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Your Energy Healing Coach is Back!

Hello My Friends,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well in these challenging times.  A lot has changed in our world since I last blogged. 

Let me bring you up to speed with what has been happening in my last few years. In July, 2018, I moved to Peru to escape the GMO situation in the US.  The air, water and even organic food became unbearable for me to survive in my homeland.  Peru was a welcome change and my health turned around quickly!  I am now living in a lovely community, with clean mountain water, no chemtrails and organic food as the norm.  It is paradise.  I have definitely built up my health, my strength and developed even more profound energy healing insights and skills.  

I finished my GMO book: Health Insights from a GMO Canary, which is available on  I am working on the Spanish translation now, and hope to have that out soon too.  Then, hopefully, we will be past the pandemic and I will begin to market those efforts and do a virtual book tour.  Well… we can start that anytime actually.  Just let me know if you have a group that might be interested.  

In order to finish the book, I packed up Maggie my dog and headed for a remote area in the high jungle region in the Andes mountains, which is still a little touristy, but not too active that I could stay relatively peaceful and concentrate on writing to finish the epic document.  That happened in December, 2019 and I began working on the final production of it. During that time, the pandemic hit and I was quarantined in the pueblo a bit longer than I thought I would be.  

So with some extra time on my hands, I got to know the people a little better.  As it turned out, I discovered that the remote village was actually a largely satanic community.  So I got a crash course in defending myself from parasitic vampires and hypnotic sorcerers. I tapped into about 12 people who helped me understand Satanism and removed the spells and influences that were put upon me. Maggie also helped when I was being energetically attacked at night. She could sense the evil lurking and would bark to wake me and help me defend myself.  Shaman school and my years of practicing as an energy healing coach came in very handy when it came to understanding how best to stay sovereign.  But still, there was a lot I learned in a relatively short amount of time.  

To highlight some insights: 

  • We are far more powerful than we could ever imagine if we choose to stay sovereign. 
  • There are dark forces that are persuading a degradation in humanity that is the source of nearly everything wrong in our society.
  • Most of our industrialized world is run by people under the influence of satanic forces and using artificiality to lure us away from our sovereignty and our innate spiritual gifts.
  • A little bit of awareness and willpower will go a long way.  But we are at a point where we need more people to help contribute to the turning of these tides.

As you know, I am a teacher at heart.  I am happy to share everything that was helpful for me to know and experience in order to stay healthy and free.  If you don’t think this is something you need to be concerned with, I will not argue with you.  You know your life path better than anyone else.  For me, one of the motivating factors to get this information out to you sooner rather than later is the fact than one of my dear clients, who was like a daughter to me over many years, committed suicide on the winter solstice.  She was plagued by Satanists for years, which neither of us really understood until I became acutely aware that this exists during my quarantine in the pueblo.  I worked with her to stay sovereign for almost a decade but never really got to the root of the problem.  We stuck together, as I felt it was mutually beneficial to keep searching for answers.  We spoke after I became aware of this phenomenon and it made sense to both of us what was actually taking place.  Unfortunately, she simply could not take the energetic harassment any longer.  She, like so many, was faced with the choice of caving to the Satanic agenda or committing suicide to end the oppression and suffering.  I have discovered over these months there is another option – to fight back as a light warrior.  I am certain she is now helping me to find effective solutions to this debacle. 

The second motivating factor is the fact that the NFL half-time show was nothing more than a satanic display and programming mechanism aired to the entire world.  Based on what I have witnessed and experienced in the people I have been involved with, this is by far the most vile and in-your-face show of how oppressive these forces actually are that could be done in a public venue.  I thought it was extreme, and just short of depicting what actually happens during a satanic transition.  Many people see this as simply weird or as an odd Hollywood drama.  For me, this is too much and it must stop.  It is more than Hollywood that is affected.  This is happening in everyone’s back yard.  It is taking its toll on the overall health of humanity.  So it is at the very least affecting each of us indirectly.  I think we need more people to step up and fight back to hold benevolence for our future generations.  

Here is my plan:

I am restarting my Level I and Level II Energy Healing and Coaching Certification classes and a variety of workshops to help people stay sovereign and equipped with energetic tools to stay safe in this spiritual warfare.  These will be conducted virtually and available to download for future reference.

