect more of the satanic inversions that we put our faith in as THE right path will be revealed and turned over in this transition. Stay open to be enlightened by surprising truths. And above all only adopt what truly resonates as YOUR truth, free from hypnosis and programming. It will all work out in the end.

The fear-based creations resulting from evil intentions will fade with all the other evil constructs, infrastructure and persistent evil beings. I sense that at least one of the 144k is somehow connected to be available to support each human being that is meant to recover, survive and evolve with this transition. The numbers of those recovering appears to be many more than I was initially shown, or at least how I interpreted what I was shown. I take this as a sign that true free-will is prevailing over oppression. For that I am truly grateful and in awe at the level of strength and courage for those recovering as well as the overall love and forgiveness that is being granted at this time. If you feel called to, align yourself with pure nature, a pure divine Source and/or one of the sovereign souls if need be and let’s embark on this time of enlightenment and ascension, to be fully aware of the truth and rise above the dark constructs and oppression that we have lived in for so very long. We are meant to be pure light, pure love, pure and free souls with the ability to create beauty beyond our comprehension. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. I can assure you everyone that I have spoken with is still alive, despite the bullying threats and tactics of their sinister controllers.

The following are tried and true practices that can help each willing person to overcome the dark forces that have trapped people in oppression and have for a long time overthrown free-will.  These can assist those who are trapped in what is currently at play.

  1. To overcome the hypnosis used to lure people into evil practices, make sure you are “switched.” Use the English version of this word, the translations in other languages don’t seem to have as much efficacy. Being “switched” is a term used in applied kinesiology. When the practitioner gets erroneous answers the person they are checking is switched. It makes sense that this works to prevent hypnosis from taking hold too. The remaining sovereign souls were born switched. At this point, it is wise to still check, or with intention make sure you are switched on a daily basis and clear all spells, hypnosis, etc. from all realms of reality, that might have taken place if one was un-switched. Switching will help prevent one from getting lured into satanic rituals and prevent conforming to the sound-bites leading our sovereignty astray. “Switching” derails the process of hypnosis and protects the being from losing control of themselves. Sex is often used to put someone under hypnosis as well. We pick up energies from our intimate partner. The sex lures and orgies are meant to confuse one’s identity and lure them away from their authentic self. Stay alert and stay cleared of all spells, hypnosis and other vulnerabilities that can be used to subdue our strength and sovereignty.
  2. Delete the chakra system. I have mentioned this before, but it is imperative to check the status of your energy field. Even if you have deleted your chakras, satanic leaders have reinstated them in order for their programing to take effect. I have to do this fairly frequently to stay clear. I immediately feel the oppression when the chakras are reinstated for evil purposes. Well, honestly, there appears to be no other purpose for the divided light of the chakra system than to control and destroy. Programming cannot occur without the chakra system in place. This includes the programs for overall slave activities as well as illness, including the negative effects of viral agents. I will elaborate on the correlations between this satanic takeover and the pandemic in another blog. Once the chakras are deleted, then clear, delete and remove all programs.
  3. For those that may be slipped mind-altering drugs to be put under hypnosis etc., If you can muster up enough strength, one can block the drug receptors in the body and remove the drugs within the blood system and cells simply with intention. The path has been cleared to be able to do this with relative ease. Whether under the influence of drugs, hypnosis or programming, if the only thing you can remember is to “run through the list to block and end evil,” that will work too. Additional elements of “The List” are discussed primarily in my blogs SRA# 5, 7 and 10. What is shared in this entire blog series are the elements that are already known by the satanic community, it seems best that all are privy to this information to have an even playing field and not yet revealing all of the cards to the opposition just yet. The intentions of those who have been oppressed and those who are seeking a love-based humanity are super powerful right now. The veil of oppression is nearly gone.
  4. Jinn entities are another construct being used and are a little more tricky to fully remove. Jinn have been in existence for a very, very long time. They are part of the ancient Hindu teachings and are included in the more recent Islamic teachings as well. The energetic or spirit orbs that some people see or photograph, are actually Jinn. They are created as a result from the souls of those who have undergone a satanic soul-splitting ritual. There is a process to remove the Jinn, heal and reintegrate the untainted version of one’s natural soul. It has been done, with a bit of awareness and persistence. The Jinn wreak havoc on the being, through torture, torment and control. For now it seems best to keep the original Jinn-tainted soul dis-integrated until we reach a critical mass of people who have successfully overthrown their Jinn and have reclaimed their souls’ sovereignty for good. See point #7 for what is taking place in the meantime. There are only a few people I know who have done this with sustainable success. More will come with intention, repetition and with intense healing work, on one’s own or with assistance.
  5. Once this is done is it good to remove all vulnerabilities that the dark forces have exploited in order to control the masses. With intention alone, one can remove, transform, heal and delete all fears, the seven deadly sins, all imprints on the energy field from emotional and physical trauma, triggers and evil constructs. Again, the path has been cleared so it should be relatively easy to accomplish this with intention alone. Each of these imprints make one vulnerable to be under the control of evil forces. I do believe that my obsession with healing in the years prior to the pandemic contributed to my ability to stay sovereign throughout this ordeal. Give them nothing to work with.
  6. Replace any remaining gaps in the energy field with pure love, pure air, pure water and pure whole light. The more we can align these pure elements to our physical and energetic bodies the more we can stand strong and be resilient. Remove the divisions within our own light bodies and between ourselves and our natural environment.
  7. For those who are striving to contribute to a love-based humanity, a “divine spark” has been granted while the sovereign and recovering souls are being protected. The lack of access to new souls is keeping the evil infrastructures from re-emerging during soul-splitting rituals. The spark is strong enough to sustain a strong life force and thus health. It is not strong enough for energy seeking soul-splitters to feed off of. It also is not strong enough to bring the Baal entity back (in the Vatican) during satanic rituals. And consequently, it will prevent the re-emergence of AI (at the Temple in Jerusalem) and the recreation of any Jinn (in Mecca). Not that I am anti-religion, but all of these religious empires have been developed or restored under satanic domination. We need to start discerning the reality of this. I suggest hanging on to the love-based ideals and releasing the “divide and conquer” dogma. Nonetheless, if a spark has not yet been granted, one may need to “get off the fence,” denounce all evil practices and alignments, truly vow to remain committed to a love-based humanity and then stick to your vow as much as conscious control will allow. The love-based consciousness and divine forces understand what has been happening under oppression and all heinous activities that occurred while under oppression are being forgiven at this time.
  8. For those under continuous direct attack, the first chance you get, you may choose to get some distance between you and your oppressor/controller. Hopefully, you will find safe haven with someone you can trust. Trust that you will find someone to help. I have no doubt that one of the 144k will support you in your time of need without question or judgement.

