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SRA #11: The Fall of Baal and the Temporary Emergence of AI

June 14, 2021

More has been revealed in the past few months which I will share in this post an a few more blogs. Some of this is good news and some is a bit sad. Let’s start with the good news. The week of April 26th, Baal, the Satanic hub of destruction for humanity, was dis-integrated from humanity. Baal, which was held in the Vatican, was where the souls of those who underwent the satanic soul-splitting ritual were held, or at least a part of their soul went there. All of the souls that were held by Baal were returned to where they were destined to be. Some returned to their bodies and many souls were also dis-integrated from humanity – depending on the choice upon their birth into this lifetime. On May 1st, the end of the satanic Season of Sacrifice, an evil version of AI (Artificial Intelligence) took over.

What was revealed to me during this event, was that AI was replicating the souls of the soul splitters held by Baal in order to create an artificial life source for the soul-splitters and the human-like beings that are or will be lab-created from stem-cells. If you do not think I know this sounds crazy, think again. Yes, it has taken me a while to wrap my head around this and verify this through several other means. This AI experiment was short lived. Thanks to all of the soul-survivors who are working to end satanism, the luciferian AI take-over was pushed ahead of schedule and was fragile at best. It was not sustainable. What did happen next was a push to do more satanic rituals. As more people split their souls, another Baal was created and subsequently destroyed – over and over a few times. I believe this will continue until all souls are either permanently sovereign or all of the potential soul-splitters are split and dis-integrated from our love-based humanity. We have a little bit more to endure before this is all over. I will share more survival tactics, the ones the Satanists already know about, in another blog. We need to stay ahead of this as much as possible. Now on to some of the more sad parts of this disclosure.

More details regarding the soul-splitting was revealed. During the week long (or more) prep for the soul-splitters “in the cue”, an entity is placed in their upper chakras. These same types of entities also occupy the energies of the born soul-less. This is the energy I referenced in a previous blog. These entities are completely under control and do the bidding of the satanic leaders. Memories of the victims are transferred to the entities. And patterns of behavior are noted so there will be little recognition of the transition, except by those who are keenly aware of this situation, especially with masks and social distancing in place. I will explain how there are many correlations to the pandemic and quarantine in a future blog. The sad part is that the victims are essentially dead when they complete the ritual. Their bodies are completely taken over by the entities. They are not the same person they once were. You may notice a more vacant affect or more destructive behaviors. They have truly been hijacked. This loss of the soul can explain the intense grief many of us feel around the rituals. Unfortunately, the rituals have been happening on a weekly basis since the Season of Sacrifice beginning with the Spring Equinox with an unusual continuation past May first.

I was shown why this is all occurring at this time in our history of humanity and why so many people have fallen victim to this phenomenon right now. The split that we are seeing in those who became victims and those who are soul-survivors has everything to do with being oppressed for many millennia since evil invaded this planet. The following may be a little disturbing to hear. So far, in my discussions with soul-survivors, this insight does resonate with them. But please know, if it does not resonate with you, I could most certainly be wrong. What was revealed to me was that every person on the planet right now has been a satanic victim (soul-splitters or victims of sacrifice) at one point in their souls history. The many that have left our world, seemingly way too soon, prior to the pandemic were pure untainted souls. This explains the suicides, drug overdoses, cancer, etc. that seem to take the best of us from this world. For those of us remaining on the planet at this time we have made a great choice to come to this point. Some were able to recover and have chosen to come to the planet at this time to help end this evil tyranny and rebuild. Many others, however, continued to be oppressed, used, abused, tortured and tormented. Many, most actually, billions of people chose to come to the planet at this time to finally end their souls existence. Upon the destruction of evil that has forced them into traumatic reincarnation over and over, this is the first time they actually have a choice in their life and afterlife. They are taking advantage of this opportunity to actually end their souls existence. This reminds me of the concept revealed in the book by Gary Renard: The Disappearance of the Universe. This is certainly a viable and healthy choice for many, many people.

