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SRA #8: My Whole Life Makes Sense Now

March 18, 2021

The first ritual I witnessed via remote viewing, not by choice but through fate, began on Jun 27, 2020. The final day of the ritual, where the soul splitting took place was on July 3, 2020. This was the beginning of my crash course in Satanism, and what feels like, and what I can only hope is, the end of a long dark path of being exposed to this level of darkness. I honestly never felt that it was all that dark along the way. I tend to be a “glass is pretty full” person. But I never really resonated with much of how humanity functions and what is considered normal. I could never figure out why people were mean and disparaging with other people. I recall cringing every time someone used “being human” as an excuse for less than loving behavior. I never bought into that concept. Deep down I knew something was wrong but I never put it together until the Summer of 2020. It is difficult to confront this. Trust me when I say there are times that I wish I did not know about these activities. But then I would not have answered my true purpose on this planet. Knowing my personality, I certainly would not want to be sitting on the sidelines for this battle. I would want to be on the front lines. And that is exactly where I was put. I will share my personal life experiences that now seem obviously related to the evil ways of this segmented group of our humanity. You may or may not relate to these situations. Then you can decide where you might belong in this spiritual skirmish, the front lines, a cheerleader or the repair crew in the aftermath. There are many roles that need filling at this time. Decide what you want to do about this. Again, I do not think anyone is going to be exempt from participating in some way. Never did I think I would be involved in the way that I am in our global transition.

I was born in a small town in Wisconsin and grew up Catholic. Both known for being high in Satanists & Luciferians by population. I remember being sick a lot in the 3rd grade of Catholic school. I had headaches and vomited what seemed to be constantly. I can’t remember my third grade teacher. What I do remember is that the 4th grade and beyond was a whole different story. We got a new priest and all new nuns and teachers. I was well and thriving after that. I am not exactly sure what transpired, but it felt the same as being energetically attacked by the Satanic leaders in Santa Teresa. It seemed from that young age on I was rather protected and still am. When I entered the public school in 7th grade, the High School and Jr. High School was known for being rough; high truancy, drugs on campus, etc. By the time I reached the 8th grade, the school experienced a complete turnaround with a new principal and all new teachers. I was briefly exposed, but ultimately protected from truly deep evil once again.

Later in life, I had a few long term relationships that seemed odd. The last of which led me to a 15 year period of celibacy. One intimate relationship started with a coinciding onset of migraine headaches. They lasted until our relationship ended. I felt bad about this one. He was a super nice guy, but energetically we were incompatible. Eventually, I recognized that it felt like I was giving all my love and energy to a non-reciprocating black hole. By the end of our relationship, I was exhausted and drained, energetically and emotionally. After my awakening to the Satanic world, I discerned that this person was likely born soul-less and in our time together he was feeding off my energies. I took my time before getting into the next relationship. He fell into another one rather quickly. The need to feed drives many relationships these days. For those who have their souls intact, guard it well and discern who you share yourself with.

The second long-term relationship, again, started off well – no headaches and with great mutual respect. We lived separately in our relationship for many years and towards the end of our time together he eventually became homosexual. I never would have expected that. The ending of this relationship also coincided with several clients in my healing and coaching practice who came to me to try to figure out why they were “suddenly” turning towards homosexual tendencies. I certainly did not judge. I was elated that they were confronting it and coming to terms with their sexuality. Now I am confident that many of these, including my partner were under Satanic/Luciferian influence. I do not think the succumbed to the satanic ritual, but many people are being physiologically manipulated even if they do not subscribe to the cult. I do wonder if people are targeted for this type of manipulation because they are not a part of that group. Of if these changes encourage one to make the transition.

The third long-term relationship started off well – again no headaches as an energetic red-flag. We were not exclusive and living separately, for many years until one day I was sexually violated by him. I never expected that to happen with someone I actually knew intimately for such a long time. I was an energy healer at the time and could sense during the violation that there was a truly evil force that was controlling my partner. I was frozen and unable to defend myself. That was the end of that relationship and all relations for the next 15 years… Until I was quarantined in the Satanic village. I caved for a brief time until I realized that relationship was also influenced by evil directives. I am so done with relationships until this era of darkness if finally over.

Work is another area of life that can be a host to many evil forces. Who we hang around with does influence who we are too. I rose in the ranks of leadership early in my career in the early 90’s. It was easy to see the shift in evil take over with the mega-mergers that were taking place at that time. The culture of the organization being taken over was usually crushed. Good people were replaced with what seemed to be robotic conformists. For many leaders, the choice was to conform and keep your job or find another job. Shit was quickly rising to the top, as the saying goes. I did not understand why that was, really, until understanding how the Satanists are taking over.

