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SRA #6: What has been Happening Globally

Perhaps it is becoming more obvious that we have been in a spiritual warfare for some time. It has certainly escalated in the last year. And more and more is coming to light. It was interesting to be quarantined and a remote viewer of what transpired in the pueblo while social media circles reported the dismantling of many human trafficking rings and the freeing of many enslaved children used for Satanic and Luciferian purposes. I discovered the emergence of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice in the UK (link), an organization developed to educate and end the Satanic activities on our planet and many other individuals and organizations that are focused on this issue. I was also referred to a local organization, in Minnesota, that is a non-profit group run by survivors of sex trafficking for men and women called Breaking Free (link). This became very real for me in a way I never thought I could ever be involved in. I had no choice, really, but to dive in and do what I could. I went into it with a do or die attitude and tapping into my God given skills and talents. I am still alive and happy to have made the choices I did. I have absolutely no regrets in confronting these situations.

Much of my early healing work since my Satanic awareness was focused on soul retrievals. As many of my energy healing students know, I have a deep and profound relationship with the archetype of Huascar, from the Incan shamanic tradition. Huascar was of the last of the Incan emperors before the Spanish took over. Huascar fell in the same era the Pachakuti rose. The archetype of Huascar is that of the Keeper of the Underworld, the “Keeper of Lost Soul Parts” that typically get fragmented and lost due to emotional trauma. I recently discovered he is also the keeper of the severed whole souls. In working with Huascar, in my lucid dream state, he showed no mercy for the Satanic leaders who conduct such heinous rituals. I have never seen any outrage in him ever until this. He also introduced me to a counsel that was formed to determine the fate of those on our planet. I became an observer and reporter and continue to share my opinions on this matter. The counsel is deciding what is to transpire on our planet.  Do not rely on this counsel to “save” us.  We are responsible for our collective lives on the planet. The “savior” myth is a Satanic program that is designed to keep us complacent. We are headed back to our original blueprint, where benevolence, interdependence, peace and love prevail. How that will happen is about to begin and how it ends is still undetermined.  We each have a role to play in this.  Don’t sit this out for too long.  We need every hand on deck!

To note: I was involved with and witness to the Satan and Lucifer deities leaving the planet in 2012. This gave me a bit more courage to confront the underlings beneath these deities. I also knew that the power and promises in satanic rituals have been a complete illusion since that transition took place.  We then endured a term of 7 years of ultimate free-will, as a collective humanity.  It was not surprising to me when I found myself quarantined in a largely Satanic community during the next and final phase, the complete dissolution of evil on our planet.  The year 2020 and into Q1 of 2021, has been the year for reconciliation.  How fascinating that we coincidentally have a pandemic that helps us all to break from our routine lives and focus on ourselves and where we are headed. I think most of us are ready for a positive change. The change will be of a magnitude we can barely comprehend. It will result in a beauty, peace and heaven on earth that I see will far surpass any of our expectations.   

The period of reconciliation were referred to by my etheric team as “the time of judgement”.  This was not what we might have been taught in bible school.  It was a time for individual decision-making whether or not to stay on this planet and be benevolent with ones’ soul intact or to leave the planet with or without the soul one was born with so that the planet is rid of all deep rooted malevolence.  I was witness to many soul splitting rituals followed by soul retrievals and at one point the souls were locked-in so the soul splitting ritual was not effective for some time.  Then souls were eventually able to be severed through the ritual once again, many were followed with soul retrievals.  This cycle ended around November 27, 2020, just prior to the full moon rituals, globally.  This allowed those who were “on the fence” to decide which direction they would choose.  It all comes down to being benevolent or malevolent and being a strong enough soul to anchor benevolence for our new world.  We then came to a point where the sorting out of souls was mostly clear.  There was little that could be done in terms of soul retrievals. Some individuals choose to retrieve their souls on their own and that was honored by the universe.  Still, many others remain soul-less and continued with the Satanic practices of robbing other people of their energies and engaging in sacrificial rituals for adrenaline. 

This brings us to our current time and what many spiritual seekers are calling “The Great Rebirth” or what the Elite Globalists are referring to as “The Great Reset” (in terms of power and economy). This is the spiritual warfare. The elitist dark forces believe they will dominate the world through a change in global exchange and health markers. My team, the global light warriors, are seeing a much different outcome. Whatever you want to call it and however you want to see it, it’s a huge shift in the foundation of what we think is reality on this planet.   Remember what it was like to find out that Santa Clause doesn’t exist?  Multiply that by infinity.  We have to be prepared for this unveiling.  

I feel called to take part in this shift in a way that I have been prepared for my entire life and more keenly involved with during the first few months of my awakening to Satanic practices.  The process I was guided to lead during this time is as outlined in the next blog. I expect others are taking part in various ways.  Please do pay attention to how you are called to participate. Do not be surprised how it will manifest.  I certainly cannot believe I am involved in this part of the transition, but eventually it all made sense.  I never held back my authenticity.  I hope no one will at this time!  All of the efforts among the light warriors is designed to end the satanic practices that are taking place on our planet today and in our future.  We will literally revert humanity back to the intended blueprint design of our planet, which includes interdependent love and mutual support for divine growth.  This will end much oppression, disease,  fear-based reality and many difficulties we face in life due to the oppressive controls that have hijacked humanity for many, many millennia.  

The first phase has been taking place over the past several months.  This phase is giving the born soul-less,  who truly are benevolent, as spark of life from the divine.  There are still many born soul-less who are not choosing benevolence and will be leaving the planet.  This spark came from the omnipresence of infinity so the gifts that they can manifest are of that magnitude.  They will surely help us in the transition back to our love-based reality.  It is awesome to see, as an observer, who is being blessed with this divine gift.  This fills my heart with so much joy!  I do wonder if we will need energy healers to help them understand how to best manage the soul in terms of emotional traumas and basic energetic hygiene.  Well, actually, everyone on the planet could probably use an in-service on the care of the soul too.  Energy Healers get ready to thrive in your vocation!