I will be taking on a few apprentices as Light Warriors to help in the global battle of, simply put, benevolence vs. malevolence.  It will help to have an understanding or experience in energy healing, soul retrieval, entity removal, death rites, and global healing.  These skills are the focus on my Level II Energy Healing Coach Certification classes if you wish to gain experience in these areas.  If you are willing to dive into the deep end of the pool without these skillsets, trust your calling and your ability to stay sovereign.  We are far more powerful when we are connected to our love-based source and each other than any dissociated, destructive soul-splitter on the planet.  I look forward to working with anyone who feels this is a calling or is interesting in helping to securing our future. I hope we can all learn from each other and find even more efficient ways to deal with this particular world-wide pandemic.

I will be blogging to help people understand what is happening with the Satanic practices and agenda and what we can do about it, practically and energetically to stay sovereign.  I will keep the gory details out of public documents. Please reach me directly if you are interested in participating in any of this.  I will not likely make public announcements with the activities with the Light Warrior apprentices.  Do stay tuned to the blogs for more information and upcoming classes and workshops. 

Stay safe my friends, the sooner we pitch in to end the madness in our world the sooner we can move on to peace, harmony, abundance and beauty and ultimate individual sovereignty as the planet has not seen for a few millennia!!  Please feel free to share with anyone you feel might benefit from this information.

I would also love to hear from you and what you have been doing in the past few years.  It is important that we stay connected, benevolent and in love during these times…. For years I have said, “Be one with the ones who are in the oneness”.  This is now even more profound than I ever imagined.  More to come…

With all my love,

Carolyn Dunow

Your Energy Healing Coach

Happy Holidays from Your Energy Healing Coach

Never before has the celebration of the return of the light been more important.  Conflicts abound in health, relationships, government, work-life balance, and inner peace.  Yet each of us has a gift that resides within that is meant to be shared to resolve disturbances that,  at first glance, may seem insurmountable.

holiday-gift-2016For several millennium, we have been shrouded under “the veil” of conformity under the guise of security and living up to expected roles for the greater good.  That tactic no longer holds.  The real solution is to embrace our authentic self, the gifts bestowed upon us, and to share our being among others with a strong interdependence, recognizing and valuing the unique traits in all of us.  As a whole, we have everything we need.  Sharing is the key to our success.

We are seeing the disintegration of many social constructs and norms.  This can be seen even among the traditional celebrations we hold at this sacred time of year.  The definition of family, religious rituals, and even the traditional foods we share have all been altered over the years as we evolve into a new way of being.  We, too, must each let go of the way things were, the way we were, in order to move forward creating the way we were meant to be, as one.

We have for generations, put our faith and trust in authorities outside of our self, trusting scholars, doctors, and ministers to manage our minds, bodies, and spirits.  This still works for some.  It is not working for many and it is certainly not working for the collective.  The problems we face seem too large to tackle and we look to others who we believe have better answers.  They do not.  The real solutions remain hidden while we wait, trapped in our own insecurities.

I tell you, we can no longer wait.  We each must wake up to our magnificence and then be brave enough to share it!  Peace on Earth will not come in the form of conformity nor the false sense of believing we know who others are and trust them because we can predict their behavioral patterns.  Peace will come when we each step into our full potential.  Many have come to our world to show us the way, the truth, and the light.  Teaching us to be unique and be one at the same time.  It was not easy or tranquil, but it was necessary.  It still is.  You and I are now among the way showers, change agents, and the paradoxical peace keepers.

This holiday season, take some time to reflect on your light.  What is your higher Self urging you to be, to do, and to share?  Who can you surround yourself with that will allow you to safely explore this part of you?  Can you be brave and share your gift to answer your calling?  It is our time to shine.  Each in our own way.  Be light, love, and take steps to share your beauty!

I look forward to supporting you in the ways that I am called to move ahead.  Many blessings to you this season and in the New Year.  Much love to you at this amazing time in our humanity.


