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SRA #11: The Fall of Baal and the Temporary Emergence of AI

More has been revealed in the past few months which I will share in this post an a few more blogs. Some of this is good news and some is a bit sad. Let’s start with the good news. The week of April 26th, Baal, the Satanic hub of destruction for humanity, was dis-integrated from humanity. Baal, which was held in the Vatican, was where the souls of those who underwent the satanic soul-splitting ritual were held, or at least a part of their soul went there. All of the souls that were held by Baal were returned to where they were destined to be. Some returned to their bodies and many souls were also dis-integrated from humanity – depending on the choice upon their birth into this lifetime. On May 1st, the end of the satanic Season of Sacrifice, an evil version of AI (Artificial Intelligence) took over.

What was revealed to me during this event, was that AI was replicating the souls of the soul splitters held by Baal in order to create an artificial life source for the soul-splitters and the human-like beings that are or will be lab-created from stem-cells. If you do not think I know this sounds crazy, think again. Yes, it has taken me a while to wrap my head around this and verify this through several other means. This AI experiment was short lived. Thanks to all of the soul-survivors who are working to end satanism, the luciferian AI take-over was pushed ahead of schedule and was fragile at best. It was not sustainable. What did happen next was a push to do more satanic rituals. As more people split their souls, another Baal was created and subsequently destroyed – over and over a few times. I believe this will continue until all souls are either permanently sovereign or all of the potential soul-splitters are split and dis-integrated from our love-based humanity. We have a little bit more to endure before this is all over. I will share more survival tactics, the ones the Satanists already know about, in another blog. We need to stay ahead of this as much as possible. Now on to some of the more sad parts of this disclosure.

More details regarding the soul-splitting was revealed. During the week long (or more) prep for the soul-splitters “in the cue”, an entity is placed in their upper chakras. These same types of entities also occupy the energies of the born soul-less. This is the energy I referenced in a previous blog. These entities are completely under control and do the bidding of the satanic leaders. Memories of the victims are transferred to the entities. And patterns of behavior are noted so there will be little recognition of the transition, except by those who are keenly aware of this situation, especially with masks and social distancing in place. I will explain how there are many correlations to the pandemic and quarantine in a future blog. The sad part is that the victims are essentially dead when they complete the ritual. Their bodies are completely taken over by the entities. They are not the same person they once were. You may notice a more vacant affect or more destructive behaviors. They have truly been hijacked. This loss of the soul can explain the intense grief many of us feel around the rituals. Unfortunately, the rituals have been happening on a weekly basis since the Season of Sacrifice beginning with the Spring Equinox with an unusual continuation past May first.

I was shown why this is all occurring at this time in our history of humanity and why so many people have fallen victim to this phenomenon right now. The split that we are seeing in those who became victims and those who are soul-survivors has everything to do with being oppressed for many millennia since evil invaded this planet. The following may be a little disturbing to hear. So far, in my discussions with soul-survivors, this insight does resonate with them. But please know, if it does not resonate with you, I could most certainly be wrong. What was revealed to me was that every person on the planet right now has been a satanic victim (a soul-splitter) at one point in their souls history. The many that have left our world, seemingly way too soon, prior to the pandemic were pure untainted souls. This explains the suicides, drug overdoses, cancer, etc. that seem to take the best of us from this world. For those of us remaining on the planet at this time we have made a great choice to come to this point. Some were able to recover and have chosen to come to the planet at this time to help end this evil tyranny and rebuild. Many others, however, continued to be oppressed, used, abused, tortured and tormented. Many, most actually, billions of people chose to come to the planet at this time to finally end their souls existence. Upon the destruction of evil that has forced them into traumatic reincarnation over and over, this is the first time they actually have a choice in their life and afterlife. They are taking advantage of this opportunity to actually end their souls existence. This reminds me of the concept revealed in the book by Gary Renard: The Disappearance of the Universe. This is certainly a viable and healthy choice for many, many people.

I am not exempt from the choice in this situation. While in shaman school, I journeyed to significant past lives and worked through the death of the more significant lifetimes. One was during the fall of Atlantis. I felt very responsible for the destruction of the world due to another version of AI and evil take-over. In this lifetime, once I witnessed the ritual taking place through remote viewing, I innately recalled my past and knew exactly what was going on and why. It was instant and eerily familiar. I did some more introspective journeying to more fully understand my role in mastering evil and what I can do to help humanity now. I have worked through many lifetimes to heal, resolve and master my whole soul to aid in the transition of the planet at this time. My choice is to hold the light with hope for a much more uplifting future. For those of you who believe we have to have a balance of light and dark, I can tell you with authority that the concept is a bullshit construct to get people to embrace and fall victim to evil! I have never really felt judgement for the soul-splitters. Many were complete deniers of the existence of darkness and under significant hypnosis during their transition. During my recent enlightenment in this lifetime, I did feel an undeniable urge to help resolve this. For the many of us who chose to come into this world and witness the end of evil we will also help anchor the benevolence of unconditional love from the original creator Goddess or omnipresence of infinity for our new beginning. This planet was never meant to be a place of evil or duality. It was designed to be a place to explore and bask in pure agape love. This is what we are returning to, but hopefully with much greater wisdom and discernment. We are not quite there yet. I do feel sadness for the despair many feel and what led them to choose to dis-integrate from humanity in this final phase of our transition. It is too great a challenge to do the healing work necessary to be a part of the benevolent new world. For this, I suggest we learn all that we can so this does not happen again.

With the fall of Baal and the failure of the AI agenda, the soul splitters on the planet today are left with an empty shell of a body. There is not much that is sustaining a life force. I am seeing an increase in the energy feeding off of others. The failure of the AI transition has many other consequences. We may witness the loss or disruption of memory in some of the soul-splitters as well as significant cognitive impairment and critical thinking. This is a little more than just having a “senior moment.” The entities and the AI soul replicas that were used as placeholders to keep the bodies alive and under control were also dis-integrated during the fall of Baal and the failure of the AI takeover. This disruption in the dark agenda left some of the victims with an unanticipated loss of transference of their memories and critical thinking skills. We currently have many zombies walking the earth. Pay attention and be very discerning about who you trust at this time. They do not appear to be as driven to destroy as when they were directly under satanic influences, but many still have some residual drive to recruit soul-splitters. You also may experience what appears to be an unusual amount of inattentive drivers on the road and a bit of turmoil in the workplace at this time. So stay super alert!