Since the beginning of 2021, I was guided to get ready for the Ides of March.  This is the next phase of our transition.  The second phase is to remove the truly malevolent who have decided not to retrieve their souls and have absolutely no intention of being benevolent.  I am already seeing the shift in energies and it will not be long before we see a massive loss of lives as they leave the planet.  With 70% of the people on the planet soul-less, even a small portion of this reconciliation will have a great impact.  Do not assume that all who leave at this time are malevolent.  These deaths will occur on top of our normal attrition rate. There will be much grief to process at this time.  We also need help from the benevolent souls to love, heal and forgive all among those who are transitioning.  They are taking a rapid approach to ascension that will help humanity become whole again. It is important that all karma is cleared and that their souls return to Source whole and freed from any dark entrapment, including forced reincarnation and karmic enslavement.  All deserve to return to home state with freedom to choose their next journey if they choose to embark on one.

After this phase, there will be much to transition in terms of how our world currently conducts life, business and social transactions.  The pandemic has helped us ease into this transition a bit.  But we will have to decide how we want our future to look and start building towards our collective visions.  Be prepared for this transition, process grief, stay in love, hold a vision for a beautiful new world and step up to actually make that happen. It is going to be a little rough for a while.  In the end it will be worth it.  Hold the love and shine your light in the way that you were meant to!

Don’t forget to offer love and forgiveness for those making their transition off the planet.  

Much love to all!

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

Ignatius’ Rules Rewritten

Ignatius’ Rules Rewritten
 THEO 6820 The Art of Discernment
Christina Luna Munger 
Carolyn Dunow

Saint Ignatius is the founder of the Jesuits. He wrote a perspective on the forces of evil that are not elsewhere found.  Written in the fifteen hundreds, his perceptions have withstood the test of time (Dyckman, Garvin & Liebert, 2011, p. 27-28).  I believe this understanding is a vital tool for our health, well-being, and spiritual growth even now.  Given the state of turmoil our major institutions, these rules can assist today’s leaders in finding and maintaining ethical integrity, by staying true to their divine connection and influences.  My work as a shaman leads me to believe that Ignatius had great and accurate insights as to the forces of evil and how to stay clear of them.  The following is my translation and interpretation of the Ignatius rules based on Conroy’s (1993) reference.  Today’s spiritual follower may understand these more clearly.  

Week 1 – A basic awareness and discernment principles for determining light and dark influences.

Rule 1 (314):  For those who continue to make bad or unhealthy choices, the dark forces will reinforce their behaviors with temporary pleasures and gratifications to keep them trapped in their vices.  Eventually they may come to the light and feel the remorse of their now undesirable choices which will help them to make better choices.

Rule 2 (315):  For those who strive to do God’s good work in this world, the dark forces will create chaos and emotional disturbances that will distract or trick one into thinking it is the wrong path.  The light reinforces courage, strength, inspiration, and peace which help to motivate one to overcome the dark trickery and move forward in the light ways of being.  

Rule 3 (316):  Spiritual Consolation:  Consolation is the spontaneous filling of one’s soul with God’s grace and love. When this happens one can see past the physicality of existence to see the love of God that is in all creations. This is an incredibly moving experience that helps to perpetuate faith, hope, love and joy in our lives that ultimately results in a profound peace and unity with God where one can live heaven on earth.  

Rule 4 (317):  Spiritual Desolation:  Desolation, as opposed to consolation, is when a soul experiences a depth of darkness and despair as a result of its distance from being one with God’s love. When one hit the rock bottom of anxiety thoughts and feelings of fear, despair, loneliness, and sadness.  These thoughts are completely opposed to the thoughts experienced with consolation.

Rule 5 (318):  Desolation is not the time to make major life decisions.  To weather this storm, recall your desires and ambitions prior to the oncoming of desolation.  Hold true to those visions and values.  That light will guide you through.  New thoughts developed in desolation are based in fear and darkness and are likely to keep one in the dark; despite how desperately one wishes and perceives the new thoughts will help them escape from darkness.  Do not trust thoughts created in desolation.  Trust your light based thoughts.       

Rule 6 (319):  When one is caught in desolation, one should continue to engage in practices that previously brought one closer to the peace and love of God, even if it doesn’t feel like it’s working.  Make a commitment to engage in prayer, meditation and self-reflection.  Make efforts to engage in additional yet appropriate ways of finding resolution to the situation.   

Rule 7 (320):  When in desolation remember that the light and love of God is always with you.  This is a time when one must reach to the depths of our courage and faith despite the darkness; consider this a trial of one’s convictions.  The sense of abandonment is an illusion and one must remember one always possesses the grace of God for eternity.  

Rule 8 (321):  When in desolation, it is helpful to divert one’s attention to a more positive focus; work on developing a deeper level of patience rather than wallowing in despair or other negative propensities.  When one loses clarity in desolation, it is common to create a story to ease uncertainty. There is a tendency to create a fear-based story.  One can challenge one’s self to make up a story that has a positive outcome.  Either story will contribute to the outcome, make it a good one.   

Rule 9 (322):  There are three conditions that lead to desolation: 

1.  One has become negligent or unfaithful to their devotion to the path of light and so the light is taken from one to bring about an awareness of its importance in one’s life. 

2.  One may co-create desolation as a trial to test our devotion to the path of light without the rewards of consolation.  Will one stay true to the light when there are no obvious rewards? 

3.  One may co-create an opportunity to know our true self.  To realize just what one is without God’s graces and that grace should not be taken for granted.  To remember that grace is a gift and should be humbly cherished.   

Rule 10 (323):  It is during times where one enjoys the benefits of consolation that is the best time for one to prepare and plan for times of desolation.  One can store the positive energies of consolation in their mind, body, and spirit to assist in successful endurance during desolation.  

Rule 11 (324):  Use your energy and humility wisely.  During times of consolation, remember where that gift of grace came from and honor God with positive thoughts and deeds.  In times of desolation, use what grace is available to make the most effective plan to overcome the dark forces.  In both cases maintain a vigilant focus on one’s unity with God.  This will create a sense of balance to support greater well-being. 