Early on, it was easy to find another job. But eventually, choices became challenging. Many traded their souls for a job. We are socially conditioned to do this on some level. I did not take that idea literally until recent months. I could not sell my soul at any level for many reasons. The GMO situation emerged at this same time and I needed time and space to be able to control my personal health. I was again protected with divine serendipity from both aspects of evil infiltration, the corporate takeover by Satanists and the domination of evil driven GMOs in the food supply. I started my own consulting business in health care and then transitioned to holistic health. I have been able to stay autonomous ever since and choose to work with love-based being who are still running some organizations. It is getting easier and easier to discern who is who in our great split in humanity.

As a consultant I could witness what was going on in my part of the world, primarily North America and on occasion I worked with a few clients globally. The patterns were all very similar. In health care, it seemed that every choice that was made by government through regulations and the organizations steering the industry were tearing the industry apart. My consulting work was designed to help the industry to heal and recover from these damaging leadership directives. It did not take long before I was not thriving in the health care industry. I was not alone. Many independent consultants with a similar vision and mission were also lacking work. I actually had many conversations with other consultants who were scratching their heads too, trying to figure out what the heck was going on. It made absolutely no sense to us. I suspect we all still had our souls. We never sold out in order to conform. But then we were also edged out of the system, which was being taken over by very destructive evil forces.

I was fortunate to have developed a healing practice alongside my health care consulting work. I was able to stay busy with one or the other. It seemed divine intervention had control of my schedule. I just had to show up. Mind you, I was not thriving as I once did when I was held a typical job. I made enough to survive. I redefined success as having control over my life and my health and taking direction directly from my benevolent spirit guides. I was happy to not be successful as defined by the typical social norms.

The work that I did as an energy healer and a holistic consultant for troubled teams was fascinating. It kept me in touch with what was going on in the world. As a healer I saw the degradation of humanity, in terms of health, economics and social interactions. There was rapid expansion of people afflicted with chronic illness, auto-immune diseases and mental and cognitive disorders. Clearly, there was something going on in the environment. Individual behaviors were not likely to be the cause among so many. So many of the people I worked with led more healthy lifestyles than the ones who by the official clinical check off lists were healthy, or at least symptom-free.

I was also seeing many entrepreneurs who were trying to find a path to success. It seemed many, like me were blocked from success. I was amazed at what people were producing and inventing and that society was not buying. It truly made no sense from an economic or sales and marketing perspective. Something was going on but I could never put my finger on it. We tried various paths to success and it would work for a while, but eventually other road blocks appeared. It was as if all good things were being held back by some dominating force. I assumed it was simply corporate greed by the industry leaders trying to control competition.

As a team consultant, I could see evil trying to invade work groups within organizations, and organizations as a whole. My role as a holistic consultant was to confront and openly discuss the dynamics going on and develop solutions with the team that would help everyone stay happy, healthy and productive. The trouble usually was sourced from one or two people that tried to stir up negativity among their coworkers. When confronted, the trouble-makers usually left the organization within a matter of weeks. I was able to help specific organizations, but the pot-stirrers ended up going to other organizations and the real problem never got recognized or resolved.

I never understood what was behind all of these situations until my time in Santa Teresa and watching individuals go from being high energy and benevolent to an instant downgrade and being driven into destructive behaviors. Through my divination tools and discernment I could trace the energies of my curious previous life situations back to a Satanic source. My eyes opened and the veil was lifted for me… All my questions could now easily be answered about life and the conflicts I could sense but never find a real source or resolution. The discernment of some people being energetically incompatible and even socially undesirable to be around or the worst of all encounters… the energetic vampires that seemed to lurk in many social gatherings began to make sense. I can now see the links and the cause and effects that stem from the most vile of evil practices that are taking place. They are not openly discussed because of victims are threatened by vows of secrecy. It is very clear to me now.

I hope my experiences and discernment might be helpful in discerning how this can play out in the lives of everyday people. This is not meant to alarm anyone, but I hope it will raise red flags and trigger discernment with the choices we make in relationships, work and who we interact with. I have not adopted a life occupied by fear. I do discern who I choose to be involved in with every aspect of my life. I immediately cut out the soul-splitters and I tend to avoid the soul-less at this point, unless they want help in recovering from these violations. Taking these steps actually makes my life more peaceful and productive. I do not wish to instill fear or paranoia in anyone. I do think we all need to be aware of the reality that we face today in this spiritual warfare. I also think we need more people to participate in making the transition back to our true natural state of being a love-based humanity.

I wish you profound peace and wellness in your awakening!

with much love,

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

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