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SRA #7: What I have been Guided to Facilitate

March 17, 2021

I get a sense that I am the only one doing the specific work as I describe here.  I welcome any prayers of support to help me and my role in defining and emerging into our next reality.  Please feel free to join me in doing this work too or follow your own calling if you feel drawn to take part in this. I do get a sense that everyone has some role to play in this very drastic change in our world.

The following procedures have emerged as a result of  being a witness to the soul splitting satanic practices and related activities.  I was then spiritually partnered with the person whom I witnessed go through this ritual, again not by choice but through fate.  As a strong empath, I saw and felt much of what was experienced for the next 8 months, both with this individual, his victims and on a global scale.

For me, the key to getting through this dark awareness was to stay open to spiritual guidance and not be attached to any outcome.  All interventions that I conducted were guided and confirmed as appropriate by my spirit guides.  There were many times when I thought one outcome was sure, and it turned out not to be true.  Some satanic handlers know how to manipulate both interdimensional reality and individual cognitive processes.  I developed several processes to determine when I was feeling as an empath, when I was being manipulated and when I was being guided by my trusted etheric team.  Eventually, the satanic handler(s) gave up trying to manipulate me.  Clearly, I developed better defense tools.  Creativity is lost when one severs the soul.  Divine creativity helped me immensely.

Through trial and error, I learned how to help those who have been taken by these oppressors.  Much of what I learned was encouraged by my empathic trait. I did not like feeling the sensations that coincide with the satanic rituals: sex orgies, ritualistic torture and ending the life of children, drug use, mind control and the programming of individuals to become slaves to the satanic handlers.  Some of the programing I witnessed with multiple personalities or alter egos included: drug running, prostitution, grooming children as victims for pedophilia, homosexuality, and general accountability to the handlers wishes at any given time.  I discovered many ways to intervene and block these effects and even incapacitate those who were mistreating others and humanity, including the programmed slaves and their handlers. Over these months, I developed some routine practices that were beneficial to me as a healer and to the people that had surrendered to satanic practices.  

The following has already begun, which I am involved with and witness to.  All of these phases have been launched and continue to be reinforced at this time. 

Phase I

  1. Block all adrenochrome receptors, natural and synthetic, in each body on the planet targeting the soul-less.  
  2. Remove all existing adrenochrome in each body on the planet.
  3. Block all abilities to “feed off of” other people’s energies.
  4. Drop the energy level of those reliant on adrenochrome to a point just to sustain minimal life.  
  5. Cross the babies over that are about to be tortured and sacrificed so the Satanists have nothing to work with.  Please let me know if you feel called to do this work.  I can send you a process and/or help you walk through it. I have had 100% compliance with the babies I connected with.  They want out before the process goes too far.  There are a few other people working on this too.  We need more people to conduct in this work, locally, regionally and globally.  

This will force those who partook in satanic rituals and those who are offspring to those who were soul-less at the time of conception, to take one of three paths.

  1. Retrieve their soul permanently (for those who ritualistically severed them and wish to be benevolent in our new reality).  This has been happening gradually over the past eight months.  I am seeing some soul-splitters making the choice to retrieve their souls and be benevolent as they come close to death.  I am not sure what exactly transpires to make this shift – it does not appear to be a fear of death.  This is truly miraculous to witness.
  2. To acquire a spark from the divine (for those born to two soul-less parents and wish to be benevolent) so that they can energetically feed from source and no longer feed from those who have intact souls.  This just makes my heart sing!  I cannot say any more.
  3. Those who choose not to source their energy from the divine will not likely be able to survive on this planet after this shift.  They will go through a rapid ascension process and be returned to source freed from all karmic debt.  This is necessary for all of humanity to be whole again.

Phase II

For those who choose death, interventions to ensure that the severed souls are returned to source will take place.  This will ensure that their lost souls will not be available for use by those who manipulate via satanic practices.  Their bodies will also be sealed so they cannot be used by “walk-ins” for malevolent purposes.  Spirit Possession will no longer prevail as an option to manipulate and drain the energy of others.  The energy of the soul-less will be dissipated and returned to entropy. Bodies will be returned to the earth and cleansed – ashes to ashes.

Phase III

For those who wish to be a benevolent contributor in our new world and retrieve their soul permanently, this will be made readily available to them through their intention and wishes to do so.   The following intervention will also take place globally for each individual who chooses this option.