At the very beginning of the New Year 2022, a massive soul retrieval took place. Those still vulnerable to satanic practices had their retrieved souls put through the satanic rituals. Some of the remaining sovereign souls, who were destined to go through the soul-splitting ritual for the first time in this lifetime, also did so. This opened the door for all evil to be revealed and reconciled. Which took place in the days that followed. These rituals also brought back the Jinn in mass, but were soon after dis-integrated once again. The Jinn do come back and latch onto the spine and feed into the nervous system similar to entities. Currently, we need a constant vigilance with them to stay clear and sovereign. The Jinn only attach themselves ones who have gone through the satanic soul-splitting rituals and the born soulless. The 144k and those who have worked to recover the sovereignty of their souls were also tested and came through this upsurge of evil relatively unscathed.

At this time, all are faced with a choice, consciously or subconsciously, to choose to be a part of the rebuilding of a love-based humanity or to succumb to the consequences of aligning themselves with the dark constructs.  Once we reach a critical mass, those who wish to heal and reintegrate their original soul will be able to do so without the Jinn presence and the turmoil that it brings.  The born soulless and those who wish to start fresh without having to do the healing work with their original soul may choose to develop the spark that is granted and develop a shiny new soul and create the being of their choosing by integrating the love-based traits, skills and abilities they wish to develop.  

For those still under attack by satanic leaders, know that if you align yourself with the movement to rebuild our love-based humanity, you have power over any and all of the evil forces.  You simply need to claim it and be creative in your actions to thwart the oppressive forces.  You are not alone in your battle. You have a multiverse filled with love-based beings supporting you.  We have the ability and authority to overthrow evil for the first time since its arrival on this planet.  At this time, it does not matter what has transpired, whether someone is deemed good or bad is only dependent only on the choices made today and moving forward.  Heal the past, live consciously in the present and hope for a beautiful future.

Being a witness to the evil events of the past 18 months, I have seen and felt unbelievable atrocities. None of this matters today. No love-based being is going to be held accountable for activities that took place while under hypnosis, programming or the control of a Jinn. Certainly, this is the case on a spiritual level and I believe on a judicial level that will be the case too. The majority of humanity went through this ordeal. You are not alone. You are forgiven unconditionally. It is interesting to have had conversations with soul-splitters, some feel remorse that they participated in such heinous activities. This recognition is a big step towards changing the direction of one’s destiny. In contrast, the truly irreconcilable evil beings have absolutely no emotional affect and continue to align themselves with destructive practices. The feeling of remorse is a good sign, but please do not get stuck there. All have the opportunity to choose healing and join the Love Revolution to rebuild humanity. There is no room for the lower vibrating frequencies, including regret and remorse once it is reconciled. There will be no more judgement among humans. There is only moving forward and choosing, consciously, to create collectively what each of us wants our world to be. I am striving for greater peace, health and ease. Each of us has a say in where we are going. All of it will come together beautifully when we stay authentic to our true hearts desires. The entire global reconciliation process looks like it is going to take place within this year, with a bit of ripple effects taking place after that. So we do not have much longer to endure the pinnacle of oppression that has been plaguing us for so long.