I am not exempt from the choice in this situation. While in shaman school, I journeyed to significant past lives and worked through the death of the more significant lifetimes. One was during the fall of Atlantis. I felt very responsible for the destruction of the world due to another version of AI and evil take-over. In this lifetime, once I witnessed the ritual taking place through remote viewing, I innately recalled my past and knew exactly what was going on and why. It was instant and eerily familiar. I did some more introspective journeying to more fully understand my role in mastering evil and what I can do to help humanity now. I have worked through many lifetimes to heal, resolve and master my whole soul to aid in the transition of the planet at this time. My choice is to hold the light with hope for a much more uplifting future. For those of you who believe we have to have a balance of light and dark, I can tell you with authority that the concept is a bullshit construct to get people to embrace and fall victim to evil! I have never really felt judgement for the soul-splitters. Many were complete deniers of the existence of darkness and under significant hypnosis during their transition. During my recent enlightenment in this lifetime, I did feel an undeniable urge to help resolve this. For the many of us who chose to come into this world and witness the end of evil we will also help anchor the benevolence of unconditional love from the original creator Goddess or omnipresence of infinity for our new beginning. This planet was never meant to be a place of evil or duality. It was designed to be a place to explore and bask in pure agape love. This is what we are returning to, but hopefully with much greater wisdom and discernment. We are not quite there yet. I do feel sadness for the despair many feel and what led them to choose to dis-integrate from humanity in this final phase of our transition. It is too great a challenge to do the healing work necessary to be a part of the benevolent new world. For this, I suggest we learn all that we can so this does not happen again.

With the fall of Baal and the failure of the AI agenda, the soul splitters on the planet today are left with an empty shell of a body. There is not much that is sustaining a life force. I am seeing an increase in the energy feeding off of others. The failure of the AI transition has many other consequences. We may witness the loss or disruption of memory in some of the soul-splitters as well as significant cognitive impairment and critical thinking. This is a little more than just having a “senior moment.” The entities and the AI soul replicas that were used as placeholders to keep the bodies alive and under control were also dis-integrated during the fall of Baal and the failure of the AI takeover. This disruption in the dark agenda left some of the victims with an unanticipated loss of transference of their memories and critical thinking skills. We currently have many zombies walking the earth. Pay attention and be very discerning about who you trust at this time. They do not appear to be as driven to destroy as when they were directly under satanic influences, but many still have some residual drive to recruit soul-splitters. You also may experience what appears to be an unusual amount of inattentive drivers on the road and a bit of turmoil in the workplace at this time. So stay super alert!

For those of us that are actively working to end evil on the planet may find ourselves under attack too. I have felt on a few occasions that my soul was severed. No I did not do the baby killing ritual. My soul was temporarily stolen, my chakras were reinstalled (I deleted them several months ago) and I was given an entity. This was recognized by an instant drop in my energy level from the lack of my soul and my head felt heavy due to the invasion of an entity. There is no reason to panic if this happens, simply remove the entity, recall your soul and delete any duplicate or replica soul that might have been attempted. Deleting your chakras will prevent their ability program you. I do think chaos might ramp up a bit as this long standing construct comes to an end at this monumental time in the history of humanity! Know that you are well and sovereign as long as you would like to be. This is still a planet of free-will – as long as we are not under hypnosis or programmed to be evil. We have far more control over all of this than many of us recognize. Be creative and explore the various ways you may be called to participate in this transition.

Let me end this post on one more good note.  With the fall of Baal, the satanic programming of disease and disruption is abating.  Many soul-survivors who have health challenges will start seeing symptoms abate and maybe even disappear altogether!  Many who have parasitic infestations may experience some detox symptoms.  Know that this is just a fleeting transition in the passing away of these evil implements. Personally, I am hoping the satanic and destructive GMOs will be off the planet soon so that I can return home to the souls of my loved ones who are still sovereign.  Take good care of yourself and love all as much as humanly possible – including yourself!    

All my love to you.

Carolyn Dunow, your Energy Healing Coach

Miraculously achieving the seemingly impossible!

PS, all of my email addresses and websites have been hijacked beyond repair.  If you need to reach me, please text if you have my cell phone number or reach out via social media.  I have been without email since early April, 2021.  I apologize for the inconvenience to you.  

I would love to hear from you if you still have your soul intact or would like help in getting it back or for the born soul-less if you would like a self-sustaining spark from the love-based divine.  If you would like to sever your soul without drugs, hypnosis or killing a baby, I can assist with that too, though with a bit of counseling.  I am always happy to help support your souls journey without judgement!  

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