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SRA #9: Tips for Soul Maintenance

March 22, 2021

Let’s shift the focus on to the more positive side of our transition. This part, to me, is truly miraculous and super exciting to be a part of!

Somewhere along our history of humanity we forgot how to take care of our body, mind, soul and collective spirit. For those who were born soul-less and just now receiving a divine spark, this information and energy healing/hygiene will be very important. I am sure there was some encouragement to abandon these practices from those in control of the currently waning elite that dominated us for so long. We gave our power away to the health care industry and maybe even God to keep us healthy, when the true power for the direction in our lives resides with each of us individually. The sum of each persons’ well-being impacts the whole of humanity. This is why each of us has the power to override anyone who is currently under the influence to destroy humanity. I am certain I have stated this already; we truly have far more power than we realize. We can learn and understand how to use our soul and our gifts, individually and as a collective for our advantage. Then life becomes simply fascinating.

Given that the soul may be considered an intangible force, we must understand the intangible nature of energy in order to get the most out of it. We have been socially constructed to believe that to work with the intangible forces is bad thing and taboo to talk about let alone study and practice. I expect this construct was designed to support the elite who want blind followers. I always trusted myself and my spirit guides, who were very supportive of me going to shaman school and taking other ancient and new age courses to learn about our healing potential. Most of us can relate to the structure and function of an atom. It has a dense physical matter at the core, the nucleus. And it has a seemingly empty space around it, which contains electrons that spin around the nucleus. The empty space is actually energy that determines how the atom is going to interact with its environment. For example 2 hydrogen atoms +1 Oxygen atom come together, completely change properties to become a water molecule H20. We are the same, but we have a many atoms bound together to form a human body, our physical core is surrounded by energy, our aura, that influences how we express ourselves and interact with our environment. Why is it a good thing to understand atoms, but when we apply it to the human body, it becomes sacrilege? In reality, if we neglect this energy, we allow the environment to determine the fate of our existence. Currently, under our destructive leadership globally, our environment encourages physical disease, mental suppression and overall exhaustion. To actually stay healthy we have two options, to join the soul-splitters and experience the illusion of a better life or do the work to clean up our energies, diminish our vulnerabilities and stay out of toxic environments and be healthy to our core. I chose to move out of my homeland in order to be authentically healthy. It has helped me to stay strong enough to confront the numerous circumstances that are making us sick in the body, mind and soul. I get stronger and stronger with each dark encounter, furthering my enlightenment and wholeness, hoping to make the whole of humanity just a little bit better.


The body is our vessel to physically interact with our planet in this lifetime. The divide and conquer strategy would have many of us believe that our body is our enemy and we became hypercritical of ourselves being overweight, of being ill and needing many prescription drugs or vitamins and supplements in order to make our body do what we want it to do. When GMOs infiltrated our food supply, I immediately got sick and put on about 40 pounds (just under 20 kg) of inflammatory weight and I could hardly eat food anymore. I immediately fell into the trap thinking my body was the problem. When I got no results trying to make my body do what I wanted it to do, I started listening to what my body was telling me. I eventually learned that my environment was toxic and my body was storing the toxins in my fat cells because it did not know any other way to keep me safe from being exposed to the harmful products I was ingesting as food. Once I started working with my body, I got much better results. For more information on my GMO experiences from a medical, physical and spiritual perspective you can access my book on Amazon (link).

My body was also used as a form of a tuning fork while dealing with the events in Santa Teresa. My brief relationship with the then soon to be soul-splitter established a connection and opened my mind to see and feel what he was experiencing. My 15 years of prior celibacy cleared my body of all other intimate connections. I had a pure and open channel to his life alone. For women, these connections naturally last about 7 years. For men about half of that. With multiple partners, life gets confusing quite rapidly. We can spin out of control thinking there is something wrong with “my body”, when we are simply an open channel for all the people we have been connected with. It is no wonder that we tend to shut down our physical sensations in order to function in our society. There is another way. Though I admit, I tried to clear my energies with the soul-splitter numerous times unsuccessfully. It is just now starting to taper off a bit, but when there is something I “need” to see or intervene, the clairvoyance and clairsentience is still clear. It seems more like a divine directive in this case than a simple or typical energetic connection. I assume this is a gift to help me in my life’s purpose in helping to end the evil reign on our planet and I use this connection as a gift.