Rule 12 (325):  The dark force is actuality quite weak.  It will put on a front of greater strength and create an illusion it has control over its victim.  This is to trick the victim into thinking one has no control over the darkness.  But like any bully, if one stands up to the dark force with strength, courage, and conviction, it will turn and run with its tail between its legs like a big coward and search for another more gullible victim until it finds one that will succumb to its illusion; and may likely become an unfortunate puppet to the darkness.

Rule 13 (326):  The dark force may use more subtle and seductive tactics to acquire its prey. The dark forces may trick their victim into thinking their loved ones have ill intentions toward their partnership. They encourage secrecy and isolation from loved ones.  This basic divide and conquer strategy such as that of an abusive lover can be easily abated if one has been encouraged to share their dark thoughts or intentions with loved ones who can help them to see and hang on to the light.  The dark forces cannot survive in the light of truth, which in many cases of manipulation and deceit requires the reinforcements of loved ones.     

Rule 14 (327):  The dark force may also use a more calculated form of attack to control its desired victim. The dark force, like the leader of an army, will study its victim at close range for strengths and weaknesses. It will assess all virtues of faith, ethical morality, and foundational values.  When it finds one’s weakest point, it will focus an attack in an attempt to destroy all hope of unity with God’s graces.  It collects its trophies, in an effort to weaken the treat of the army of light.       

Week 2 – Fine tuning discernment with a greater level of mastery and a keener eye.

Rule 1 (329):  When we relax in God’s good graces and the support of Light Angels, we receive happiness and joy.  These energies vibrate at a higher frequency and shatter any sadness and turmoil that has been inflicted by darkness.  The dark side does not give up easily and will attempt to deceive through reasoning, doubt, and deception.   

Rule 2 (330):  It happens that one receives the consolation of God’s grace completely spontaneously. This is given by God’s will alone and there is no cause or reason for it being bestowed upon one, save for the recipients willingness to receive it.  God may surprise us at any time by sharing this grace and love.  When there is no cause for or pre-cursor to this gift, one should not try to reason or doubt.  These are moments of spontaneous gifting is to be savored and used to build our unity with God.  

Rule 3 (331):  If there is a cause to receiving consolation, one must consider that it may have come from a Light Angel or a Dark Force; each with an opposing intent.  The Light Angel gives consolation to help one progress in their unity with God’s love and grace.  The Dark Force draws one into self-centered pleasures, which leads one astray on a path of ill intentions and ill deeds.    

Rule 4 (332):  In an effort to persuade a being of light, the Dark Force will initially suggest thoughts that sound like good and light based thoughts with patience and diligence. Once the Dark Force gains one’s trust it will gradually persuade one into believing and acting upon believable lies and deceit which carry one away from the light. 

Rule 5 (333):  It can be tricky to determine whether our thoughts are being influenced by light or dark forces.  If one examines ones thought processes from the beginning, middle and end points, one can identify where and when one may be influenced by the light or dark forces. If one asks the question does this bring me closer to being united with the love of God at the origin, middle and end, it is likely that it comes from the light.  If the end point does not result in a strengthening of a unity in God’s love, peace or joy then it is likely that the source is a dark force that is does not have our best interest at heart.  

Rule 6 (334):  One can grow in strength to defend again the dark forces by recognizing and then examining the course of action taken by the dark side.  We can identify our vulnerability to the persuasion of the dark side in order to be vigilant and impervious to it in the future.  One can consider where one’s joys, hopes, and desires were used as tools to manipulate one’s path.  One can consider how that manipulation took place, where we were vulnerable.  Once this is understood, one is better able to defend one’s self in the future.      

Rule 7 (332):  The path to greater light is gentle, delicate, delightful and sweet when influenced by Light Angels.  The penetration of Light Angels into our being is like that of a drop of water on a sponge.  The infiltration of dark forces into our being creates resistance like a drop of water on a stone.  It is harsh, violent and disturbing.  

The path moving in the wrong direction, away from God, is just the reverse.  Dark forces moving down a dark path will be subtle.  The Light intervention on this course will then seem disruptive and harsh.  Either way the disruptions are designed to get our attention.  Along with the constant discernment of our path leading to God or leading us astray will help to keep us on track.   

Rule 8 (330):  When God graces one with spontaneous consolation, without previous cause, there can be no deception and no need to question its source.  However, when one is in the resulting state of bliss from receiving God’s graces, one may be vulnerable to taking action based on the infiltration of our habits of thought and judgment, whether sourced in light or dark forces.  These habitual thoughts and judgments are not given to one directly from God.  Bottom Line: When God gives you a gift, simply savor it.  When in consolation or desolation, decisions should not be made until one is in a neutral state of mind and can from that state of neutrality discern the proper course of action that will result in a closer relationship to God.           

Works Cited:  

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Dyckman, K., Garvin, K., and Liebert, E., (2011). The spiritual exercises reclaimed: Uncovering liberating possibilities for women.  New York: Paulist Press.

SRA #5: How to Protect Yourself

If you think you are safe from being influenced by the dark forces, think again. Everyone is or will be affected in some way. It is only the degree that one may succumb to these forces. That vulnerability has a lot to do with our upbringing, our environment and our awareness. Let’s work on what we can change… Awareness in order to stay whole sovereign.


An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure as the saying goes. There are many constructs that we have come to normalize in our lives. Television, internet, convenience foods, restaurants, going to school, church, entertainment events, working in an office setting. These all make us vulnerable to the destructive programming prevalent in our world today. The pandemic has certainly helped to change some of these norms. The more we are aware of how recruitment happens, the more we can avoid these situations and the better chance we have of staying sovereign.

