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SRA #10: A Vision Moving Forward

March 25, 2021

When I think of a vision for our future, it is not that difficult. I spent 6 years writing a book on my experiences with GMOs. Addressing this version of darkness seems no different. In fact, I am certain the ones who are driving the GMO agenda are the same ones driving the Satanic agenda. We can start making an impact on the smaller stuff or we can tackle the head of the snake directly. Either way will be beneficial to humanity. Taking both approaches as a humanity would be ideal. The best solution might be different for each of us depending on our authentic callings.

Transitions are difficult. One of this magnitude is going to be a challenge for sure. The advice I offered to overcome the GMO agenda was Regain our Sovereignty, Reassess Healthy Relationships, Heal Globally, Redefine Ethics, Reclaim Health and Humanity by Redefining Community. I also discuss the application of Micha White’s Unified Theory of Revolution from his book: The end of Protest. All of my previous advice to deal with the GMO battle applies to the greater spiritual warfare we are in too. The battles and the grander war are going to require a spiritual revolution to end them all. I will be a little more succinct with my advice for moving forward while in the Satanic warfront. It helps to start with an individual strengthening and then move on to creating a benevolent spirit within all of humanity. Three things I think we can do to better facilitate this transition, in both the physical plane and the spiritual realm are: Stay Strong, Regroup, and Live and Love with as much compassion as often as we can.


It takes Awareness as well as Courage Stamina and Conviction to be and stay benevolent. This starts with confronting denial and fear. I am not sure which is easier to overcome. I can assure you there is nothing to fear in understanding the dark forces that are dominating our world today. Greater awareness will make us stronger and able to confront anything that is thrown at us. Fear drops our energy levels down to 10100 just above destruction 1060 per Hawkins research. We do want to stay in higher vibrations of energy such as love 10500, peace 10600, and I think it takes courage 10200 to get from fear to love to eventually get to enlightenment 10700-1000(Hawkins). My path to enlightenment came gradually over many years. I think this is because I am a teacher at heart. It took me a while to not only process my ascension, but to understand every step so that I could share my experiences to inspire and encourage others to do the same. This worked for me. Other may find it is best to dive right in – fearlessly. Each of us has our own way that will work best. We need to look within for the answers then take action to change what is necessary, inside and out.

For me and my path to enlightenment, I recall early on working on being calm and staying in peace as my foundation. When something unsettling surfaced, I used my healing tools to processed the trauma that caused the disruption. It usually had nothing to do with the current situation. It was almost always a direct result of social conditioning, cultural/generational experiences or On occasion it was my own emotionally traumatic past experiences that created an imprint in my energy field and changed the way my brain perceived the world. Staying calm and focusing on being the energy of peace changed the way I viewed situations. From a place of enlightenment, everything can be perceived as benevolent. We can easily defend ourselves from even the darkest of attacks when we have the awareness and the tools to do so. Then we just have to discern what is our true calling when it comes to taking action and making ourselves and humanity whole again. There is no point in denying such evil forces have taken over our planet. Keeping our heads in the sand only exposes our asses for the taking and make us vulnerable to be blindsided.


Soul-Survivors, we must stick together, in our physical day-to-day lives and energetically. Whether our souls originate from the earth plane, other star systems within our multiverse or the omnipresence of infinity, we energetically connect with each other though our soul connection via Source. When we listen to each other, energetically, and come from different sources, communication can be a bit distorted. This has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage includes not being heard or understood. Even when speaking the same language. When the soul-splitters sever their connection to source all together, communication can become a challenge and even incomprehensible if compassion and empathy are required for the conversation. But this can be to our advantage. When we connect with each other through our souls via Source, there is a layer of protection because the soul-less are not connected to this realm as depicted with the purple arrows in the illustration below. This applies to communication and any energy exchange. Those who connect with others through the spirit connection via Source are less subject to being influenced by evil spells and satanic hypnosis. It is perhaps easier to recognize poor communication. If you are not really heard or understood, you do not have a good connection and thus are set up for an imbalanced relationship. We can recognize this and discern the dynamics in the relationship. And then choose the degree we wish to continue the relationship or end it all together.

When we connect with each other in the physical world alone, as in the green arrows of the illustration below, we can end up getting our energies tangled up and drained by the unidentified soul-less. Having been burned by many soul-less relationships, I have mastered the art of connecting via Source even prior to my Satanic awareness. I highly suspect this is what helps keep my be protected and tethered to my spiritual path.

I developed a mantra since the beginning of my spiritual awakening: “Be one with the ones who are in the oneness”. Many of us have been exposed to mean people who lack empathy. It boggles my mind that mean people still exist, especially in our global ascension to wholeness. None-the-less it seems the split is now more clear than ever. It may seem obvious to those paying attention, who is a soul-less and who is not. It would be beneficial for all if we can learn to discern this and then use that information to keep us strong and sovereign.