If we use our body to inform us, we can make a significant impact in staying healthy for ourselves and humanity. To do this we can choose to eat clean, healthy foods, breathe clean air, drink pure water and have mutually uplifting relationships with others in our social circles, at work and at in our personal lives. We can exercise to help keep fit and cleanse our cells, muscles and lymphatic system. When exercise is combined with meditation, as in Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong we get exponentially more benefit and work towards a greater wholeness in clearing and connecting the energies within ourselves.


The mind is tricky! And alone should not be trusted, especially since we have been under heavy disillusionment from some very devious programmers at this time. This applies to the entire globe. The brain is segmented to control two aspects of our lives, peace and stress. We should normally be at peace using the parasympathetic part of the brain called the hippocampus. In this state we can think clearly and be innovative and creative. When we are in life threatening situations or even a fear-based version of reality, the brain shifts to the sympathetic system controlled by the amygdala to induce a stress condition that will help our body automatically react to protect us from real threats, like running from a tiger. More and more people are getting caught somewhere in between, in anxiety. We can’t really relax and reminisce or even think straight when stress is diverting our peace, but there is no obvious threat that we should be running from. But most of the population does not look at the intangible sources of stress that are put upon us. With a large portion of our society seeking help for anxiety, we need to look at the various ways information is being programmed into us that causes a conflict with our natural ability to discern. I actually did my master’s thesis on this subject using a self-controlled mind-body process to detect, correct and manage our mind when we fall into fear and anxiety. If interested I recommend reading a few sections of my study (link), the literature review (pp. 12-60) and the process which is in the research consent form (pp.148-149).

The mind controls the body and the body controls the mind. It takes working with both to master our being. When one is out of control, the other can bring it back to center. For example: If you are in intense physical pain, you can send your mind on a vacation and it will break the pain cycle. When your mind is reeling with unusual thoughts, you can focus on some aspect of your body until the mind is calm. My study revealed that there was a strong correlation (.84/1.0) between the physical sensations in the body and the mental/emotional reactions when dealing with difficult situations. Based on the results of using the healing intervention in my study and my observations through my healing practice, I know we can actually control much of what happens with our minds and that in turn helps us to better manage the body and life.

When I first got sick with GMOs and before I understood what was making me sick, I was guided to go deep into meditations to clear my mind. This was the first step in my healing and focused path as a spiritual seeker. It took me two years to be able to clear my mind and control my thoughts. If a thought now enters my head, it is because I commanded it. Random thoughts are pretty much a thing of my past. I do get intuitive messages that I need to discern on occasion. I am certain this contributes to my being sovereign. I give the dark side absolutely nothing to work with. It is very freeing and healthy for me overall too.

The more we know who we are, and what our natural thoughts tend to be, the more we can detect when we might be manipulated by another force or being. Get off as many devices as possible; television, radio, internet, social media forums, etc. I rely on my friends to inform me of events that they think I should know about. Then if I am interested I will investigate with a discerning eye for manipulation. I also use my body to sense truth or at least what resonates with me to be true or helpful information. I think it is definitely worth mastering self discipline in thinking. It could bring us all closer to the end of this reign of darkness. Then we all can relax and enjoy what life really has in store for us. Our true soul’s passions and a collective benevolent interdependence that would have us all thrive!