The things we can more easily control and change include keeping your television off and limit the social media. No one I know who has done these two things has ever regretted it. It makes a noticeable difference in energy levels and in the ability to stay positive. I have come to understand that much of the tell-a-vision “programming” is designed to influence social behaviors and norms as well as subliminally get into the minds of the viewer/user. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and The Wizard of Oz, for example, are actually used in satanic programming. They also depict and normalize the evil directives and tactics. Once in peoples’ consciousness it makes them easy to program just like a computer. I was given reference to the book: The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier. There are not many reference books on this side (healing) of the Satanic world. It is an excellent resource to understand the details of the programming. I found it to be detailed, comprehensive and disturbing. I did make it all the way through, but I know it is my calling to help end this. It was necessary for me to understand this in order to be able to de-program those caught in this and for me to recognize where I might be stepping into a trap . If you feel called to help heal this too, I highly recommend this reference. Just take it slow and skip over what you cannot handle. Or read it with a soul-surviving friend or psychotherapist to help process the information. Please do make sure any psychology professional you use has their soul intact. I do want to say that most health care professionals, including mental health professionals, appear to have their souls based on my discernment tools. An extremely low percent are actually soul-splitters. But still, be careful who you trust for any vital service.

Limit social activities for now, but stay connected and in touch regularly with those who still have their souls. And for God’s sake talk about this! There is a reason secrecy is held in high regard among the Satanists, open discussions about this is their Achilles Heel. And so far, every soul splitter who has talked with me about this is indeed still alive. Their threats and extortion to keep people silent are largely a myth. With 70% of the population missing their souls (approximately 20% of the world’s population has been recruited since the pandemic started), if you still have yours, you are a prime target for siphoning energies and/or recruitment into the cult. Keep your energy up, stay away from public crowds and social gatherings at least until this gets resolved. The soul-splitters are under hypnotic direction to recruit. Unless you make yourself an undesirable target, they will continue to pursue. Staying under their radar will make you less at risk for having your upper chakras hijacked and manipulated and thus recruited.

Avoid consuming food from unknown sources. One soul-splitter told me she was given an egg and then lost her memory and consciousness for some time while she was being programmed. The spell put on Snow White when she ate the apple is a clear depiction of how food is used. The GMO take over helped wean me from convenience foods and eating at restaurants both are likely loaded with satanic spells. I am certain this is what helps to keep me sovereign. While in Peru and since my awakening to this, I noticed that people will stop me while I am walking down the road and try to sell me their “natural and organically grown” food from their backyard. This might seem normal, especially during our economic downfall. For some reason, since my awakening, I have the ability to sense the spells put on foods. Everyone who has “out of the blue” tried to sell me food from their home has put a spell on it. This is another recruitment strategy. I am now asking for “sin hichizos, por favor” (without spells, please). Depending on their response to my request, I will usually pass. Though if you pray over your food, you can easily de-spell any programming with intention along with your gratitude to clear your food before you eat it. I have done well to learn to grow my own food and I now check the soul status of those providing my food and I cook everything myself for now. I am looking forward to the day when all of this is over and we can choose the way we want to live. For now, anything that comes from an industrial manufacturer is highly likely going to have satanic spells put on it. Small, family-owned specialty products are less likely, but do check before you buy. Also, anything that is highly processed, genetically modified or loaded with chemicals is designed to degrade your energy and integrity to make the spells more effective.


Using Steve Whybrow & Eril Kaya’s steps, as I mentioned previously, let’s go through Detection, Decoding, Deflecting and Protecting. In my healing practice and when I conducted research on a somatic healing technique, I am surprised by how many people cannot feel or sense their physical body. I think we have been traumatized by these dark forces for so long that we shut that part of our innate protection just to be able to function in this world. This, I think, is the wrong direction. We need to fully embrace our ability to sense what is happening in our body, mind and soul and learn how to learn how to correct these events. It is helpful to detect what is going on in the body, mind and soul of those around us too. It is a gift, not a curse, to be able to sense this type of activity and then to know how to interpret and intervene to stay whole and complete. Embrace it as one very important tool of discernment!

There are two tell-tale signs that are very common. 1. Tingling in the feet, hands or back. This is a sign that a soul-less being is feeding off of your energy. With intention and energy, block or sever the connection with the offender and repair the integrity of the location where you felt the sensations. You will find where you are most vulnerable and heal what is making you vulnerable (usually some form of emotional trauma). I also get a bit aggressive when there is a consistent or repetitive offender. I heal myself first, then I drain the life-force energy of the person trying to feed off of me. It only takes a few times, before they realize I am an undesirable target. They leave me alone. 2. Headaches, migraines, pressure on the head or a general heavy feeling is usually the result of someone trying to block my connection with my divine Source energy and manipulate me. The manipulations can be to block my ability to sense what is going on or to change my perception of what I see and sense as a clairvoyant and clairsentient. In these cases, I clear the energies of my upper chakras to free me from these blocks and programmings. This typically comes from a handler. Again, I track the energies to see who it is, then drain the energies from their being in order to make me an undesirable target. It has worked every time. It takes a bit of repetition and persistence, but eventually they will leave you alone. Prior to my awakening, I have been in a few long term relationships that induced headaches. Looking back on the situations, the persons I was involved with are discerned to be soul-less. They were feeding off my energies and blocking my abilities to sense what was really going on. It took about a month for a consistent headache to settle in. Now I know the source of this disruptions and am in a better position to take all relationships very slow and rapidly end it with any red-flags, whether work related or personal.


There are many divination and tracking tools used in the realm of energy healing and spiritual discernment. Find ones that work for you and use them. Before relying on any form of discernment, make sure your upper chakras are clear and that you are sovereign and not being manipulated by outside forces. Honestly, I am really glad I honed these skills before being under attack. It helped to know how I know and what is typical for me and where my vulnerabilities reside. I just had an intangible “knowing” when I was being hijacked. Then I would clear myself and incapacitate the offender and it became obvious that I was being manipulated. Once clear I could discern the situation and deal with it much more effectively. It felt like a weight was lifted from my head.