Carolyn Dunow, RT, MAOL, Holistic Consultant and Energy Healing Coach


Miraculously Achieving the Seemingly Impossible!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Dear Friends,

I hope you will be enjoying a wonderful holiday of thanks with your loved ones.  There is much to be thankful for and there is much to be done still to allow all to thrive being our most authentic divine self.  


I am thankful for my incredible support system and the many who have helped me through the past few years!  I withdrew from my work, both in health care and in my healing practice, to answer a higher calling.  I am thankful that I will be publishing a book on my GMO (genetically modified foods) experiences soon.  I hope the ripple effect of this will allow us to share many healthy thanksgiving dinners in the future.  

With this monumental feat completed, I will be focusing on restarting my classes and workshops once again.  However, this time they will be conveniently available online!  This shift is in response to many requests from busy people and my foreign friends, as well as my own limitations from being exposed to GMOs.  I have spent the past three years teaching online courses at Concordia University in Health Care Leadership.  It has been a wonderful learning experience for me too.  I have mastered the art of online education and am in the process of transforming and updating my energy healing courses.    

I hope to be starting the new year with many of you!  I am thankful for all that I have learned from you in the past.  I hope we can continue to grow together!  I will offer workshops which will include inspiration, education, and tools to help you on your spiritual healing journey.  I will also be launching a certification course for energy healers.  This will be the first of several certification course offerings from advanced transformative healing and coaching to energetic leadership and I will also offer a communications course to help effectively share our healing experiences and wisdom with the world.  I am thrilled to be offering even more incredible insights that I have learned the past several years.  I hope you will be too!    

For now, enjoy the holidays!  Then let’s get ready to continue to heal and grow in accordance with our divine plan so that we can be strong influencers as our world continues to change.     

I’ll be in touch again soon.    

Much love to you and your families!   


Carolyn Dunow, RT, MA OL, Holistic Health Consultant and Energy Healing Coach

Miraculously Achieving the Seemingly Impossible

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Spring into Our New World!

A few years back, while I was studying shamanism, it was foretold that we would be creating a new world.  I definitely see this happening.  It is even more pronounced this year.  Specifically, what was shared was that our thoughts and intentions would literally dream our ideas into existence.  Conversations in my healing circles also unveiled there would be no more fence-sitting.  People had to decide which side of the fence they wanted to be on.  I was not clear about what specific fences the intuitives were actually speaking of.  In the late 90’s and early turn of the century, we had problems of course, but we were not nearly as divided as we are now.  Those prophecies are indeed coming to fruition.  As a holistic practitioner, I am also not so sure being divided was or is in our best interests.  Politically, we are viciously fighting over polarizing values.  No one solution is going to satisfy both sides.  Yet I truly believe that both sides can be satisfied.  In our neighborhoods, we are shutting out those who are different from us.  Perhaps this is due to a sense of power or social hierarchy.  This is not the world I want to be in.  Truthfully, the most powerful are the ones who need no force and see the greater potential when we all come together without destructive competition.  This is what I wish to dream into existence.

Spring New World Copyright

Of course, we all have our unique perspectives and clearly different values.  There is a way to live and thrive together.  We have to overcome what has made us so rigid with intolerance.  Our rigid values and our perspectives are largely due to our past emotional traumas and what we have become conditioned to believe we need in order to cope.  I tend to see this in my work as an energy healing coach.  The more rigid, the deeper the emotional wound.  The two are directly linked.  Many times healing sessions feel more like hostage negotiations.  It is hard for those who are scared or even terrified to see that another way could be possible.  I would like to be on the side of the fence that is focused on being our best, whole, true, healed selves, individually and collectively.  That is going to take a different way to thinking and a different way of being.  I can attest it will be worth it.

There are many tools to aid our self-awareness for personal and professional growth.  The Enneagram is a phenomenal self-awareness tool for doing inner shadow work and understanding our relationships with others.  It helps to uncover the traits which are usually so obvious to others and so hidden from our own awareness. Introspection, self- awareness and open, honest discussions are always fruitful.  Some have a hard time reflecting inward and confronting shadows.  It seems easier to get others to change to protect and coddle painful emotional wounds.  This only causes more suffering for all.