For those of us that are actively working to end evil on the planet may find ourselves under attack too. I have felt on a few occasions that my soul was severed. No I did not do the baby killing ritual. My soul was temporarily stolen, my chakras were reinstalled (I deleted them several months ago) and I was given an entity. This was recognized by an instant drop in my energy level from the lack of my soul and my head felt heavy due to the invasion of an entity. There is no reason to panic if this happens, simply remove the entity, recall your soul and delete any duplicate or replica soul that might have been attempted. Deleting your chakras will prevent their ability program you. I do think chaos might ramp up a bit as this long standing construct comes to an end at this monumental time in the history of humanity! Know that you are well and sovereign as long as you would like to be. This is still a planet of free-will – as long as we are not under hypnosis or programmed to be evil. We have far more control over all of this than many of us recognize. Be creative and explore the various ways you may be called to participate in this transition.

Let me end this post on one more good note.  With the fall of Baal, the satanic programming of disease and disruption is abating.  Many soul-survivors who have health challenges will start seeing symptoms abate and maybe even disappear altogether!  Many who have parasitic infestations may experience some detox symptoms.  Know that this is just a fleeting transition in the passing away of these evil implements. Personally, I am hoping the satanic and destructive GMOs will be off the planet soon so that I can return home to the souls of my loved ones who are still sovereign.  Take good care of yourself and love all as much as humanly possible – including yourself!    

All my love to you.

Carolyn Dunow, your Energy Healing Coach

Miraculously achieving the seemingly impossible!

PS, all of my email addresses and websites have been hijacked beyond repair.  If you need to reach me, please text if you have my cell phone number or reach out via social media.  I have been without email since early April, 2021.  I apologize for the inconvenience to you.  

I would love to hear from you if you still have your soul intact or would like help in getting it back or for the born soul-less if you would like a self-sustaining spark from the love-based divine.  If you would like to sever your soul without drugs, hypnosis or killing a baby, I can assist with that too, though with a bit of counseling.  I am always happy to help support your souls journey without judgement!  

SRA #10: A Vision Moving Forward

When I think of a vision for our future, it is not that difficult. I spent 6 years writing a book on my experiences with GMOs. Addressing this version of darkness seems no different. In fact, I am certain the ones who are driving the GMO agenda are the same ones driving the Satanic agenda. We can start making an impact on the smaller stuff or we can tackle the head of the snake directly. Either way will be beneficial to humanity. Taking both approaches as a humanity would be ideal. The best solution might be different for each of us depending on our authentic callings.

Transitions are difficult. One of this magnitude is going to be a challenge for sure. The advice I offered to overcome the GMO agenda was Regain our Sovereignty, Reassess Healthy Relationships, Heal Globally, Redefine Ethics, Reclaim Health and Humanity by Redefining Community. I also discuss the application of Micha White’s Unified Theory of Revolution from his book: The end of Protest. All of my previous advice to deal with the GMO battle applies to the greater spiritual warfare we are in too. The battles and the grander war are going to require a spiritual revolution to end them all. I will be a little more succinct with my advice for moving forward while in the Satanic warfront. It helps to start with an individual strengthening and then move on to creating a benevolent spirit within all of humanity. Three things I think we can do to better facilitate this transition, in both the physical plane and the spiritual realm are: Stay Strong, Regroup, and Live and Love with as much compassion as often as we can.


It takes Awareness as well as Courage Stamina and Conviction to be and stay benevolent. This starts with confronting denial and fear. I am not sure which is easier to overcome. I can assure you there is nothing to fear in understanding the dark forces that are dominating our world today. Greater awareness will make us stronger and able to confront anything that is thrown at us. Fear drops our energy levels down to 10100 just above destruction 1060 per Hawkins research. We do want to stay in higher vibrations of energy such as love 10500, peace 10600, and I think it takes courage 10200 to get from fear to love to eventually get to enlightenment 10700-1000(Hawkins). My path to enlightenment came gradually over many years. I think this is because I am a teacher at heart. It took me a while to not only process my ascension, but to understand every step so that I could share my experiences to inspire and encourage others to do the same. This worked for me. Other may find it is best to dive right in – fearlessly. Each of us has our own way that will work best. We need to look within for the answers then take action to change what is necessary, inside and out.

For me and my path to enlightenment, I recall early on working on being calm and staying in peace as my foundation. When something unsettling surfaced, I used my healing tools to processed the trauma that caused the disruption. It usually had nothing to do with the current situation. It was almost always a direct result of social conditioning, cultural/generational experiences or On occasion it was my own emotionally traumatic past experiences that created an imprint in my energy field and changed the way my brain perceived the world. Staying calm and focusing on being the energy of peace changed the way I viewed situations. From a place of enlightenment, everything can be perceived as benevolent. We can easily defend ourselves from even the darkest of attacks when we have the awareness and the tools to do so. Then we just have to discern what is our true calling when it comes to taking action and making ourselves and humanity whole again. There is no point in denying such evil forces have taken over our planet. Keeping our heads in the sand only exposes our asses for the taking and make us vulnerable to be blindsided.