If you are developing your skills while under attack, I suggest you work through discernment with trusted friends or a support system. There is strength in numbers and positive energies. We can all hold each other as we get through this most dark time on our planet. To me there is nothing more important than getting through this time with our soul intact and a strong connection to other interdependent soul-survivors and our divine Source. There are many spiritual seekers and gurus lurking around these days. Make sure those in your social circle actually walk their benevolent talk and still have their souls. Find your benevolent tribe at work and in your personal life and stay close to each other! Put an abrupt stop to any divide and conquer strategy from any of the soul-less looking for victims.


Best advice: Become a master at manipulating and healing energies! We are sitting ducks if we do not. There have been a few people in my healing practice that I was not able to get to the source of their turmoil in life. I never considered looking at Satanism as the cause. The interventions I took did help, but only temporarily. I would try to heal the vulnerabilities they had that attracted the dark entities. Then I would clear their energy layers; mind, body, soul and spirit, and then reconnect them to their “higher self” or Source. Looking back, I was clearing out the programming and blocks in their upper chakras with the reconnection. Whether or not this works long term depends on who has more stamina, the victim or the offender. You can keep clearing until the offender gets sick of it, which is not likely to happen since they have no soul, no conscience, and no directives other than to be destructive. I found a more offensive approach to make myself and undesired target much more effective.

There are a few biblical references that are actually helpful in this situation. I do admit I am not an avid bible follower. I trust my spirit guides above all else. But I have read the good book and found a few pieces fascinating. One, was the use of spikenard which is the essential oil that Mary used to wash Jesus’s feet. It came to me intuitively that this is what it is actually used for. To keep evil predators from siphoning energy from the feet. You could use it on your hands and back to but the smell is really off-putting. A few clients have confirmed it does work for this application. The second is the use of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Edible gold whizzed up in a blender with sterile distilled water is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and helps to keep the pituitary gland and our connection with spirit clear. With all of the inflammatory agents in our modern, evil-run world, we need it. Frankincense is an essential oil that helps keep the upper chakras cleared and enhances our connection to spirit. Myrrh is an excellent cell cleanser to help get rid of parasites and other evil induced pathogen taking up residence in our physical body, degrading our health and physical integrity and can result in the loss of our spiritual integrity too.

Regardless of your approach, stay centered in love for yourself and heal/dissipate all fears and vulnerabilities. They have nothing to work with if you do this. When I first recognized what I was dealing with in the pueblo and I recognized that I was not my whole sovereign self, I reached out to 11 people who I thought could help me. Energy healers with a variety of skills and insights, theologians and just normal people who would talk to me and help me get grounded in a neutral reality to help separate myself from the situation even just to get a few moment of distraction. One of the things that helped me the most was a “Light Language” transmission to dispel any programming that was put upon me. This is a language that cannot be decoded or derailed by the dark forces. It was amazing, powerful and most of all effective at clearing every bit of dark programming in and around me. I had a recording and played it softly on a loop in the background day and night. The vibrational frequencies of the energies and intentions of light warriors is far more powerful than any other presence on Earth.

I have trusted in spirit all my life. I trusted I was thrust into this situation for a reason. I trusted I had the skills or could quickly acquire them in order to deal with the situation. I still trust this! I hope we all can, we sometimes just need to look deep for the gifts that we have and ask that they be shown to us. I had years of experience as an energy healer and shaman. I learned to trust in my skills and abilities. I also learned not to be attached to any outcome. This was by far the most valuable asset while dealing with the Satanists. I had to deflect my own projections on the situation. I kept doing what I believed was right and in moments of clarity, I trusted the guidance that I received from my trusted spirit guides. Even in moments when I was sure of clarity, I put my spirit guides to the test so that I knew I was not being manipulated. Following the energies and tracing my own footsteps helped to stay on track.

You will find your way along with the right tools and people who can help you stay on track! Be open and skeptical – its a tricky balance in this type of situation. Since I became aware of the Ignatius Rules for Discernment, I have become less and less attached to any idea of truth and reality. Here is a link to a paper I wrote on the Ignatius Rules (link). Based on the Rules, I think it is best to just go with the flow and above all else trust yourself. Keep doing what you believe is the right thing to do regardless of any social constructs that could actually derail you from your reason for being on the planet at this time. This is no point to following the prescriptive social rules, which have been designed by the dark forces to keep us from being the magnificent lights that we are. Stay true to your heart and you will find your way.


Protection from these evil forces really comes down to hanging on to your soul and staying connected to nature and other benevolent souls and with your divine Source – whatever that may be. We have been socially conditioned to fear God or even mistrust and reject God. This comes from adopting beliefs that have been programmed in us. Ever since I can remember as a little girl, I always connected with my spirit guides who were kind and loving and mentored me to be who I am today. The God I believed in was not a personification of a being, it is the energy of the omnipresence of infinity founded in love. It is a collective consciousness of all love-based beings, past, present and future from every existence in our multiverse. What is there to fear about that? This is not the divine Source for everyone. I think it depends on how and where your original soul was created. For many who originated on Earth, their God/Goddess is the creator of this planet. It is perfectly natural and helpful for these people to connect with the creator God/Goddess here on Earth rather than the God that I subscribe to. We each may have our own interpretation, description and Source of comfort and that is OK. I remember a prompting that was shared in one of my theology classes regarding people who don’t believe in or reject the notion of a God: “Tell me about the God you do not believe in.” When this comes up in conversation, I have to admit, I usually do not believe what they describe actually exists either. But rather than search for their true Source, they dismiss the idea of a divine force altogether and this makes one vulnerable to a more devious deity – by design. For the soul-survivors, protection then comes from connecting to and staying in touch with one’s true Source energy. I suspect the Muslims practice of praying five times per day is what keeps them protected from evil forces and the fierce subject of oppression. Hopefully this form of oppression goes away when the Satanic infrastructure no longer exists. It has already degraded to the point where it is not functional. When it is over, we will all be protected and then we will have to stay somewhat vigilant to keep all evil forces out of this world.

Stick together my friends, stay in love and stay sovereign! Talk about this to people you can trust. More to come…

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

SRA #4: Who Tends to be More Vulnerable?