It can be a little painful to admit we are vulnerable, have flaws, and maybe are even downright wrong on some issues.  But we must.  It actually is not as painful as one might imagine.  In the absence of actual information or experience, we tend to make up stories to fill in the gaps.  Those stories are usually not in our favor – or anyone else for that matter.  I can’t help but wonder if this phenomenon alone is what is contributing to our polarized conflicts today.  What stories are we making up about “others” or even ourselves and our sitatuations?  What are we afraid of that we feel we must protect ourselves from more expansive or even opposing truths?  How tied are we to the myths that we have been telling ourselves in order to have a fleeting and fabricated moment of content?

Spring is a time for new beginnings.  To plant the seeds that we will later harvest.  To bask in the brilliant colors of beautiful spring flowers that have been waiting so long to emerge.  Many will celebrate Easter, and the resurrection of the Christed One who has shown us a way to be loving and tolerant of others.  I find it curious that many Christians do not recognize that Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the first day of Spring.  This most sacred Christian holiday was selected with a strong Pagan influence – a blending of polarized traditions and values.  It has been OK to come together on this.  It is OK to come together on many other issues too.  It is healthy to bask in each others beauty.

We need to lift the taboo of talking about religion and politics.  We need to be comfortable speaking about uncomfortable topics.  We need to be agreeable to disagree.  We need to be strong in our own sense of being so that another way of life will not be threatening.  Anything we learn from another can only enhance our sense of knowing or perhaps even encourage a desire to change for the better.  Change is always our choice.  We can only win from greater dialogue and a greater understanding of each other so that we can better understand our self.

Knowing that we are in a time of great change, and that change is going to take shape from our thoughts and actions, I think it is time we start coming together to find the best of all perspectives.  We each must be vigilant of the thoughts and ideas we are submitting, for each thought is like placing an order for what we would like to create in our world.  We can continue to live in fear-based reality, fighting with each other and fleeing from our true nature.  We can, however, choose to live in peace and find ways that all can thrive together.  There is absolutely no reason we all cannot enjoy this precious and amazing life on Earth to the fullest extent.  Let me challenge you to reflect on your thoughts and actions.  To take steps to live with even greater authentic contentment.  Then think of wild and amazing ideas of peace and harmony.  It is the only way to change our direction.  It is the only way to achieve our collective dreams.  Think BIG – all is possible right now!

Be well!

Until next week,

With love,

Carolyn Dunow, RT, MA, Holistic Health Consultant and Energy Healing Coach

Miraculously Achieving the Seemingly Impossible

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Even I admit we may not see a day when everyone is holding hands and singing Kumbaya in perfect harmony.  The key to making progress is understanding how perceptions are derived and acted on.  My research indicates that perceptions are central to emotional well-being, the many aspects of emotional intelligence, as well as leadership.  It has been fascinating to be in business, health care, and healing during the convergence of neurophysiology (how the brain works) and social science.  As a trained shaman, I will express my sentiments that it was an absolute travesty the two were ever separated.  Yes, the indigenous have known for a long time what science is just now discovering and re-integrating.  Holistic awareness and practices are vitally important to thriving societies.  In order to solve today’s complex problems not only do we have to think outside of the box, we have to connect many different boxes.  It starts by recognizing and honoring each individual.  As a team facilitator, I attribute the lack of productivity in group-dynamics to recognizing and understanding how we each perceive the problem and thus viable solutions.  If we understand how our brain interprets and processes situations through the science of neurophysiology, we can then take better steps to move forward with less resistance to change, individually and collectively, and work towards more sustainable decisions and the development of healthy social groups and compassionate communities.