I don’t generally like to categorize in extremes. This situation is an exception. There is never a good lasting relationship between the soul-less and the soul-survivor. The soul-less are operating at a level of destruction. They are self-serving and may even be charismatic about it. But in the end there is no reciprocal empathy, love or compassion. They cannot comprehend altruistic motives. They assume you are what they are; manipulative charismatic evil beings. We may see this most in business negotiations. Rather than striving for a win-win. They strive for winner takes all. This can be in terms of energy, materials, money, and, yes, even your soul. Don’t expect any reciprocal empathetic reasoning when negotiating with the soul-less. They are programmed to follow directives and will suck you dry and move on to their next victim without a care in the world. This applies to personal relationships too, just in a more emotionally devastating way that keeps us wondering, what did I do wrong? The answer to that question, at least for me is, I did not do proper discernment prior to getting in the relationship and/or monitor discernment throughout the relationship.

I think in order to survive the satanic take over, we must come together and do business and have personal relationships with other soul-survivors. If we stop feeding the soul-less through monetary exchange in doing business and energy exchange in personal relationships, we can thrive among the soul-survivors. The soul-less will eventually wane in existence. They cannot live without the soul-survivors. We must understand what we are contributing to when we support others through purchasing their goods and services as well as supporting others in personal relationships. The soul-survivors can surely can live without the soul-less. If we discern and make good choices, it won’t take long for this to get resolved and thrive as a whole and sovereign humanity.


The pandemic has certainly had all of us look at life in a new light. We are more primed and ready to make a significant change than ever before. Throw away all of the social constructs that had you living on a hamster wheel – work, spend, eat, sleep, and get your prescriptions filled when the bottle gets low. Take some time to think about what it is that you are here to do in our spiritual revolution. Whether it is to make people smile and laugh or it is to dismantle the evil constructs more directly. All individual contributions are important right now.

Love all, especially yourself! Do not hate the soul-less, but also do not pour excessive love into them either. They are a bit of a black hole when it comes to love and compassion. It has been interesting to have conversations with the soul-less and the soul-survivors over these past 9 months since my awakening to the satanic practices and agenda. The ones more concerned about doing good and earning a spot in heaven are the soul-survivors of course. They tend to ask questions like: What can I do to ensure I am good with God. From my perspective, those who still have their souls are already good with God. They are living a life far from the evil behaviors of the soul-splitters. Also from my perspective, the soul-splitters are even welcomed back into the realm of heaven/Source so that humanity can be whole again. Humanity is longing to be whole again and that will not happen until ever soul is returned to its proper place, whether that takes place on Earth or in the Source space. All will be forgiven, no matter what. So, soul-survivors, please relax about yourself and stop worrying if you are good enough. You most definitely are!

While we are still on the planet, trying to live and integrate with our current disheveled humanity, please do discern who you associate with and who you are vulnerable to. Remember they are driven to destroy and lack any empathy or compassion. Don’t expect any reciprocal empathetic reasoning with the soul-less and especially the soul-splitters. Maybe this seems obvious when having conversations about masks and vaccines these days with those who are blindly following directive without good discernment. Be direct, hold your boundaries or better yet, steer clear of any involvement with the puppets to the dark side. They are programmed and driven to support the satanic agenda. The soul-survivors are driven to live in peace and harmony. Can you see the conflict that we are in?

We are at a point in our Earth’s evolution that we can re-establish the original blueprint of humanity. This time, with a greater awareness and dedication to be and stay founded in love and be and stay interdependent with all that is natural. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of sleeping in a tent in a forest and eating nuts and berries. I want to responsibly use some of the artificial intelligence that is good for me and good for the planet. I just don’t want AI using me or any of us. We also have an immense opportunity to tap into the undeveloped resources that emerge from spiritual technologies that will take us even further without degradation or destruction. If you think you do not want to give up artificial intelligence because it is so great, you might not be able to imagine what the spiritual technologies will do for us. This is the next step in our collective awakening. I sense it will be magnificent and surpass any concept of peace and ease in living than we could ever dream of. Now, let’s get as many people back into the whole of humanity as quickly as possible and start thriving!

I hope this series was helpful for you and your sovereignty.  I hope that some of the wonder about what is wrong with our world and why it is so difficult right now is beginning to be understood.  Each of us has the choice to participate in the future direction of our collective humanity and our planet’s well-being.  Non-participation is a choice too, though perhaps not the best option at this time.  Please choose wisely and with your heart.  

Much love to all.  Godspeed!      

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

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