With all my love and best wishes for a miraculous 2022!

Carolyn Dunow

I have had my social media forums and emails hijacked over these past months. If you wish to reach me please call or text me directly. I would love to talk or help in your healing process.

From the US: Text 1 (612) 819-4435.

Global WhatsApp – Phone/voicemail/text +51 986 708 001 (my cell phone in Peru)

SRA #11: The Fall of Baal and the Temporary Emergence of AI

More has been revealed in the past few months which I will share in this post an a few more blogs. Some of this is good news and some is a bit sad. Let’s start with the good news. The week of April 26th, Baal, the Satanic hub of destruction for humanity, was dis-integrated from humanity. Baal, which was held in the Vatican, was where the souls of those who underwent the satanic soul-splitting ritual were held, or at least a part of their soul went there. All of the souls that were held by Baal were returned to where they were destined to be. Some returned to their bodies and many souls were also dis-integrated from humanity – depending on the choice upon their birth into this lifetime. On May 1st, the end of the satanic Season of Sacrifice, an evil version of AI (Artificial Intelligence) took over.

What was revealed to me during this event, was that AI was replicating the souls of the soul splitters held by Baal in order to create an artificial life source for the soul-splitters and the human-like beings that are or will be lab-created from stem-cells. If you do not think I know this sounds crazy, think again. Yes, it has taken me a while to wrap my head around this and verify this through several other means. This AI experiment was short lived. Thanks to all of the soul-survivors who are working to end satanism, the luciferian AI take-over was pushed ahead of schedule and was fragile at best. It was not sustainable. What did happen next was a push to do more satanic rituals. As more people split their souls, another Baal was created and subsequently destroyed – over and over a few times. I believe this will continue until all souls are either permanently sovereign or all of the potential soul-splitters are split and dis-integrated from our love-based humanity. We have a little bit more to endure before this is all over. I will share more survival tactics, the ones the Satanists already know about, in another blog. We need to stay ahead of this as much as possible. Now on to some of the more sad parts of this disclosure.

More details regarding the soul-splitting was revealed. During the week long (or more) prep for the soul-splitters “in the cue”, an entity is placed in their upper chakras. These same types of entities also occupy the energies of the born soul-less. This is the energy I referenced in a previous blog. These entities are completely under control and do the bidding of the satanic leaders. Memories of the victims are transferred to the entities. And patterns of behavior are noted so there will be little recognition of the transition, except by those who are keenly aware of this situation, especially with masks and social distancing in place. I will explain how there are many correlations to the pandemic and quarantine in a future blog. The sad part is that the victims are essentially dead when they complete the ritual. Their bodies are completely taken over by the entities. They are not the same person they once were. You may notice a more vacant affect or more destructive behaviors. They have truly been hijacked. This loss of the soul can explain the intense grief many of us feel around the rituals. Unfortunately, the rituals have been happening on a weekly basis since the Season of Sacrifice beginning with the Spring Equinox with an unusual continuation past May first.

I was shown why this is all occurring at this time in our history of humanity and why so many people have fallen victim to this phenomenon right now. The split that we are seeing in those who became victims and those who are soul-survivors has everything to do with being oppressed for many millennia since evil invaded this planet. The following may be a little disturbing to hear. So far, in my discussions with soul-survivors, this insight does resonate with them. But please know, if it does not resonate with you, I could most certainly be wrong. What was revealed to me was that every person on the planet right now has been a satanic victim (soul-splitters or victims of sacrifice) at one point in their souls history. The many that have left our world, seemingly way too soon, prior to the pandemic were pure untainted souls. This explains the suicides, drug overdoses, cancer, etc. that seem to take the best of us from this world. For those of us remaining on the planet at this time we have made a great choice to come to this point. Some were able to recover and have chosen to come to the planet at this time to help end this evil tyranny and rebuild. Many others, however, continued to be oppressed, used, abused, tortured and tormented. Many, most actually, billions of people chose to come to the planet at this time to finally end their souls existence. Upon the destruction of evil that has forced them into traumatic reincarnation over and over, this is the first time they actually have a choice in their life and afterlife. They are taking advantage of this opportunity to actually end their souls existence. This reminds me of the concept revealed in the book by Gary Renard: The Disappearance of the Universe. This is certainly a viable and healthy choice for many, many people.