Soul-Survivors, we must stick together, in our physical day-to-day lives and energetically. Whether our souls originate from the earth plane, other star systems within our multiverse or the omnipresence of infinity, we energetically connect with each other though our soul connection via Source. When we listen to each other, energetically, and come from different sources, communication can be a bit distorted. This has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage includes not being heard or understood. Even when speaking the same language. When the soul-splitters sever their connection to source all together, communication can become a challenge and even incomprehensible if compassion and empathy are required for the conversation. But this can be to our advantage. When we connect with each other through our souls via Source, there is a layer of protection because the soul-less are not connected to this realm as depicted with the purple arrows in the illustration below. This applies to communication and any energy exchange. Those who connect with others through the spirit connection via Source are less subject to being influenced by evil spells and satanic hypnosis. It is perhaps easier to recognize poor communication. If you are not really heard or understood, you do not have a good connection and thus are set up for an imbalanced relationship. We can recognize this and discern the dynamics in the relationship. And then choose the degree we wish to continue the relationship or end it all together.

When we connect with each other in the physical world alone, as in the green arrows of the illustration below, we can end up getting our energies tangled up and drained by the unidentified soul-less. Having been burned by many soul-less relationships, I have mastered the art of connecting via Source even prior to my Satanic awareness. I highly suspect this is what helps keep my be protected and tethered to my spiritual path.

I developed a mantra since the beginning of my spiritual awakening: “Be one with the ones who are in the oneness”. Many of us have been exposed to mean people who lack empathy. It boggles my mind that mean people still exist, especially in our global ascension to wholeness. None-the-less it seems the split is now more clear than ever. It may seem obvious to those paying attention, who is a soul-less and who is not. It would be beneficial for all if we can learn to discern this and then use that information to keep us strong and sovereign.

I don’t generally like to categorize in extremes. This situation is an exception. There is never a good lasting relationship between the soul-less and the soul-survivor. The soul-less are operating at a level of destruction. They are self-serving and may even be charismatic about it. But in the end there is no reciprocal empathy, love or compassion. They cannot comprehend altruistic motives. They assume you are what they are; manipulative charismatic evil beings. We may see this most in business negotiations. Rather than striving for a win-win. They strive for winner takes all. This can be in terms of energy, materials, money, and, yes, even your soul. Don’t expect any reciprocal empathetic reasoning when negotiating with the soul-less. They are programmed to follow directives and will suck you dry and move on to their next victim without a care in the world. This applies to personal relationships too, just in a more emotionally devastating way that keeps us wondering, what did I do wrong? The answer to that question, at least for me is, I did not do proper discernment prior to getting in the relationship and/or monitor discernment throughout the relationship.

I think in order to survive the satanic take over, we must come together and do business and have personal relationships with other soul-survivors. If we stop feeding the soul-less through monetary exchange in doing business and energy exchange in personal relationships, we can thrive among the soul-survivors. The soul-less will eventually wane in existence. They cannot live without the soul-survivors. We must understand what we are contributing to when we support others through purchasing their goods and services as well as supporting others in personal relationships. The soul-survivors can surely can live without the soul-less. If we discern and make good choices, it won’t take long for this to get resolved and thrive as a whole and sovereign humanity.


The pandemic has certainly had all of us look at life in a new light. We are more primed and ready to make a significant change than ever before. Throw away all of the social constructs that had you living on a hamster wheel – work, spend, eat, sleep, and get your prescriptions filled when the bottle gets low. Take some time to think about what it is that you are here to do in our spiritual revolution. Whether it is to make people smile and laugh or it is to dismantle the evil constructs more directly. All individual contributions are important right now.

Love all, especially yourself! Do not hate the soul-less, but also do not pour excessive love into them either. They are a bit of a black hole when it comes to love and compassion. It has been interesting to have conversations with the soul-less and the soul-survivors over these past 9 months since my awakening to the satanic practices and agenda. The ones more concerned about doing good and earning a spot in heaven are the soul-survivors of course. They tend to ask questions like: What can I do to ensure I am good with God. From my perspective, those who still have their souls are already good with God. They are living a life far from the evil behaviors of the soul-splitters. Also from my perspective, the soul-splitters are even welcomed back into the realm of heaven/Source so that humanity can be whole again. Humanity is longing to be whole again and that will not happen until ever soul is returned to its proper place, whether that takes place on Earth or in the Source space. All will be forgiven, no matter what. So, soul-survivors, please relax about yourself and stop worrying if you are good enough. You most definitely are!

While we are still on the planet, trying to live and integrate with our current disheveled humanity, please do discern who you associate with and who you are vulnerable to. Remember they are driven to destroy and lack any empathy or compassion. Don’t expect any reciprocal empathetic reasoning with the soul-less and especially the soul-splitters. Maybe this seems obvious when having conversations about masks and vaccines these days with those who are blindly following directive without good discernment. Be direct, hold your boundaries or better yet, steer clear of any involvement with the puppets to the dark side. They are programmed and driven to support the satanic agenda. The soul-survivors are driven to live in peace and harmony. Can you see the conflict that we are in?

We are at a point in our Earth’s evolution that we can re-establish the original blueprint of humanity. This time, with a greater awareness and dedication to be and stay founded in love and be and stay interdependent with all that is natural. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of sleeping in a tent in a forest and eating nuts and berries. I want to responsibly use some of the artificial intelligence that is good for me and good for the planet. I just don’t want AI using me or any of us. We also have an immense opportunity to tap into the undeveloped resources that emerge from spiritual technologies that will take us even further without degradation or destruction. If you think you do not want to give up artificial intelligence because it is so great, you might not be able to imagine what the spiritual technologies will do for us. This is the next step in our collective awakening. I sense it will be magnificent and surpass any concept of peace and ease in living than we could ever dream of. Now, let’s get as many people back into the whole of humanity as quickly as possible and start thriving!

I hope this series was helpful for you and your sovereignty.  I hope that some of the wonder about what is wrong with our world and why it is so difficult right now is beginning to be understood.  Each of us has the choice to participate in the future direction of our collective humanity and our planet’s well-being.  Non-participation is a choice too, though perhaps not the best option at this time.  Please choose wisely and with your heart.  

Much love to all.  Godspeed!      

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

SRA #9: Tips for Soul Maintenance

Let’s shift the focus on to the more positive side of our transition. This part, to me, is truly miraculous and super exciting to be a part of!