Much of what I share here is information obtained through discernment and divination tools that I have developed over the years in my practice as an energy healer and a shaman and applied it to what I have studied and observed in various religions, cultures and individual traits. Take it with a grain of salt as this is only what appears to be my truth as of this time and space. You can discern for yourself what is your truth and what you may feel is helpful for you.

Let’s start by looking at the various cultures that were placed upon our planet at different times in our history, the Black, Red/Brown, Yellow and White people. It is believed that the cradle of civilization originated in Africa with the Black people. Through divination tools, Black people have a relatively unshakeable spirit when it comes to being vulnerable to the Satanic agenda. Lord knows white people have tried to break it over many centuries. For that, as a White person, I am truly sorry. From the Middle passage to current invasion of their land and resources and the devious manipulation of the indigenous peoples of Africa has been under the guise of improving their health and social well-being. Since the disclosure with John Perkins’s book Confessions of an Economic Hitman, we now know that these humanitarian efforts are nothing more than a path toward destroying the culture and raping the land of its resources. Sounds rather Satanic to me. My discernment tools put the black race at a very low vulnerability to succumb to the Satanic practices. They seem to be able to hang on to their souls by using great discernment and skepticism. They are high risk for many health disparities and are automatically challenged by their health and social circumstances just by being born. It might also be interesting to note that this population in the US, tends to not trust the health care system or government sponsored programs. They have been caught in the bait and switch too many times. Perhaps we all need to be a little more skeptical and discerning.

The Red/Brown race includes Hindu’s and middle easterners, Native Americans and the indigenous peoples of Mexico and South America. Through my discernment, this group also comes up as less vulnerable to the Satanic cult. There is some cross over of religion among these cultures, which may contribute to their sovereignty. The Hindu’s have a personal relationship with their deities. It is phenomenal to see the energy exchange at their worship services. It is powerful and I am sure this is what keeps them safe from evil forces. The Middle Easterners also have a very low risk of succumbing to evil forces. If we take just a moment to understand their practices, we soon realize that Muslims pray 5 times a day. This frequent connection to divine sources is what I also needed to stay sovereign while under attack from the soul-splitters. It seems clear to me that this is what helps most when trying to stay sovereign and benevolent. Native Americans, despite being tormented by the white invasion through separation from their tribes and families and reprogramming schools and reservations camps, have been able to hang on to their souls. Their devotion and personal relationship to spirit, again, seems critical. The indigenous people of Mexico also rank very low among soul splitters. From my limited studies and experiences with this cultures it seems they have a very tight family unit with open communication and very little outside influences. Perhaps this is what keeps them safe. Or perhaps the reason they keep their souls is the same reason they have some of the best health outcomes in the United States. This is something that should be studied and understood so we can possibly emulate their practices for sovereignty and good health if they are transferrable traits.

Finally, let’s take a look at the Red/Brown people of the South American region. What was shown to me, taught in my shamanic studies, and what is actually in the history books is that these regions were the last of the indigenous to be invaded and tainted by White Europeans, Westerners. The truly indigenous peoples of Peru still seem to have their souls intact. Those who are a mix of Spanish and Peruvian seem much more vulnerable to joining the ranks of the soul-less. There is a prophecy in the Hopi Nation of North America as well as the prophecy from the indigenous of Peru, the Q’ero: The time of Pachakuti will end when the Eagle and the Condor fly together. Pachakuti was a ruthless Inca warrior leader that emerged during the Spanish takeover of Peru and embarked on a era of mass destruction and hardship for all the people of Peru as well as other countries in South America. The Eagle and the Condor have flown together and the time to end all evil ways is indeed upon us.

Let’s move on to the Yellow people of Asia and the Far East. This is clearly a different race than the two I already discussed. If we look at China as the main region, we see a culture that has adopted atheism as their national religion. We see a violent destruction and prohibition of the Buddhist traditions who embrace Love and Kindness as well as individual spiritual growth and ascension. We see a one child rule where girls are shipped to orphanages that are highly likely being trafficked and highly likely for Satanic and Luciferian purposes. I am not sure we were effective at questioning these signs in the past. As you might imagine, this group comes up as mostly soul-less. Over 50% prior to the pandemic and now approaching 70% similar to the United States and Europe by the discerned “numbers.”

Saving the worst for last or maybe tied for last place with the Yellow people, I will share insights on my culture the White people who predominate European and Western civilization. In the documentary film I Am by Tom Shadyac, Thom Hartmann discusses the observation by the Native Americans as the Europeans invaded North America. They described White people as having “wetico,” a mental illness characterized by a selfish cannibalism, not of the flesh, but of the life force energy. This is exactly what the soul-splitters and soul-less need to do in order to survive.

There is something about this race that makes White people vulnerable to evil forces. The results of such are the Irish Republic Army and the Ku Klux Klan, both completely destructive to “others.” The “others” who are typically targeted are those who as I mentioned previously are less vulnerable to the Satanic conformity. This seems an odd correlation. The Western driven industrialization of our planet has led to massive ecological damage and enslavement of employees for the illusion of security. Two, arguably three, world wars and the creation of nuclear and now bioterrorist weapons add to their destructive wave. This culture is largely Catholic and Christian, both the highest of all religions to host the soul-less, both born soul-less and soul-splitters. I grew up Catholic and have over the years weaned myself from the guilt programming. In the last year, I have grown to actually despise the institution of the Catholic Church, while I still adore the soul-survivors still remaining in the church itself. Both Catholic and Christians come up as mostly soul-less. How does this work. Divide and conquer as a strategy for evil prevails here most of all. The personal relationship with one’s deity is generally circumvented by religious authority. Prayers are reduced to once a week and maybe also at mealtime and bedtime. Hardly enough to keep the evil forces at bay. Why stay an active member of a church? Once per week a whole lot of people come together and spew their energy praising God. It only takes a few soul-survivors to feed the many soul-less. This is one way they get their life-force fix.