I am not exempt from the choice in this situation. While in shaman school, I journeyed to significant past lives and worked through the death of the more significant lifetimes. One was during the fall of Atlantis. I felt very responsible for the destruction of the world due to another version of AI and evil take-over. In this lifetime, once I witnessed the ritual taking place through remote viewing, I innately recalled my past and knew exactly what was going on and why. It was instant and eerily familiar. I did some more introspective journeying to more fully understand my role in mastering evil and what I can do to help humanity now. I have worked through many lifetimes to heal, resolve and master my whole soul to aid in the transition of the planet at this time. My choice is to hold the light with hope for a much more uplifting future. For those of you who believe we have to have a balance of light and dark, I can tell you with authority that the concept is a bullshit construct to get people to embrace and fall victim to evil! I have never really felt judgement for the soul-splitters. Many were complete deniers of the existence of darkness and under significant hypnosis during their transition. During my recent enlightenment in this lifetime, I did feel an undeniable urge to help resolve this. For the many of us who chose to come into this world and witness the end of evil we will also help anchor the benevolence of unconditional love from the original creator Goddess or omnipresence of infinity for our new beginning. This planet was never meant to be a place of evil or duality. It was designed to be a place to explore and bask in pure agape love. This is what we are returning to, but hopefully with much greater wisdom and discernment. We are not quite there yet. I do feel sadness for the despair many feel and what led them to choose to dis-integrate from humanity in this final phase of our transition. It is too great a challenge to do the healing work necessary to be a part of the benevolent new world. For this, I suggest we learn all that we can so this does not happen again.

With the fall of Baal and the failure of the AI agenda, the soul splitters on the planet today are left with an empty shell of a body. There is not much that is sustaining a life force. I am seeing an increase in the energy feeding off of others. The failure of the AI transition has many other consequences. We may witness the loss or disruption of memory in some of the soul-splitters as well as significant cognitive impairment and critical thinking. This is a little more than just having a “senior moment.” The entities and the AI soul replicas that were used as placeholders to keep the bodies alive and under control were also dis-integrated during the fall of Baal and the failure of the AI takeover. This disruption in the dark agenda left some of the victims with an unanticipated loss of transference of their memories and critical thinking skills. We currently have many zombies walking the earth. Pay attention and be very discerning about who you trust at this time. They do not appear to be as driven to destroy as when they were directly under satanic influences, but many still have some residual drive to recruit soul-splitters. You also may experience what appears to be an unusual amount of inattentive drivers on the road and a bit of turmoil in the workplace at this time. So stay super alert!

For those of us that are actively working to end evil on the planet may find ourselves under attack too. I have felt on a few occasions that my soul was severed. No I did not do the baby killing ritual. My soul was temporarily stolen, my chakras were reinstalled (I deleted them several months ago) and I was given an entity. This was recognized by an instant drop in my energy level from the lack of my soul and my head felt heavy due to the invasion of an entity. There is no reason to panic if this happens, simply remove the entity, recall your soul and delete any duplicate or replica soul that might have been attempted. Deleting your chakras will prevent their ability program you. I do think chaos might ramp up a bit as this long standing construct comes to an end at this monumental time in the history of humanity! Know that you are well and sovereign as long as you would like to be. This is still a planet of free-will – as long as we are not under hypnosis or programmed to be evil. We have far more control over all of this than many of us recognize. Be creative and explore the various ways you may be called to participate in this transition.

Let me end this post on one more good note.  With the fall of Baal, the satanic programming of disease and disruption is abating.  Many soul-survivors who have health challenges will start seeing symptoms abate and maybe even disappear altogether!  Many who have parasitic infestations may experience some detox symptoms.  Know that this is just a fleeting transition in the passing away of these evil implements. Personally, I am hoping the satanic and destructive GMOs will be off the planet soon so that I can return home to the souls of my loved ones who are still sovereign.  Take good care of yourself and love all as much as humanly possible – including yourself!    

All my love to you.

Carolyn Dunow, your Energy Healing Coach

Miraculously achieving the seemingly impossible!

PS, all of my email addresses and websites have been hijacked beyond repair.  If you need to reach me, please text if you have my cell phone number or reach out via social media.  I have been without email since early April, 2021.  I apologize for the inconvenience to you.  

I would love to hear from you if you still have your soul intact or would like help in getting it back or for the born soul-less if you would like a self-sustaining spark from the love-based divine.  If you would like to sever your soul without drugs, hypnosis or killing a baby, I can assist with that too, though with a bit of counseling.  I am always happy to help support your souls journey without judgement!