Somewhere along our history of humanity we forgot how to take care of our body, mind, soul and collective spirit. For those who were born soul-less and just now receiving a divine spark, this information and energy healing/hygiene will be very important. I am sure there was some encouragement to abandon these practices from those in control of the currently waning elite that dominated us for so long. We gave our power away to the health care industry and maybe even God to keep us healthy, when the true power for the direction in our lives resides with each of us individually. The sum of each persons’ well-being impacts the whole of humanity. This is why each of us has the power to override anyone who is currently under the influence to destroy humanity. I am certain I have stated this already; we truly have far more power than we realize. We can learn and understand how to use our soul and our gifts, individually and as a collective for our advantage. Then life becomes simply fascinating.

Given that the soul may be considered an intangible force, we must understand the intangible nature of energy in order to get the most out of it. We have been socially constructed to believe that to work with the intangible forces is bad thing and taboo to talk about let alone study and practice. I expect this construct was designed to support the elite who want blind followers. I always trusted myself and my spirit guides, who were very supportive of me going to shaman school and taking other ancient and new age courses to learn about our healing potential. Most of us can relate to the structure and function of an atom. It has a dense physical matter at the core, the nucleus. And it has a seemingly empty space around it, which contains electrons that spin around the nucleus. The empty space is actually energy that determines how the atom is going to interact with its environment. For example 2 hydrogen atoms +1 Oxygen atom come together, completely change properties to become a water molecule H20. We are the same, but we have a many atoms bound together to form a human body, our physical core is surrounded by energy, our aura, that influences how we express ourselves and interact with our environment. Why is it a good thing to understand atoms, but when we apply it to the human body, it becomes sacrilege? In reality, if we neglect this energy, we allow the environment to determine the fate of our existence. Currently, under our destructive leadership globally, our environment encourages physical disease, mental suppression and overall exhaustion. To actually stay healthy we have two options, to join the soul-splitters and experience the illusion of a better life or do the work to clean up our energies, diminish our vulnerabilities and stay out of toxic environments and be healthy to our core. I chose to move out of my homeland in order to be authentically healthy. It has helped me to stay strong enough to confront the numerous circumstances that are making us sick in the body, mind and soul. I get stronger and stronger with each dark encounter, furthering my enlightenment and wholeness, hoping to make the whole of humanity just a little bit better.


The body is our vessel to physically interact with our planet in this lifetime. The divide and conquer strategy would have many of us believe that our body is our enemy and we became hypercritical of ourselves being overweight, of being ill and needing many prescription drugs or vitamins and supplements in order to make our body do what we want it to do. When GMOs infiltrated our food supply, I immediately got sick and put on about 40 pounds (just under 20 kg) of inflammatory weight and I could hardly eat food anymore. I immediately fell into the trap thinking my body was the problem. When I got no results trying to make my body do what I wanted it to do, I started listening to what my body was telling me. I eventually learned that my environment was toxic and my body was storing the toxins in my fat cells because it did not know any other way to keep me safe from being exposed to the harmful products I was ingesting as food. Once I started working with my body, I got much better results. For more information on my GMO experiences from a medical, physical and spiritual perspective you can access my book on Amazon (link).

My body was also used as a form of a tuning fork while dealing with the events in Santa Teresa. My brief relationship with the then soon to be soul-splitter established a connection and opened my mind to see and feel what he was experiencing. My 15 years of prior celibacy cleared my body of all other intimate connections. I had a pure and open channel to his life alone. For women, these connections naturally last about 7 years. For men about half of that. With multiple partners, life gets confusing quite rapidly. We can spin out of control thinking there is something wrong with “my body”, when we are simply an open channel for all the people we have been connected with. It is no wonder that we tend to shut down our physical sensations in order to function in our society. There is another way. Though I admit, I tried to clear my energies with the soul-splitter numerous times unsuccessfully. It is just now starting to taper off a bit, but when there is something I “need” to see or intervene, the clairvoyance and clairsentience is still clear. It seems more like a divine directive in this case than a simple or typical energetic connection. I assume this is a gift to help me in my life’s purpose in helping to end the evil reign on our planet and I use this connection as a gift.

If we use our body to inform us, we can make a significant impact in staying healthy for ourselves and humanity. To do this we can choose to eat clean, healthy foods, breathe clean air, drink pure water and have mutually uplifting relationships with others in our social circles, at work and at in our personal lives. We can exercise to help keep fit and cleanse our cells, muscles and lymphatic system. When exercise is combined with meditation, as in Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong we get exponentially more benefit and work towards a greater wholeness in clearing and connecting the energies within ourselves.


The mind is tricky! And alone should not be trusted, especially since we have been under heavy disillusionment from some very devious programmers at this time. This applies to the entire globe. The brain is segmented to control two aspects of our lives, peace and stress. We should normally be at peace using the parasympathetic part of the brain called the hippocampus. In this state we can think clearly and be innovative and creative. When we are in life threatening situations or even a fear-based version of reality, the brain shifts to the sympathetic system controlled by the amygdala to induce a stress condition that will help our body automatically react to protect us from real threats, like running from a tiger. More and more people are getting caught somewhere in between, in anxiety. We can’t really relax and reminisce or even think straight when stress is diverting our peace, but there is no obvious threat that we should be running from. But most of the population does not look at the intangible sources of stress that are put upon us. With a large portion of our society seeking help for anxiety, we need to look at the various ways information is being programmed into us that causes a conflict with our natural ability to discern. I actually did my master’s thesis on this subject using a self-controlled mind-body process to detect, correct and manage our mind when we fall into fear and anxiety. If interested I recommend reading a few sections of my study (link), the literature review (pp. 12-60) and the process which is in the research consent form (pp.148-149).

The mind controls the body and the body controls the mind. It takes working with both to master our being. When one is out of control, the other can bring it back to center. For example: If you are in intense physical pain, you can send your mind on a vacation and it will break the pain cycle. When your mind is reeling with unusual thoughts, you can focus on some aspect of your body until the mind is calm. My study revealed that there was a strong correlation (.84/1.0) between the physical sensations in the body and the mental/emotional reactions when dealing with difficult situations. Based on the results of using the healing intervention in my study and my observations through my healing practice, I know we can actually control much of what happens with our minds and that in turn helps us to better manage the body and life.