The humanitarian efforts put forth by these White dominated religions are health care institutions and elementary, secondary, and university schools, shelters and orphanages. All primed for programming subscribers in a less than altruistic agenda. When I moved to Peru, it was wonderful to be integrated with so many soul-surviving and loving, caring people. Many of whom suggested I teach English to the children at the local orphanage. Literally every community I resided in whether for a few months or longer, this was suggested at least once during my stay. Except when I visited Santa Teresa, the pueblo I was quarantined in. A few months into my stay and I asked about teaching English at the local orphanage. There was no orphanage, which for the size of the community was rather odd. Instead, it was the end point of the child trafficking path. There were no orphan survivors in the pueblo. We have to start questioning and digging deep into these issues if we are to turn them around. It starts in our own backyards, with our own families and loved ones. No one is unaffected by this, not even those who are at low risk. Humanity is meant to be whole with people who have souls.

Let me share a few other traits that put one at risk for a soul-splitting event. The less percentage of a soul you are born with the higher the risk of severing it altogether. The loss of the soul makes one more vulnerable to illness, physical and mental, fear and negativity. Partial soul loss can come from emotional and physical trauma, all possible programs by the evil elite. The devastating effects of these conditions can spiral out of control and make one feel that their life is dark and empty. Add a little evil persuasion in the programming and one is primed to want a much better life. Then when given the promise of a better life, they are more apt to want to take the chance. The programmers target vulnerabilities such as any of the 7 Deadly Sins: Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Anger, Sloth and Envy and Fear itself. Many people are typically lured into this dark world by any of the 7 deadly sins through manipulation, degradation along with the false promise of a better life. Fear changes the way the brain works and makes blind followers out of anyone who cannot see evil for what it is – a divide and conquer enslavement strategy. The pandemic and resulting economic downturn and social distancing has certainly lured many people into the Satanic cult in the hopes of making a basic living for themselves and their families. These situations were confirmed by several soul-splitters I discussed this with. There is an illusion of a better life and a mind control that keeps one trapped in a lulled sense of security. When broken free from these binds, another reality is revealed and the overturning of enslavement can begin. As I stated before, I think people are being programmed into darkness, where the only options seem to be to join the cult of severed souls and be a slave to the dark side or to commit suicide.

Take a minute to think about this. Approximately 70% of the worlds population is now soul-less and operating under directives to destroy. What would our world be like if we had 100% benevolent whole souls residing on the planet? Think about it, envision it, make it our reality. It is possible. It is coming!

Much more to follow…

With all my love, stay safe and be whole!

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach

SRA #3: A Major Game Changer in All Aspects of Health

Since my ever so rude awakening to the Satanic agenda, I have been guided to look at various aspects of how they have infiltrated our world and in particular our health. In this blog, I will share what I discovered as important information to all healers and health practitioners and anyone who wishes to keep their health, their soul, and their energetic integrity intact.  Specifically, I will share my somewhat limited experience in discovering how the chakra system is being used to literally program ill health into people. It is common knowledge in public health that health outcomes have much more to do with ones’ zip code than genetic makeup. I wonder what part the programming of ill health has on the manifestation of various chronic and emerging diseases in different regions of our nation and world.

There are two experiences that lead me to believe this information could be of great importance. In my energy healing practice over the years I noted various clusters of health disrupters that would occur from time to time. The one I remember most is a one month period of time when I saw just under a dozen people specifically who came to see me for anemia. Honestly, who sees a shaman for anemia? I never had a person specifically see me for anemia prior to or after that. It stuck out in my mind as one of many odd clusters. With what I have discovered over the past 9 months, now I think my clients followed the right path. Perhaps we should see a shaman or energy healer before going to a typical doctor. The second experience is with my health care consulting practice. I thought I left no stone unturned when I was trying to figure out why my consulting practice was failing when I had saved hospitals millions of dollars by doing a better job with patient care. I went back to get my master’s degree to help figure it out. I also tapped into my spiritual resources. My spirit guides suggested that healthcare was not meant to be saved, it was meant to implode. I think we are seeing this manifest today. We have a lot more to learn about the true source of ill health. What I share here is just the beginning of a much needed turning point. These findings should be of great interest to everyone, and in particular healers, health care practitioners and psychiatrists.

As an energy healer, I learned early on of the chakra system in the subtle energetic structure of the body. It truly is the foundation for energy healers in most every tradition. I learned various expanded versions, more than the basic 1-7 or 9 that care commonly taught. Every healer develops their own map of understanding and I am going to share what I have discovered and the map that has emerged that shows trends for new age diseases induced by satanic spells and programming. As I mentioned in a previous blog, once the soul is split, it is driven to destroy and self-serve (profit). There is no greater accomplishment with this directive than to destroy the health of humanity, one person at a time.

I stumbled upon the fact that the upper chakras are being used by the soul-less, when I became curious as to what happens to the heart chakra (#4) when someone severs their soul. At first, I checked the basic 7 chakras of a few recent soul-splitters. I was aghast when I did not find any energy in any of the 1-7. I checked and rechecked. I checked multiple soul splitters – and there was no energy present in any of them.  I checked several people like me who I knew still had their souls, all checked normal.  I traversed time and checked the energies of the soul-splitters before they split the soul and it was normal.  This actually freaked me out even more than any other phenomenon in my recent awakening. It made sense based on my personal observations of post ritual results and the lack of, well, a natural human being. Then I checked beyond 7 and went straight up in a line to see if there was any energy at all. Consistently in maybe 100 or more soul splitters and those born soul-less, chakras 1-12 were void of any energy whatsoever. The 13th- 25th chakra and above did consistently show energy in every “living/breathing” being, whether soul-less or a soul-survivor. I then discovered that chakras 13-25 were of great importance when it comes to the intentional programming of ill health and the loss of one’s sovereignty.

I am not sure if the average Satanic handler actually knows this is how their programming works or not.  Maybe at some level they do.  Maybe this is exactly why energy healers have been outcast as charlatans.  If we actually knew this information all along, perhaps we would not be where we are today.  But here we are and there is only a path moving forward now. I recently listened to a video interview with Steve Whybrow & Eril Kaya who are creating sovereignty in Austria (link). They discuss the steps of protection from malevolent forces: Detect, Decode, Deflect and Protect. It is not difficult to do this, but it does start with awareness.