The soul informs the body about who we are and what we are here to do or be. It is connected to our soul’s original source and feeds energy to us in a way that no other energy can. This is the connection we must hang on to, like the Muslims do when they pray 5 times per day. In one of my theology classes, the question was posed: How do you pray? There was one young person who, like me, could not understand the question. I had to think about it for a while. I don’t pray as in the verb. I am prayer, the noun. I am always connected to my Source, except when someone tries to derail me. But that does not last long. I can tell right away and I remedy it. For those who do not have this type of relationship or connection to their Source, I can see it would be easy to steer one into darkness to control and manipulate. I believe it is the clearing and reconnection to Source that kept the Satanists at bay for some time with my friend who recently committed suicide. She was not able to hang onto that connection on her own with the dark forces that had her in their sites. There is lack of spiritual connection which is coupled with dark forces trying to dominate and a general rejection of ancient and new age concepts of energy healing. As a society we tend to be solely focused on medical intervention for healing. This leads me to believe that many are still at high risk of being taken over and manipulated energetically.

Our soul also connects each of us together. We must overcome the divide and conquer strategy, it is the best recruitment tool the dark side has. Paradoxically speaking, we can also use this construct to our advantage to stay sovereign. We can change the way we connect to each other to help us stay whole and protected from those who separated from their soul and thus abandoned our collective spirit. We can use our connections to help those of us who are still part of the collective spirit to thrive. We need each other to watch our backs and help us stay on track. As I mentioned before, I tapped into 12 people who helped me regain my strength to be able to deal with Santa Teresa until the quarantine lifted. I will share more on the concept of our collective power in the next blog.

Toxic environment aside, someone with a soul can be expected to live into their 90’s. The born soul-less can expected to live into their 70’s. It is known through some sources that those subject to human trafficking and related activities only live 7 years from the time of their abduction. Those who sever their souls can expect roughly a 10 year limit. I expect when humanity reclaims wholeness, when everyone in existence has their soul, that life expectancy, along with well-being, will dramatically increase. We are meant to live individually yet interdependently with each other. Uplifting collective benevolence is the only way to thrive.


Our collective spirit is designed to work best when we are all synergistically supporting each others’ authenticity and our natural surroundings. There is a tradition in the native African culture to conduct a divination when a child is born to understand what their life purpose and challenges tend to be so that the tribe can foster the child’s full potential. There is another concept and practice in the Native American traditions to “call the circle” when something is out of order or someone is having a difficult time. This is not seen as an individual problem. What affects one affects all. Problems are openly discussed and resolved as a collective or at least in part. I tend to take this approach in my healing practice too. I set aside judgements and preconceived notions about everyone I work with. I keep an open mind and an open heart when working with people who want to make their lives better. It makes us all better. In my healing practice, I tend to get referrals of extreme cases that other healers do not know how to or do not want to handle. I have worked with criminals and pedophiles as well as the victims of such predators. All can be healed. All must be healed in order for us to move forward.

Please do not think for a second that I am a saint. I have my limitations too. While dealing with the current day satanism, I have reached out to several people to ask them to offer a collective forgiveness. Which is an important part of our global transition. I find that I cannot do that at this time. I am certain I will be able to at some point, hopefully soon. But right now, I need to process my seething anger for the Satanic leaders and their activities. I have allowed my anger to persist as I know that it motivates me to take action. I want to do everything I can to curtail and stop these truly evil predators on our planet. But anger is also one of the seven deadly sins that is making me vulnerable. Energetically, the liver tends to hold anger. I suspect it is what is causing my liver to fail at this very moment. It is a tricky balance. I am seeking GMO-free medical attention and I am taking some time to work on myself and allow my love-based core for all beings to dominate once again. I am certain I will re-establish a good balance. I am doing this for my well-being and for the collective. We need each of us to be at our very best right now.

Use your body to help guide your discernment. Clear your mind so only you and your higher Source(s) can inform you. Know who you are and why you are here on this planet today. Take actions to be a benevolent part of our collective humanity moving forward. We need you!

Much love and best wishes for wild success in your becoming or remaining autonomous, interdependent and whole at a level that we have never seen collectively in our lifetime.

Much love to you,

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

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