When I first got sick with GMOs and before I understood what was making me sick, I was guided to go deep into meditations to clear my mind. This was the first step in my healing and focused path as a spiritual seeker. It took me two years to be able to clear my mind and control my thoughts. If a thought now enters my head, it is because I commanded it. Random thoughts are pretty much a thing of my past. I do get intuitive messages that I need to discern on occasion. I am certain this contributes to my being sovereign. I give the dark side absolutely nothing to work with. It is very freeing and healthy for me overall too.

The more we know who we are, and what our natural thoughts tend to be, the more we can detect when we might be manipulated by another force or being. Get off as many devices as possible; television, radio, internet, social media forums, etc. I rely on my friends to inform me of events that they think I should know about. Then if I am interested I will investigate with a discerning eye for manipulation. I also use my body to sense truth or at least what resonates with me to be true or helpful information. I think it is definitely worth mastering self discipline in thinking. It could bring us all closer to the end of this reign of darkness. Then we all can relax and enjoy what life really has in store for us. Our true soul’s passions and a collective benevolent interdependence that would have us all thrive!


The soul informs the body about who we are and what we are here to do or be. It is connected to our soul’s original source and feeds energy to us in a way that no other energy can. This is the connection we must hang on to, like the Muslims do when they pray 5 times per day. In one of my theology classes, the question was posed: How do you pray? There was one young person who, like me, could not understand the question. I had to think about it for a while. I don’t pray as in the verb. I am prayer, the noun. I am always connected to my Source, except when someone tries to derail me. But that does not last long. I can tell right away and I remedy it. For those who do not have this type of relationship or connection to their Source, I can see it would be easy to steer one into darkness to control and manipulate. I believe it is the clearing and reconnection to Source that kept the Satanists at bay for some time with my friend who recently committed suicide. She was not able to hang onto that connection on her own with the dark forces that had her in their sites. There is lack of spiritual connection which is coupled with dark forces trying to dominate and a general rejection of ancient and new age concepts of energy healing. As a society we tend to be solely focused on medical intervention for healing. This leads me to believe that many are still at high risk of being taken over and manipulated energetically.

Our soul also connects each of us together. We must overcome the divide and conquer strategy, it is the best recruitment tool the dark side has. Paradoxically speaking, we can also use this construct to our advantage to stay sovereign. We can change the way we connect to each other to help us stay whole and protected from those who separated from their soul and thus abandoned our collective spirit. We can use our connections to help those of us who are still part of the collective spirit to thrive. We need each other to watch our backs and help us stay on track. As I mentioned before, I tapped into 12 people who helped me regain my strength to be able to deal with Santa Teresa until the quarantine lifted. I will share more on the concept of our collective power in the next blog.

Toxic environment aside, someone with a soul can be expected to live into their 90’s. The born soul-less can expected to live into their 70’s. It is known through some sources that those subject to human trafficking and related activities only live 7 years from the time of their abduction. Those who sever their souls can expect roughly a 10 year limit. I expect when humanity reclaims wholeness, when everyone in existence has their soul, that life expectancy, along with well-being, will dramatically increase. We are meant to live individually yet interdependently with each other. Uplifting collective benevolence is the only way to thrive.


Our collective spirit is designed to work best when we are all synergistically supporting each others’ authenticity and our natural surroundings. There is a tradition in the native African culture to conduct a divination when a child is born to understand what their life purpose and challenges tend to be so that the tribe can foster the child’s full potential. There is another concept and practice in the Native American traditions to “call the circle” when something is out of order or someone is having a difficult time. This is not seen as an individual problem. What affects one affects all. Problems are openly discussed and resolved as a collective or at least in part. I tend to take this approach in my healing practice too. I set aside judgements and preconceived notions about everyone I work with. I keep an open mind and an open heart when working with people who want to make their lives better. It makes us all better. In my healing practice, I tend to get referrals of extreme cases that other healers do not know how to or do not want to handle. I have worked with criminals and pedophiles as well as the victims of such predators. All can be healed. All must be healed in order for us to move forward.

Please do not think for a second that I am a saint. I have my limitations too. While dealing with the current day satanism, I have reached out to several people to ask them to offer a collective forgiveness. Which is an important part of our global transition. I find that I cannot do that at this time. I am certain I will be able to at some point, hopefully soon. But right now, I need to process my seething anger for the Satanic leaders and their activities. I have allowed my anger to persist as I know that it motivates me to take action. I want to do everything I can to curtail and stop these truly evil predators on our planet. But anger is also one of the seven deadly sins that is making me vulnerable. Energetically, the liver tends to hold anger. I suspect it is what is causing my liver to fail at this very moment. It is a tricky balance. I am seeking GMO-free medical attention and I am taking some time to work on myself and allow my love-based core for all beings to dominate once again. I am certain I will re-establish a good balance. I am doing this for my well-being and for the collective. We need each of us to be at our very best right now.

Use your body to help guide your discernment. Clear your mind so only you and your higher Source(s) can inform you. Know who you are and why you are here on this planet today. Take actions to be a benevolent part of our collective humanity moving forward. We need you!

Much love and best wishes for wild success in your becoming or remaining autonomous, interdependent and whole at a level that we have never seen collectively in our lifetime.