  1. Merge all timelines, dimensions, conscious and subconscious, past, present, future, known and unknown so that a complete soul cleansing and reorganization can take place. 
  2. Separate and clear the energetic levels of the mind, body, soul and spirit of individuals (this can be done collectively). Temporarily cross over the soul into the “source space” or what some refer to as heaven – the one that contains the omnipresence of all that exists and founded in unconditional love.  Clean each level of mind, body, soul and spirit.
    • Cut all cords and ties with handlers, Satanism and other evil directives.
    • Delete all spells and hypnosis, satanic or otherwise.
    • Delete all programing (this comes through handlers and tv, radio, internet, etc.)
    • Remove all influences or emotional contagion used by lower vibrating energies and entities.
    • Delete all multiple personalities or alter egos.  I first tried to merge them, but that was a mistake.  They need to be deleted.
    • Remove all energetic emotional traumas and residues of death imprints.
  3. Clean all upper chakras (13-25 at least), where programming for disease, vulnerabilities and key traits have taken place.  E.g. some/many addictions, mental health issues, auto-immune disorders, cancer, tendencies towards violence and some homosexuality/gender identity conflicts.  
  4. Do a brief soul retrieval process with intention to meet the needs of the individual. This includes, healing the traumas/vulnerabilities that led to falling victim to the satanic practices, breaking the satanic contracts and agreements to be free and regain sovereignty as a unique soul as we were intended to be, to restore the soul’s original higher purpose and gifts that will drive their unique destiny on our planet.  This can be done collectively/globally to meet each individual need by intention. 
  5. For those still under the influence of a handler, it is helpful to put some physical distance between the victim/target and the handler.  This can be difficult and seems similar to an abused spouse situation.  Psychological consultations may be necessary to recover from such an experience. Once the handlers start leaving the planet this might become easier to facilitate for more who choose to stay and be benevolent.   

Phase IV

Conduct Phase III for all those on the planet who might not have severed their souls but were influenced to start the process of succumbing to satanic practices.  It does not appear to be possible to actually program multiple personalities for a handlers bidding while their targeted victim’s soul is intact.  I believe this is in part why the satanic ritual is important to those in control. I also believe that individuals have been encouraged to partake in these practices through spells, emotional/energetic contagion, illusion/delusion and empty promises.  Individuals lives are made so miserable that many are faced with the choice to end the suffering through soul-splitting rituals or suicide.  I appears that only a few of these victims understand what is actually going on and that there is a way to overcome this.  Satanism and conspiracy theories have been made taboo to talk about.  This must end now.  They must be exposed and brought to the light. Each of us must choose a path. The status quo of a year ago no longer exists. We will move forward, but we must make the break from these dark forces as cleanly as possible.

For all those remaining on the planet.

  1. Reconnect to the higher self.  The part of the soul that connects us with our divine source.
  2. Reconnect and embrace our true divine purpose into our earth-dwelling bodies.  Let this be our true guiding principle – whatever that may be for each individual.  
  3. LOVE all that remains, unconditionally!
  4. Get informed of the dark forces without falling victim to them. We must understand what happened in order for it to not happen again. Benevolence will prevail, but to hold on to it we must stay vigilant to dark possibilities and curtail any dark influence promptly. 

These phases are underway.  Again, if you feel called to help in this transitioning process, please do what you feel called to do.  If you would like guidance, I will be happy to share my insights and oversite as you wish.  

For those of us who never quite seemed to “make it” in the “normal” world or for whatever reason our creativity never seemed to take hold among society, hang on to your hats.  Your benevolence and contribution(s) to humanity and the planet as a whole are about to be recognized and will be in great demand.  Without this form of oppression prevailing it is time for the meek to inherit the earth!  The infrastructures of all industrialized complexes are crumbing.  I can only hope we will soon celebrate this victory!  But not until we endure a bit of grief for those who choose not to be here. I trust that, in terms of infinity, all will be well.  In 100 years, I sense that humanity will be grateful for this time of transition.

How I see this play out is that the soul-splitters who choose to no longer reside on the planet will take a rapid approach to ascension. They will be fully restored to their Source and cleared of all karma. They will no longer be trapped under the darkness that kept people forced to cycle through reincarnation. Their souls will truly be free. For those of us remaining on the planet, our souls too will be completely freed. We, however, have done many life-times of work to clear our karma and stay sovereign. We chose to come into this lifetime to help rebuild the New Earth, with pure benevolence and interdependence. There are many who believe there had to be a balance of so called “light” and “dark” forces. That is pure bullshit. We were hijacked and socially conditioned to believe in a norm that was never meant to prevail on this planet. All of that comes to an end right now. For those who choose to be a part of pure benevolence, get your popcorn ready and watch the show. …and step up when it is your time to intervene in this transition. For those who want to take the rapid approach to ascension, we love you and wish you well on your journey beyond. I hope your will come to visit us again at your own free-will! 

Much love to all!

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

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