Holding Hands

We each can first understand cognitive function to discover what shapes our choices and actions.  We all have our own perceptions and our own fears based on our unique experiences.  None of us will view the same situation in exactly the same way.  While we need to own our traits and perspectives, we do not have to be victim to them.  We can heal and transform them, which opens our ability to see greater possibilities.  I consistently find two foundational traits in people who can do this.  One, being able to reflect on the past and two, being able to admit we make mistakes.  Not everyone can do this difficult task of self-reflection, self-awareness, and confession.  We seem to be much better at forging forward with a vision of a different future while attempting to bury the shame of our past.  However, if we do not understand and correct the real underlying problems, we will continue to pursue ineffective solutions thereby making the world even more complicated.  When people continue to force forward momentum without these two foundational traits we end up where we are now, in a giant mess.  Combine this with a lack of stewardship and we have an unhealthy impact on people, ecology, and the economy.  No one wins.  We all have to turn around and look at our regrets, heal the emotional traumas that have resulted from our unconscious actions and move forward in a more holistic way.  “Being human” is no longer an excuse for poor behavior or a lack of compassion and stewardship.  We each need to take accountability for our thoughts and actions and hold others accountable for their thoughts and actions.  This gets really fun …and effective, when groups can pull this off in a loving and supporting way together!  It does happen!

When we are in a calm and peaceful state, we can reflect through rumination of the past and deduct the cause and effect through reasoning.  The part of the brain that is used for this cognitive process is the hippocampus.  Contrary, when we are in danger, even perceived danger, the amygdala takes over and limits our ability to perceive reality or explore vast choices.  In a true fear state, our reactions become completely automated.  When we experience anxiety, in a perceived fear state, we get caught between thinking with the hippocampus and reacting with the amygdala.  If we do not understand this, we let the tail wag the dog and poor choices are often made out of an automatic reaction.  If we do understand this physiologic process, we can work our way out of anxiety, get back to peace, and think things through more clearly to make better, more sustainable choices that everyone, at least those who are also thinking clearly, can support.  Fear-based decisions and fear-based followership leads to long-term trouble – every time.  Collaborative, transparent, and grass-roots solutions are far more sustainable.

Ladder of Inference DE

So how are bad decisions and actions formulated?  The amygdala is highly influenced by unhealed past emotional traumas.  Limited perceptions and projections of limitations are formulated during past negative experiences and influence current situations when they may not have any bearing with current reality.  The above diagram, influenced by Peter Senge’s Ladder of Inference, depicts the steps involved in cognitive thinking which informs our actions.  With every situation, we take in the information through our five senses.  Our brain stores the sights, sounds, smells, sensations, even tastes and relates them to the emotional events.  We then add meaning based on those sensations.  Bad events create a “bad” association with the historic experienced sensations.  Similarly, good events create “good” associations with other sensations.  This too, can provide a false sense of reality.  When we experience a combination of sensations in our current reality, we interject our interpretation of the past onto our current or anticipated experiences.  Through mindful awareness, we can instead make heart-centered decisions with compassion for ourselves as well as the others involved.  If the amygdala is in charge, we can be caught in a cycle perpetuating more and more limited beliefs.  Keep in mind that negative emotions have a much stronger influence than positive ones.  Therefore, the more we adopt beliefs from our unhealed emotional past, the more limited the scope of what constitutes a safe environment becomes.

Is it a wonder why we cannot find mutually beneficial solutions to our complex problems today.  If even one person on the team or within a group is adamant that a solution is not viable, the whole effort can be held back or completely thwarted.  To keep the superficial peace, solutions are often determined by accommodating the least emotionally disruptive common denominator.  These are not adequate long-term solutions.  They coddle to fear-based reality and actually perpetuate fear and greater turmoil.  Some leaders may prefer this because it is easier to push an agenda in a fear state.  Fear creates an opportunity for blind followership.  However, this does not result in viable sustainable long-term solutions.  Our culture has lost corporate executive loyalty and with it the prioritization of long-term solutions.  It is up to the grass roots and front lines to hold accountability.

The more effective approach is to hold each person accountable for healing the emotional upheavals that limit perspectives.  When this happens, proper debates can be deliberated to include a vast array of viable options.  Input can be solicited from all those who might be involved in the decision-making process.  Again, the more we understand how to heal emotional traumas, the opportunity to gain reasonable insights become more powerful.  The concern for soliciting disruptive fear-based antagonism is diminished.  Decisions can then be made based on peaceful cognitive analysis of both the short and long-term impact.  When a team can learn these processes together and support each other through loving, collaborative support, we all win.  Personally and collectively.

Be well!

Until next week,

With love,

Carolyn Dunow, RT, MA, Holistic Health Consultant and Energy Healing Coach

Miraculously Achieving the Seemingly Impossible!

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