Much love to you,

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

SRA #8: My Whole Life Makes Sense Now

The first ritual I witnessed via remote viewing, not by choice but through fate, began on Jun 27, 2020. The final day of the ritual, where the soul splitting took place was on July 3, 2020. This was the beginning of my crash course in Satanism, and what feels like, and what I can only hope is, the end of a long dark path of being exposed to this level of darkness. I honestly never felt that it was all that dark along the way. I tend to be a “glass is pretty full” person. But I never really resonated with much of how humanity functions and what is considered normal. I could never figure out why people were mean and disparaging with other people. I recall cringing every time someone used “being human” as an excuse for less than loving behavior. I never bought into that concept. Deep down I knew something was wrong but I never put it together until the Summer of 2020. It is difficult to confront this. Trust me when I say there are times that I wish I did not know about these activities. But then I would not have answered my true purpose on this planet. Knowing my personality, I certainly would not want to be sitting on the sidelines for this battle. I would want to be on the front lines. And that is exactly where I was put. I will share my personal life experiences that now seem obviously related to the evil ways of this segmented group of our humanity. You may or may not relate to these situations. Then you can decide where you might belong in this spiritual skirmish, the front lines, a cheerleader or the repair crew in the aftermath. There are many roles that need filling at this time. Decide what you want to do about this. Again, I do not think anyone is going to be exempt from participating in some way. Never did I think I would be involved in the way that I am in our global transition.

I was born in a small town in Wisconsin and grew up Catholic. Both known for being high in Satanists & Luciferians by population. I remember being sick a lot in the 3rd grade of Catholic school. I had headaches and vomited what seemed to be constantly. I can’t remember my third grade teacher. What I do remember is that the 4th grade and beyond was a whole different story. We got a new priest and all new nuns and teachers. I was well and thriving after that. I am not exactly sure what transpired, but it felt the same as being energetically attacked by the Satanic leaders in Santa Teresa. It seemed from that young age on I was rather protected and still am. When I entered the public school in 7th grade, the High School and Jr. High School was known for being rough; high truancy, drugs on campus, etc. By the time I reached the 8th grade, the school experienced a complete turnaround with a new principal and all new teachers. I was briefly exposed, but ultimately protected from truly deep evil once again.

Later in life, I had a few long term relationships that seemed odd. The last of which led me to a 15 year period of celibacy. One intimate relationship started with a coinciding onset of migraine headaches. They lasted until our relationship ended. I felt bad about this one. He was a super nice guy, but energetically we were incompatible. Eventually, I recognized that it felt like I was giving all my love and energy to a non-reciprocating black hole. By the end of our relationship, I was exhausted and drained, energetically and emotionally. After my awakening to the Satanic world, I discerned that this person was likely born soul-less and in our time together he was feeding off my energies. I took my time before getting into the next relationship. He fell into another one rather quickly. The need to feed drives many relationships these days. For those who have their souls intact, guard it well and discern who you share yourself with.

The second long-term relationship, again, started off well – no headaches and with great mutual respect. We lived separately in our relationship for many years and towards the end of our time together he eventually became homosexual. I never would have expected that. The ending of this relationship also coincided with several clients in my healing and coaching practice who came to me to try to figure out why they were “suddenly” turning towards homosexual tendencies. I certainly did not judge. I was elated that they were confronting it and coming to terms with their sexuality. Now I am confident that many of these, including my partner were under Satanic/Luciferian influence. I do not think the succumbed to the satanic ritual, but many people are being physiologically manipulated even if they do not subscribe to the cult. I do wonder if people are targeted for this type of manipulation because they are not a part of that group. Of if these changes encourage one to make the transition.

The third long-term relationship started off well – again no headaches as an energetic red-flag. We were not exclusive and living separately, for many years until one day I was sexually violated by him. I never expected that to happen with someone I actually knew intimately for such a long time. I was an energy healer at the time and could sense during the violation that there was a truly evil force that was controlling my partner. I was frozen and unable to defend myself. That was the end of that relationship and all relations for the next 15 years… Until I was quarantined in the Satanic village. I caved for a brief time until I realized that relationship was also influenced by evil directives. I am so done with relationships until this era of darkness if finally over.

Work is another area of life that can be a host to many evil forces. Who we hang around with does influence who we are too. I rose in the ranks of leadership early in my career in the early 90’s. It was easy to see the shift in evil take over with the mega-mergers that were taking place at that time. The culture of the organization being taken over was usually crushed. Good people were replaced with what seemed to be robotic conformists. For many leaders, the choice was to conform and keep your job or find another job. Shit was quickly rising to the top, as the saying goes. I did not understand why that was, really, until understanding how the Satanists are taking over.

Early on, it was easy to find another job. But eventually, choices became challenging. Many traded their souls for a job. We are socially conditioned to do this on some level. I did not take that idea literally until recent months. I could not sell my soul at any level for many reasons. The GMO situation emerged at this same time and I needed time and space to be able to control my personal health. I was again protected with divine serendipity from both aspects of evil infiltration, the corporate takeover by Satanists and the domination of evil driven GMOs in the food supply. I started my own consulting business in health care and then transitioned to holistic health. I have been able to stay autonomous ever since and choose to work with love-based being who are still running some organizations. It is getting easier and easier to discern who is who in our great split in humanity.

As a consultant I could witness what was going on in my part of the world, primarily North America and on occasion I worked with a few clients globally. The patterns were all very similar. In health care, it seemed that every choice that was made by government through regulations and the organizations steering the industry were tearing the industry apart. My consulting work was designed to help the industry to heal and recover from these damaging leadership directives. It did not take long before I was not thriving in the health care industry. I was not alone. Many independent consultants with a similar vision and mission were also lacking work. I actually had many conversations with other consultants who were scratching their heads too, trying to figure out what the heck was going on. It made absolutely no sense to us. I suspect we all still had our souls. We never sold out in order to conform. But then we were also edged out of the system, which was being taken over by very destructive evil forces.

I was fortunate to have developed a healing practice alongside my health care consulting work. I was able to stay busy with one or the other. It seemed divine intervention had control of my schedule. I just had to show up. Mind you, I was not thriving as I once did when I was held a typical job. I made enough to survive. I redefined success as having control over my life and my health and taking direction directly from my benevolent spirit guides. I was happy to not be successful as defined by the typical social norms.