I am going to start this discussion by laying out the map that I have seen trend in many people, the soul-survivors and soul-less, pre and post ritual.  This actually can apply to us all, no one is exempt from these activities!  This is not a definitive map.  I am sure there is much to add.  Also, any other healer might find various traits in different chakras. That is OK, we are all right when we use our own tools.  The point is that this phenomenon exists and is easily corrected if we know what is possible and where to look. I also want to clarify that not all of the disorders I list may be due to satanic influence. I think it is worth looking into and de-spelling for those seeking relief from symptoms and disease. 

Here is what I discovered as consistent trends used in Satanic spells and programming:

25th Chakra: Self sabotage, malevolence, MK-Ultra, mass murderers, pedophilia

24th Chakra: Separation/isolation, schizophrenia

23rd Chakra: Low resilience to infection and infestations

22nd Chakra: Autoimmune disorders, HIV/AIDS

21st Chakra: Cancer, rapid aging

20th Chakra: Emotional trauma

19th Chakra: Addictions, 7 deadly sins, infidelity

18th Chakra: Depression, bipolar, Alzheimer’s, dementia, suicide

17th Chakra: Physical & emotional violence, auto accidents, neuromuscular disease, cardiovascular disease

16th Chakra: Fear, anxiety

15th Chakra: Drug overdose

14th Chakra:  Autism, ADHD, asthma, celiac disease, CF, MD, MS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, chromosomal disorders

13th Chakra:  Blocked intuition, rape, prostitution

I want to point out that there are some new agers that are deleting their chakra system, and I did at one point too.  But I replaced it shortly thereafter due to the vulnerability to be programmed in a different way.  I think once the Satanists and soul-less are no longer present on our planet, it will be safe and even much more healthy to delete the chakra system as long as we hang on to our soul.  For now, if you check a friend and they do not have energy in their chakras, check that they still have a chakra system or check if they have a soul to discern what is really going on.  While I was studying shamanism, the elders shared that there will come a day when humans are no longer afflicted by disease, aging, strife and the challenges that are common in our everyday lives.  I believe when we can transform this chakra system, we will realize that day.  Divide and conquer will no longer be a threat to our humanity as a whole nor to our individual energetic integrity.

For now, let me further share more about how I stayed sovereign by checking my chakras when they were still intact. I tend to ask a lot of people a lot of questions.  It quickly became known in the pueblo that I became aware of the satanic situation while I was still quarantined there.  I was under attack, mostly at night, about 3 – 4 am, just as I should have been getting into REM sleep.  Sleep disruption alone leads to many physical and mental disorders and disease. Maggie, my dog, was on guard and could sense the presence of the evil invasion. She started barking ferociously, which is not typically her personality. There was definitely a reason we came together. This woke me up immediately and I was able to sense the invasion and defend myself. I had to be more and more aggressive with my defense maneuvers in order to stay clear. I eventually had to confront the main satanic handlers via text to get them to stop. They eventually did. The never got a payoff from me. In fact, I think I made a dent in their wellbeing. So it became best to leave me alone. This is the level that we need to take in order to stay sovereign. Unfortunately, Love & Light alone does not cut it.  But it certainly helps to take an aggressive stance with Love & Light at your core. It is a tricky paradox… Unfortunately, I think each of us will get an opportunity to get enough practice to master this before it is all over. Many already have!

After these attacks, they took a more subtle approach and started occupying my upper chakras (13 and above). I am super sensitive, as many soul-survivors are.  I would get a headache, felt heavy and disconnected from Source. That is not OK with me. So I would check my chakras, 1-12 were always mine alone. I would check “my energy” in 13 and above and if it was wobbly, I checked for the presence of another being’s energy.  It was obvious that a few, if not all of the chakras 13 and above were indeed infiltrated with someone else’s energy occupying my chakras!  I was then able to track the energy back to the person who was trying to occupy my space.  I then cleared them out and sent a little disruption to the invasive one trying to take over.  Sending disruptive energies also turns off the soul-less energy feeders too, when I felt tingling in my hands, feet or back.  In either case, I made myself a less than desirable target to acquire.  I honestly do not think the attackers get much resistance from their typical victims.  I truly think it ends if most of us who are left fight back even a little.  If under a massive attack, this can be done on a grand scale with multiple attackers. Find your own way using the gifts and skills that you have. I can tell you that is all you need – and a bit of awareness. 

After this mastery, I then witnessed the programming of a few key victims that were slated to be used literally as slaves to the Satanic agenda. The most disturbing was the programming of multiple personalities. If it isn’t bad enough to lose compassion, the programming of multiple personalities actually create a different persona(s), that when activated are triggered to do any number of activities, such as recruit more victims to the soul-splitting process, drug dealing, pedophilia, prostitution, incest, some homosexuality and the turning over of their children to be used for Satanic agendas.  You name it, it can be programmed into people just like a computer. Whatever the handlers need and want, they can get their slave victims to do it. It is actually quite powerful. But it also can be dismantled quite easily. A days’ worth of programming can be reversed energetically in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the victim needs to be strong enough to leave the Satanic situation, relationship and community in order to be truly freed. If not, they are easily put into a state of hypnosis and mind control and end up being reprogrammed.

Based on this information, I want to remind everyone to be forgiving and non-judgmental of the heinous things that people do. It is highly likely that anyone who acts with malevolence is not exactly in control of themselves. We do need to be discerning and understand where people are coming from in order to determine if we want a relationship and to what degree that relationship can exist. For me, I do not trust those without a soul.  They are not in control of themselves.  I discern that they are not “safe” to be around or at the very least pose a significant nuisance to my peace and productivity and best to be avoided.

I hope you find this information helpful.  Please feel free to share with loved ones, healers, health care workers and psychotherapists that you believe might also find this information useful. 

Stay safe my friends, more to come.

All my love to you.

Carolyn Dunow, Energy Healing Coach