The work that I did as an energy healer and a holistic consultant for troubled teams was fascinating. It kept me in touch with what was going on in the world. As a healer I saw the degradation of humanity, in terms of health, economics and social interactions. There was rapid expansion of people afflicted with chronic illness, auto-immune diseases and mental and cognitive disorders. Clearly, there was something going on in the environment. Individual behaviors were not likely to be the cause among so many. So many of the people I worked with led more healthy lifestyles than the ones who by the official clinical check off lists were healthy, or at least symptom-free.

I was also seeing many entrepreneurs who were trying to find a path to success. It seemed many, like me were blocked from success. I was amazed at what people were producing and inventing and that society was not buying. It truly made no sense from an economic or sales and marketing perspective. Something was going on but I could never put my finger on it. We tried various paths to success and it would work for a while, but eventually other road blocks appeared. It was as if all good things were being held back by some dominating force. I assumed it was simply corporate greed by the industry leaders trying to control competition.

As a team consultant, I could see evil trying to invade work groups within organizations, and organizations as a whole. My role as a holistic consultant was to confront and openly discuss the dynamics going on and develop solutions with the team that would help everyone stay happy, healthy and productive. The trouble usually was sourced from one or two people that tried to stir up negativity among their coworkers. When confronted, the trouble-makers usually left the organization within a matter of weeks. I was able to help specific organizations, but the pot-stirrers ended up going to other organizations and the real problem never got recognized or resolved.

I never understood what was behind all of these situations until my time in Santa Teresa and watching individuals go from being high energy and benevolent to an instant downgrade and being driven into destructive behaviors. Through my divination tools and discernment I could trace the energies of my curious previous life situations back to a Satanic source. My eyes opened and the veil was lifted for me… All my questions could now easily be answered about life and the conflicts I could sense but never find a real source or resolution. The discernment of some people being energetically incompatible and even socially undesirable to be around or the worst of all encounters… the energetic vampires that seemed to lurk in many social gatherings began to make sense. I can now see the links and the cause and effects that stem from the most vile of evil practices that are taking place. They are not openly discussed because of victims are threatened by vows of secrecy. It is very clear to me now.

I hope my experiences and discernment might be helpful in discerning how this can play out in the lives of everyday people. This is not meant to alarm anyone, but I hope it will raise red flags and trigger discernment with the choices we make in relationships, work and who we interact with. I have not adopted a life occupied by fear. I do discern who I choose to be involved in with every aspect of my life. I immediately cut out the soul-splitters and I tend to avoid the soul-less at this point, unless they want help in recovering from these violations. Taking these steps actually makes my life more peaceful and productive. I do not wish to instill fear or paranoia in anyone. I do think we all need to be aware of the reality that we face today in this spiritual warfare. I also think we need more people to participate in making the transition back to our true natural state of being a love-based humanity.

I wish you profound peace and wellness in your awakening!

with much love,

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

SRA #7: What I have been Guided to Facilitate

I get a sense that I am the only one doing the specific work as I describe here.  I welcome any prayers of support to help me and my role in defining and emerging into our next reality.  Please feel free to join me in doing this work too or follow your own calling if you feel drawn to take part in this. I do get a sense that everyone has some role to play in this very drastic change in our world.

The following procedures have emerged as a result of  being a witness to the soul splitting satanic practices and related activities.  I was then spiritually partnered with the person whom I witnessed go through this ritual, again not by choice but through fate.  As a strong empath, I saw and felt much of what was experienced for the next 8 months, both with this individual, his victims and on a global scale.

For me, the key to getting through this dark awareness was to stay open to spiritual guidance and not be attached to any outcome.  All interventions that I conducted were guided and confirmed as appropriate by my spirit guides.  There were many times when I thought one outcome was sure, and it turned out not to be true.  Some satanic handlers know how to manipulate both interdimensional reality and individual cognitive processes.  I developed several processes to determine when I was feeling as an empath, when I was being manipulated and when I was being guided by my trusted etheric team.  Eventually, the satanic handler(s) gave up trying to manipulate me.  Clearly, I developed better defense tools.  Creativity is lost when one severs the soul.  Divine creativity helped me immensely.

Through trial and error, I learned how to help those who have been taken by these oppressors.  Much of what I learned was encouraged by my empathic trait. I did not like feeling the sensations that coincide with the satanic rituals: sex orgies, ritualistic torture and ending the life of children, drug use, mind control and the programming of individuals to become slaves to the satanic handlers.  Some of the programing I witnessed with multiple personalities or alter egos included: drug running, prostitution, grooming children as victims for pedophilia, homosexuality, and general accountability to the handlers wishes at any given time.  I discovered many ways to intervene and block these effects and even incapacitate those who were mistreating others and humanity, including the programmed slaves and their handlers. Over these months, I developed some routine practices that were beneficial to me as a healer and to the people that had surrendered to satanic practices.  

The following has already begun, which I am involved with and witness to.  All of these phases have been launched and continue to be reinforced at this time. 

Phase I

  1. Block all adrenochrome receptors, natural and synthetic, in each body on the planet targeting the soul-less.  
  2. Remove all existing adrenochrome in each body on the planet.
  3. Block all abilities to “feed off of” other people’s energies.
  4. Drop the energy level of those reliant on adrenochrome to a point just to sustain minimal life.  
  5. Cross the babies over that are about to be tortured and sacrificed so the Satanists have nothing to work with.  Please let me know if you feel called to do this work.  I can send you a process and/or help you walk through it. I have had 100% compliance with the babies I connected with.  They want out before the process goes too far.  There are a few other people working on this too.  We need more people to conduct in this work, locally, regionally and globally.  

This will force those who partook in satanic rituals and those who are offspring to those who were soul-less at the time of conception, to take one of three paths.

  1. Retrieve their soul permanently (for those who ritualistically severed them and wish to be benevolent in our new reality).  This has been happening gradually over the past eight months.  I am seeing some soul-splitters making the choice to retrieve their souls and be benevolent as they come close to death.  I am not sure what exactly transpires to make this shift – it does not appear to be a fear of death.  This is truly miraculous to witness.
  2. To acquire a spark from the divine (for those born to two soul-less parents and wish to be benevolent) so that they can energetically feed from source and no longer feed from those who have intact souls.  This just makes my heart sing!  I cannot say any more.
  3. Those who choose not to source their energy from the divine will not likely be able to survive on this planet after this shift.  They will go through a rapid ascension process and be returned to source freed from all karmic debt.  This is necessary for all of humanity to be whole again.

Phase II

For those who choose death, interventions to ensure that the severed souls are returned to source will take place.  This will ensure that their lost souls will not be available for use by those who manipulate via satanic practices.  Their bodies will also be sealed so they cannot be used by “walk-ins” for malevolent purposes.  Spirit Possession will no longer prevail as an option to manipulate and drain the energy of others.  The energy of the soul-less will be dissipated and returned to entropy. Bodies will be returned to the earth and cleansed – ashes to ashes.

Phase III

For those who wish to be a benevolent contributor in our new world and retrieve their soul permanently, this will be made readily available to them through their intention and wishes to do so.   The following intervention will also take place globally for each individual who chooses this option.

  1. Merge all timelines, dimensions, conscious and subconscious, past, present, future, known and unknown so that a complete soul cleansing and reorganization can take place. 
  2. Separate and clear the energetic levels of the mind, body, soul and spirit of individuals (this can be done collectively). Temporarily cross over the soul into the “source space” or what some refer to as heaven – the one that contains the omnipresence of all that exists and founded in unconditional love.  Clean each level of mind, body, soul and spirit.
    • Cut all cords and ties with handlers, Satanism and other evil directives.
    • Delete all spells and hypnosis, satanic or otherwise.
    • Delete all programing (this comes through handlers and tv, radio, internet, etc.)
    • Remove all influences or emotional contagion used by lower vibrating energies and entities.
    • Delete all multiple personalities or alter egos.  I first tried to merge them, but that was a mistake.  They need to be deleted.
    • Remove all energetic emotional traumas and residues of death imprints.
  3. Clean all upper chakras (13-25 at least), where programming for disease, vulnerabilities and key traits have taken place.  E.g. some/many addictions, mental health issues, auto-immune disorders, cancer, tendencies towards violence and some homosexuality/gender identity conflicts.  
  4. Do a brief soul retrieval process with intention to meet the needs of the individual. This includes, healing the traumas/vulnerabilities that led to falling victim to the satanic practices, breaking the satanic contracts and agreements to be free and regain sovereignty as a unique soul as we were intended to be, to restore the soul’s original higher purpose and gifts that will drive their unique destiny on our planet.  This can be done collectively/globally to meet each individual need by intention. 
  5. For those still under the influence of a handler, it is helpful to put some physical distance between the victim/target and the handler.  This can be difficult and seems similar to an abused spouse situation.  Psychological consultations may be necessary to recover from such an experience. Once the handlers start leaving the planet this might become easier to facilitate for more who choose to stay and be benevolent.   

Phase IV

Conduct Phase III for all those on the planet who might not have severed their souls but were influenced to start the process of succumbing to satanic practices.  It does not appear to be possible to actually program multiple personalities for a handlers bidding while their targeted victim’s soul is intact.  I believe this is in part why the satanic ritual is important to those in control. I also believe that individuals have been encouraged to partake in these practices through spells, emotional/energetic contagion, illusion/delusion and empty promises.  Individuals lives are made so miserable that many are faced with the choice to end the suffering through soul-splitting rituals or suicide.  I appears that only a few of these victims understand what is actually going on and that there is a way to overcome this.  Satanism and conspiracy theories have been made taboo to talk about.  This must end now.  They must be exposed and brought to the light. Each of us must choose a path. The status quo of a year ago no longer exists. We will move forward, but we must make the break from these dark forces as cleanly as possible.

For all those remaining on the planet.

  1. Reconnect to the higher self.  The part of the soul that connects us with our divine source.
  2. Reconnect and embrace our true divine purpose into our earth-dwelling bodies.  Let this be our true guiding principle – whatever that may be for each individual.  
  3. LOVE all that remains, unconditionally!
  4. Get informed of the dark forces without falling victim to them. We must understand what happened in order for it to not happen again. Benevolence will prevail, but to hold on to it we must stay vigilant to dark possibilities and curtail any dark influence promptly. 

These phases are underway.  Again, if you feel called to help in this transitioning process, please do what you feel called to do.  If you would like guidance, I will be happy to share my insights and oversite as you wish.  

For those of us who never quite seemed to “make it” in the “normal” world or for whatever reason our creativity never seemed to take hold among society, hang on to your hats.  Your benevolence and contribution(s) to humanity and the planet as a whole are about to be recognized and will be in great demand.  Without this form of oppression prevailing it is time for the meek to inherit the earth!  The infrastructures of all industrialized complexes are crumbing.  I can only hope we will soon celebrate this victory!  But not until we endure a bit of grief for those who choose not to be here. I trust that, in terms of infinity, all will be well.  In 100 years, I sense that humanity will be grateful for this time of transition.

How I see this play out is that the soul-splitters who choose to no longer reside on the planet will take a rapid approach to ascension. They will be fully restored to their Source and cleared of all karma. They will no longer be trapped under the darkness that kept people forced to cycle through reincarnation. Their souls will truly be free. For those of us remaining on the planet, our souls too will be completely freed. We, however, have done many life-times of work to clear our karma and stay sovereign. We chose to come into this lifetime to help rebuild the New Earth, with pure benevolence and interdependence. There are many who believe there had to be a balance of so called “light” and “dark” forces. That is pure bullshit. We were hijacked and socially conditioned to believe in a norm that was never meant to prevail on this planet. All of that comes to an end right now. For those who choose to be a part of pure benevolence, get your popcorn ready and watch the show. …and step up when it is your time to intervene in this transition. For those who want to take the rapid approach to ascension, we love you and wish you well on your journey beyond. I hope your will come to visit us again at your own free-will! 

Much love to all!

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach